18 Aug, 2013, Ssolvarain wrote in the 1st comment:
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Have I ever mentioned my favorite questline in the world?

I put in a heist… followed by a helicopter chase.

THAT'S RIGHT. I built a helicopter chase into a mud.

It turned out pretty well.

You should stop and check it out some time.
20 Aug, 2013, Ssolvarain wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Ok, ok. I'll write something a little more substantive than that. It's just that we have a rule regarding quests where it's pretty much rule 1&2 of fight club.

But, here's the thing:

I've written out a fairly long quest chain, trying different things as I go along. I'm the sort of guy who just gets bored doing the same thing. Most of this quest chain has been improvised on the spot, but that's how I do things. It often leads to me going back and fixing the things I've made :P I'm going to ignore the rule and write a sort of written trailer for the quest.

Starting in Sector 7 is rough. The player is thrown in the middle of a technologically advanced civilization built on greed, barely aware of what's going on, and yet to begin to realize their true potential.

While wandering the slums, a shady individual approaches them, offering substantial gain in exchange for services rendered. So does the player enter the employ of Family Hebi. Organized crime to some, savior and breadwinner to others. Taking on multiple jobs at once to advance through the ranks of made men, the player aids the common folk of Midgard.

Now from a builder's perspective, I've done a couple things here. These areas were pre-existing, save the quest hub I built which also doubles as a social lounge for players who have done the quest. Most of the stuff I've created for these quests are specific to these quests. There are 5 instances of the same quest mob, just that each fulfills a different purpose in the quest line. I tried to give each character in the quest a specific personality, while still adhering to the stereotypes of the mob. I mixed up the style of the quests, going from fedex to on-rails to interactive story. The scripting is all done in notepad and copied over, usually multiple times as I get things to work properly. One main thing I've always had a problem with, especially with more options than stock will ever offer, is making a quest iron-clad, non-breakable. You've really got to look at what you're writing, and how you're writing it. At one point, which I'm particularly proud of, you're able to take on up to three jobs and once and complete them independently in order to advance the quest line.

I think by the time I get done, this will be one of the major achievements of my MUD career. For now, though, it's definitely a platform for me to explore the many options of questing.
20 Aug, 2013, Ssolvarain wrote in the 3rd comment:
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And, yes. Before someone accuses me of it, I am drunk. So please excuse the motherwarking typos and bad paragraph structure. I'm sure you'll understand.

I just really like my hobby.
20 Aug, 2013, Dean wrote in the 4th comment:
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Go home Ssol, you're drunk. (Someone had to)

Sounds interesting and these are definitely the sorts of quests most players will appreciate.