24 Jun, 2017, Myra wrote in the 1st comment:
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We are an old fashioned hack n slash MUD who have been up and running for years (since 1995) though our admin took time out for life and family and raising kids. Now we are back and enjoying reconnecting with players who have also grown up over the years and come back to say hi. Since I first posted a promotion about a month ago, we have made quite a few changes and upgrades AND had a pretty decent number of players both new and old stopping by.

We have a facebook page and are pretty responsive if there is a problem with the MUD.
We've added a few new races - duergar, half-orc, and svirfneblin
Dusted off the clans we do have and offered membership to interested players
Added several new areas - a dwarven mining operation
duergar and svirfneblin hometowns and mines
new floor to the vampire manor
Added bonus item for new players (found in startup area)
Added *Brand new* Helper Charmy for new players
And Dozens of other tweaks and new spells/skills

Just re-discovered my listing on this website and this forum as well. :)

Hope you will stop by and check us out.
Host: Escape.wolfpaw.net
Port: 2020

06 Jul, 2017, Myra wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Over the years, two things have been consistently told to us. 1… we have an amazing MUD and 2… that it can be very difficult to play if you haven't played here before. We have decided to finally try to solve #2 in a fashion.
Now's the best time to come try us out, or invite your friends. For the first time, it will be easier than ever to begin a character with us. You will still have to use the CONSIDER command and you should probably try to listen to what it says (ie, don't come in a a level 2 and try to kill a level 11 or 15 mob), but the game will be very lenient on newbies up until level 10. It should give a bit of a boost and allow people a chance to learn the ropes.
This may be a temporary solution, but you can come try and see. Let us know what you think.

Host: escape.wolfpaw.net
Port: 2020