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Valindir is seeking an experienced coder to help us from the ground up. We would like to use SmaugFUSS 1.9 but with a number of modifications that we are hoping to add.

Valindir is a MUD currently co-owned by Evoru (Admin), Belimedra (Head of Building) and Aurix (Player Services) and Ri (Head of RP). It is a medieval, mystical fantasy setting that is written by current members of staff. While pulling from traditional fantasy (Elves, magic, Dragons, etc) the lore is original, as are all the files on the website. We hope to have no classes or alignments and to offer 18 different races.

The basic premise is that the nine Elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Spirit, Stone, Metal, Wood, Magic) created the world, and then the gods, their children, whom they left to run things. In the absence of their parents, the gods created the mortal races, but lacked the ability to impart them with souls. With each god bitterly squabbling that they had created the best people, the world was plunged into war known as AlDrenra. A mass suicide in desperation to call out to the Elements reached them, and they returned to Valindir. They placed the gods in a slumber and divided up their souls giving them to the mortals and with it, the ability to reproduce on their own. In this way, both their children and grandchildren could live, since the gods are regarded to be sleeping as they dwell within mortals. Since then, the races have lived among one another with the Elements watching over to see that their grandchildren are never wiped out completely.

Valindir will be a RP MUD with an intricate magic system as well as a balanced coded combat so that there is a bit of hack-and-slash to it as well. The world is completely hand-written by Valindir staff with no two rooms sharing identical descriptions, and no use of stock rooms. It is a game driven by the players with the staff there to support player-run storylines and not mowing them over with their own. If kings rise or fall, the staff will not interfere with the players choices should there be no cheating or rule-breaking to speak of. We want it to be an enjoyable game for everyone and let the players guide the direction we take (within reason there will never be things like guns or cars in the game).

Things we will need from the code:

Skills/Spells: Valindir will have an extensive list of skills and spells the player can learn. Some have prerequisites (such as needing backstab and dual wield to be able to learn double backstab) and some are basic skills that can be learned from an NPC (cantrip, hide etc). We are still working on the full list of skills and spells. Some are mundane things (cooking, sewing, lumberjacking) while others focus on combat (dual-wield, inferno, raise dead).

Crafting System: We would like Valindir to have a recipe crafting system (Example: combine a rabbit hide and a strip of leather to create a pair of rabbit hide boots). There will also be the ability for staff to create new item recipes, restring objects and create items that can only be replicated by a certain individual, a clan or by everyone.

Updated Emotes, Says, and Channels: We would like to give the players more versatility, such as being able to put a say in an emote and use think commands.