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Very new mud, SmaugFUSS/Custom codebase. We currently have a very advanced coder, who spends alot of time, every single day coding for us. He's also the owner. I'm a part time coder, and a senior/head builder. Currently, our coder/owner is just finishing up the new, awesome, fight system. He's done it in about…. 2 weeks, along with lots of other things along the way. We've started from scratch with the areas, but we're coming along -fast- with just me building right now(pretty much). We have our main city, 4 road areas off of it, a graveyard, crypt, 2 huge forests, a large tree area(with 8 levels, inside of it), and foothills leading off of it. I've also made a -very- detailed map(s) for us!

We're looking for a few faithful builders who want to stick with us, and help us grow. You can currently pretty much pick any theme/level for your area, and place. We're a dedicated team, even if we are small right now. Only one way to get a bigger team, so come on over and check us out!
War For Midgaard
swpk.net 6500
My names in game are Irish(coder/builder), or Citizen(2nd builder). If I'm afk, or not online email me at pyropath666@yahoo.ca, or text me at (+)1 (289) 335-4903. Make sure to include a brief description of who you are, and whats up!
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Wrong thread -SORRY- can someone remove this thread please, ill repost in the proper forum.