26 Feb, 2013, Tallas wrote in the 1st comment:
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Dragonball Z World: Reboot is a new DBZ based MUD, with a system that has not been seen in over 5 years! This system supported a decent steady playerbase, and I want to see it come back. We are making MANY slight changes, and building all new areas.

Right now I am hiring builders and coders to help build this game. In Alpha testing at the moment and have many changes to make. Come be apart of the team! contact me at: kstor_98@yahoo.com

This is one that I plan to keep around for a long time, not one of those 'post and forget' ones that have come and gone. Come leave your mark! All ideas are accepted and looked in to! I plan this game to be HEAVY in PK, Clan Wars, Role Play and a few other ideas. Don't miss your chance!