20 Oct, 2012, Morlock wrote in the 1st comment:
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Blackfire is back online! After being offline for some years, we revived it and its back, full operational and ready for new players. We have a few immortal positions available at this time, if interested send a mud mail to Morlock.

Some of the features Blackfire offers are:

All parts of Blackfire are connected to the wilderness, which is a 4 million room "area".

Personal Mounts - Its is possible to fly through the wilderness mounted on special beasts.

The ability to multiclass, thus gaining the advantages from your previous class over to the new one. (rogue/sorcerer/monk)

Player driven sects known as cabals (clans).

Player storage area where one can store equipment for a rent and retrieve it later.

Non Player Character behavior, making the world seem more alive.

Unqiue items, you may have to kill and loot other players to get them.

A tracksystem based on a mobiles ability to hunt and scent

Player formations, where up to nine players may form and cooperate to achieve better results.

Free player renting - your equipment and belongings are saved.

Real estate, you may buy your own house.

Chaos Gates - Once you have ventured inside one of these, death may be the only way out. These gates may send you back in time, and to places where the laws of time and physics are twisted. You lose all communication with the outside world and there are NO RULES inside. This is the most dangerous areas in the game.

Player looting, when you kill an opponent inside a chaos gate or in a chaotic area you may loot some of his equipment.

Romance module, where it is possible to date and marry..;)

Skinning, sometimes it is neccesary to skin a corpse to find the true valuables.

Equipment deterioration, as your equipment gets older it loses some of it's magical energies.

A magician's power depends on the lunar positions of the two moons.

Many different quests with interesting prizes.

Many different original areas for the players to explore

Friendly and helpful staff

Stop by and give us a try, (we are currently revamping our newbie system to make it easier for new players to get started.)
blackfire.winterdale.com is our old website which is still mostly up to date. (updates are on our list of todos)