04 Aug, 2010, Asylumius wrote in the 1st comment:
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I've got about two dozen MUD maps on paper that I want to convert into simple NSEWUD ASCII maps. I've use the Tintin++ mapper before, but only when I can actually step through the area and have the mapper auto-dig the exits for me.

I see how I can manually dig each room, goto it, and then dig out, but that's going to take forever.

Any suggestions on how I might use Tintin++ to quickly run through all my paper maps, and/or a standalone mapper for *nix that might do the job?

EDIT: I really don't know why I posted this here. I'll probably mirror it on the Tintin++ forum. I just know Scandum is here and I already have an account here so that's easy for me.
04 Aug, 2010, Scandum wrote in the 2nd comment:
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You don't need to be connected to a mud for the tt++ mapper to work, so you could startup tt++, create a map, set some macros to move n e s w with the arrow keys or keypad, and map out each map.

If they're actual areas on a mud you program for it's also possible to write a routine to create a tt++ map file, it's a fairly straight forward plain text format.

To generate an actual ASCII map you'd set #config log to plain, html, or raw, and use something like: #map map 40x40 mymap.map