04 May, 2011, MJohnson wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hello everyone, it is my first post here, but I am hoping someone will be interested in what I am working on.

I have recently decided to learn C#, and have decided to take on a pet project of building a MUD from scratch.
I have played, built, administered, and psuedo-coded on MUDs for many years, so I know how they work, I've just never had the knowledge to make one, until I recently began learning how to work in C#.

Again the codebase is being done from scratch, so expect there to be some issues with this as it matures. The theme of the game is currently based in a Star Wars universe. The reason I am asking for builders early on is because I think it would be beneficial and fun to have someone involved to help steer the direction of the game. If you want to have some features available for a room, let me know and it can be implemented, we can work together to make something fun in the process.

Everything in the code so far has been written by me, and the game is currently playable, many features have been added, many are planned, and there is a world of features that will be found as this matures.

I understand this is a longshot, as I am sure many projects like this are started up often, but if someone is interested in taking a chance on this project or would like more information, please contact me.

Thank you,