04 Jun, 2013, jurdendurden wrote in the 1st comment:
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Getting this error with each and every command I have for cedit (clan edit). There are twelve or so, and I have them all defined in olc.h, as well as the command table itself defined in olc.c. Not really sure what I'm missing and it's been so long since I've worked on this I might just be missing WHERE to define them… but pretty sure I have it right. Although it's been a couple hours since I've made progress so I'm bringing it here:

//Clan Editor
DECLARE_OLC_FUN( cedit_flags );
DECLARE_OLC_FUN( cedit_rank );
DECLARE_OLC_FUN( cedit_show );
DECLARE_OLC_FUN( cedit_name );
DECLARE_OLC_FUN( cedit_recruit );
DECLARE_OLC_FUN( cedit_promote );
DECLARE_OLC_FUN( cedit_demote );
DECLARE_OLC_FUN( cedit_outcast );
DECLARE_OLC_FUN( cedit_motd );
DECLARE_OLC_FUN( cedit_who_name );
DECLARE_OLC_FUN( cedit_create );
DECLARE_OLC_FUN( cedit_delete );
DECLARE_OLC_FUN( cedit_list );
DECLARE_OLC_FUN( cedit_leader );

const struct olc_cmd_type cedit_table[] =
{ "commands", show_commands },
{ "create", cedit_create },
{ "delete", cedit_delete },
{ "flag", cedit_flags }, //independent, immortal, etc..
{ "list", cedit_list },
{ "name", cedit_name },
{ "who", cedit_who_name },
{ "leader", cedit_leader },
{ "rank", cedit_rank },
{ "outcast", cedit_outcast }, //what rank can the clan members outcast at
{ "recruit", cedit_recruit }, //what rank can the clan members recruit at
{ "demote", cedit_demote }, //what rank can the clan members demote at
{ "promote", cedit_promote }, //what rank can the clan members promote at
{ "motd", cedit_motd }, //what rank can the clan members change the clan MOTD
{ "show", cedit_show },
{ "?", show_help },
{ NULL, 0 }

I'm getting the error in olc.c, when it tries to call anything through the OLC cedit interpreter. Any ideas?
04 Jun, 2013, jurdendurden wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Yup, I had everything right, just didn't put the new act_olc.c up there….. making the compiler throw a fit. :P