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Free is a feature.

MudNode is a barebones node.js implementation intended to run on heroku using heroku's new persistent cedar stack. By using heroku you get 100% free hosting for your game on industry standard, managed hardware. You get unlimited harddrive and bandwidth for the project, and 240 megabytes in a managed mongodb that's located near the EC2 instance (also in EC2). If you ever get to the point where 240 megabytes isn't enough it's fairly cheap to upgrade. Or you can run on your own/dedicated server.

Heroku isn't required. This will run anywhere that node.js is installed. It uses socket.io and a web client by default.

The github page includes instructions for getting it live on heroku.

Simple live demo is at mudnode.heroku.com.

Speed is a feature

node.js uses google's most powerful javascript engine. V8 Javascript Engine

Don't be fooled about javascript. The performance is highly implementation based. V8 is world class software, and javascript running under v8 approaches native code speed. The problem with javascript rarely is the language itself. It's the implementation. Those days are almost gone.


Lowered Barrier is a feature

When developing with node.js you have the advantage of using javascript on the server, the web server, and the web client. 1 technology. Not many. This substantially lowers the barrier of entry. For those who want something a little nicer than javascript, I've included coffeescript files. They compile down to javascript files. Coffeescript isn't required, but recommended.

Concurrency is a feature

node.js uses an evented model that makes writing concurrently executing code second nature. It's not an afterthought, nor is it a feature of javascript. The entire framework is inside of a reactor loop. This pattern actually works well for software like muds. Anyone who has used javascript in browsers will find they already are used to the evented style when watching for browser events.

The code includes database, web server, and socket examples.
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P.s. First. Of many for the javascript forum, I hope.

Using that benchmark link i scored 3725 with the most current version of firefox and 9476 with webkit using v8. That's almost 3 times as fast.

I don't have internet explorer to test against. If someone else wants to post their results with chrome vs ie 9 that would be great.