15 Feb, 2011, ryanhamshire wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hey guys, I'm new to MUD client development. My current client basically only supports ANSI colors (so sad!). I'm interested to find out where I can go to learn about the various popular protocols used to send out of band information (any text at all not meant for the end user's consumption).


16 Feb, 2011, sankoachaea wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Hi Ryan-

http://www.mudstandards.org/ - not sure how active this site currently is but there is probably a bit of useful information on different protocols there
http://www.zuggsoft.com/page.php?file=zm... - this goes over the MXP specification but not in great detail as far as implementation goes. I would check out the Developer's Forum on the same site for more info. (link is on the MXP page)

also, it might be worthwhile to peruse the Aardwolf blog for information regarding their use of out-of-band protocol, especially Telnet Negotiation to control mud client...

For information on GMCP (Iron Realms follow-up to ATCP) check this Mudbyte's post and IRE's docs.

Also, Mudlet's Forums and MUSHclient's Forum, especially the MXP and Pueblo sub-forum on MUSHclient.

Hope something there is useful to you. Feel free to ask questions around here as you get going.
16 Feb, 2011, KaVir wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Although the latest version of MXP allows you to transmit out-of-band data, I believe it is only supported by CMUD. The majority of clients only use MXP for links and 24-bit colour, and as a result that's all that most muds use it for as well.

Instead I'd suggest either GMCP or MSDP - or better yet, allow script writers to add their own support.
16 Feb, 2011, Scandum wrote in the 4th comment:
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There's some useful information on Mudpedia:


It's a work in progress and most protocols aren't covered with specific articles.