26 Jan, 2013, Davenge wrote in the 1st comment:
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I'm looking to start a new project and wondering what the interest in it would be. I'm looking for Staff(Coders 1-2 | Builders 2-3) and just a general sound-off to whether or not this would be something you were interested in playing. I am a proficient builder and coder myself, so I'm not looking for people to build the mud for me but to help me build it. I've done a brief write-up on the game, trying to keep it fun, achievable and realistic. The size of the world will start off small with basic content and grow with the players.


The War for Midgaard will be a PvE mud focused on grouping to take down large objectives with the option to PvP in later stages of the game. Our primary focus will be PvE with a battle for resources style PvP later on in the stages of its development. It will be open-genre, but set in a midevil world where god has forsaken the planet except for one town that is protected by his divine power, Midgaard. The only reason he does this, is that he must sustain at least a minimal presence/control of the human plane of existance to prevent the armies of Hell from opening the gates of Heaven. The story is the battle between Heaven and Hell and clans will be able to declare allegiance to one or the other. Whether we are RP enforced or not, that much has yet to be determined.

The mud will launch with 11 align-unspecific classes and access to level 1-50 including a means by which to level them. As well as a wide range of weapons that have different benefits for each and all classes will specialize in one or two. The classes are as follows:

Mages Classes:
-Priest(Healer | Clubs)
-Wizard(Nuke DMG | Staffs)
-Sorcerors(Enfeeblers/Magic DPS | Orbs)

Melee Classes:
-Berserker(Melee DPS | Axes/Dual Axes)
-Teras Kasi(Combo Class, Burst Physical DMG | Unarmed)
-Blade Master(Melee Burst | Swords)

Tank Classes:
-Paladin(Healing Tank | Sword/Shield)
-Barbarian(Tanky DPS with group Buffs | Any weapon)
-Druid(Tank using animals/polymorph | Staffs)

Unique Classes:
-Shadow(Glass Cannon Assassin | Scythes)
-Wraith(Planeshfiting Battleflow Controller | Claws)
-Lich(Physical/Magic hybrid DPS | Any weapon)
-Thief(BUFF/DEBUFF adept at moving buffs and attributes around | Daggers)
-Cleric(Enfeebler/Healer | Books)

Item Aquisition:
-While leveling, players will be able to grind quests for bonus XP as well as a unique currency(other than gold :P) that can be used to purchase items from NPCs.
-Notorious Monster spawns
-Popped Monsters
-An Auction House
-Raid(To come later)

Item Distribution:
-Items from Monsters/Raids will drop into a communal pool for the group that slays the enemy. The Leader, if so trusted, will be able to determine who gets what items or players will be able to cast lots for the equipment or just let the items drop to whomever.

Group Mechanics:
There will be many grouping mechanics to allow players to play outside of the traditional mold of having everyone in one room and fighting a monster in that same room. Auto-follows friendly/enemy within' reason. Unique spamfilters and functions to reduce or enhance prompt usage as well as help the flow of battle seem less scroll-y. Players will not always have to be "following" to be part of a group.

-The combat system will be unique(as far as I know) in a multitude of ways. All weapons/skills/spells will have a range at which they are affective, or usable, at. It will be possible to intiate combat in the same room as someone or from a room or two away. Movement will then be slowed down based on various stats allowing one to engage or move freely throughout a fight. There will be items and spells that will either increase or decrease the delay on abilities to move between rooms. There will be line-of-sight functionality, allowing players to duck out of ranged attacks or spells behind walls or into a secluded room. Battlefields and buildings will be careful designed in this regard.

Evolution of the Game and the Meta:
-The goal of the game, besides leveling and working as a group, will be to control the other Kingdoms around the continent. The mud will launch with all existing Kingdoms being controlled by "Hell's Legion" and clans will have to take the Kingdoms from them, through cooperative play. Once a Kingdom is controlled, new Raid Content, Items, and Territories will open up. Players will be able to control who uses, or doesn't use, this content. Rival clans will be able to declare war and take Kingdoms from other clans as well. Eventually, in an "expansion" the realms of Heaven and Hell will be opened and new classes such as Angel and Demon will exist. And the battle to conquer Heaven or Hell will start. But, on release, I would just like the current content as listed above implemented.

-Storyline quests
-Grinding/Repeatable quests
-One time side quests

Code Base:
-I will be starting with a simple Smaugfuss, as it's what I am mos comfortable with and removing the stock areas and classes so that everything is original and hopefully unique.


Thanks for any advice or constructive criticism.

26 Jan, 2013, Idealiad wrote in the 2nd comment:
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That's a really good write-up but it also sounds like a pretty big project. How long are you estimating before you make it playable? Do you have plans for a scaled back version you can open with in 1-2 months?
26 Jan, 2013, Davenge wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Yah, a scaled back version to get people in and leveling. It will be pretty small world at first because there just won't be a need to have more than say three Kingdoms. Will probably only release with one because it will be a few weeks before people are leveled up enough to really start exploring. It really also depends on the staff I'm able to get and their dedication. This might make it sound a little like you have to max level and THEN the game starts for you. I promise it won't be like that. Within two months of starting the project I'd like to have all the classes in, some basic areas and a few item sets to get people started. Start simple, build on it, take feedback from what players like/don't like, etc.
26 Jan, 2013, Davenge wrote in the 4th comment:
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As a side note, a lot of the basic multi-room combat stuff I've already written from another project of mine that never went public. Sort of a beta, if you would.