21 Nov, 2011, Hades_Kane wrote in the 1st comment:
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So, I decided to make an End of Time specific building guide, in the vein of the old OLC: Down and Dirty in the MUD site from back in the day that every other MUD seemed to refer their builders toward that I plan on making into a site, a text document, helpfiles, and a book. As I'm going through and documenting every aspect of OLC and what every flag and value does, I keep being amazed at how many things in ROM that I had always taken for granted did -something- only to find them having been the very basic of starting points for what I assume were future plans.

As I'm doing this, I'm either finishing the systems that never did get finished (I've made the materials in objects be a set number of flags with legitimate properties, made assist_guard on mobs actually do something, added in objects for ALL body parts to drop etc), change things that seem like they could have some use (I changed OFF_FADE to work off of another evasion skill), or just outright delete some things that had little to no function and none I could see wanting to bother with (OFF_CRUSH, the entire FORM section of mobiles, etc.)

I have some ideas on the vorpal flag, most of which having to do with decapitation to fall in line with the DnD / Jabberwocky terms. I was just curious what others have done with their vorpal flags. I thought it might be interesting to gather some other ideas and see if someone else has any cooler ideas than what I've come up with.

Discussion about "what other unfinished systems have you done something cool with" might be a good topic drift, too :p
21 Nov, 2011, arholly wrote in the 2nd comment:
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In a mud I worked at (now long since gone), we used Vorpal to give an increase chance of critical damage (like Vorpal + Enhanced Damage skill = really bad things for whoever you hit). We also used it (or maybe it was the original code, don't remember) to increase the chance of body parts coming off. I think the way we did damage was we made it an additional modifier. So like, enhanced damage did an additional 25% damage, vorpal did an additional 10% by itself unless combined with enhanced, then it did a combined 50% damage.

On the drift topic for unfinished systems, we used the "form" parts when it came to spells. For example, sneak attack couldn't be used against constructs, charm person only affected mammals and a few other things. Can't sleep constructs and the like. I realize that it could be set with IMM flags, but rather than remembering to set IMM_SLEEP for every FORM_CONSTRUCT, we made it part of the code. It was kind of taking from D&D, but it works.

On the World of Darkness MUD I currently am coding for, we we have some parts labeled as "odd parts", which means when someone looks at you and you have claws, that is automatically noticed (since you are by default, human). Same with tentacles or odd things like that.
21 Nov, 2011, Rarva.Riendf wrote in the 3rd comment:
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I make so Vorpal has a chance to insta kill provided you 1:does enough damage at once 2:the enemy is low enough in health 3:low chance roll

FORM I kept for some reason like I removed any gold form any not FORM_SENTIENT mobiles, and I only make then give random loot to big enough mob to gather a loot.
no reason a butterfly carry any gold with it…

FORM_COLD_BLOOD makes mob invisible if in a dark room, even with infravision

glowing items makes you visible even in a dark room and without infra if you have at least 3 of them on you glowing, stuff like that.

the only flags I did nothing with yet are with the evil and good align aura on items, but I will probably prevent to wear an evil align items if you have way more good align items than evil, stuff like that.
22 Nov, 2011, Kline wrote in the 4th comment:
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My only experience with Vorpal flags have all been in God Wars derived games. In that instance the base affect is to allow the weapon to slice through armor and remove limbs (given a successful chance roll, too). Very handy way to disarm an opponent by removing their entire arm and all stat bonuses associated with their equipment. I believe I probably expanded it in my own games to include a form of damage/critical hit bonus, too.
22 Nov, 2011, Exodus wrote in the 5th comment:
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Vorpal weapons are one of my favorite ideas. Weapons in my game with the vorpal flag have a chance to sever body parts on a critical hit (crits dealing 1.5x, 2x, and 3x damage). The body part severed depends on the physical form of the opponent, but is generally limited to left and right hands, feet, arms, legs; the torso and the head. Each has varying detrimental affects, depending on what was cut off. The majority of the time massive bleeding occurs and a rapid drop in health each second, though if healed quickly enough, the stump renders the opponent unable to perform as well. Severing a hand strips the hand equipment from the character and places it in inventory and renders them unable to wield with that side.

It also makes for interesting situations in games that have things like regeneration or for the more macabre players that like to grab the severed part and keep it as a trophy. In games where death penalties can be high, it can become quite funny watching players barter for lost body parts back. Sometimes I think it goes too far when you log in one day and see a Vampire buying back his own left arm on auction.

Edit: I have a ton of item property ideas if anyone would like to discuss it further.