26 Aug, 2013, mpvmud wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hello all,

I have decided to finally look for some staff members in helping with a few areas. I am trying to work on everything myself and really it is becoming time consuming and just some extra help so I can focus more on code then dealing with areas or players would be great.

First off I need to find a head builder. What this person needs is to be able to work with people, learn the OLC (which is pretty simple), and then help look over and edit areas. You would also be the one to go out and find builders to help build areas and also be able to spell check, check items, and mobs players create that help enforce the rules of building.

Secondly I would like to find a Personal relations admin. Someone who would actively search for new players, help with general player problems in game, has great communication, and can promote the mud.

If you feel you could fill one of these positions message me here or you can send an email to thedoctord3@gmail.com
If you want to visit the mud and check to see if you like the place then connect to mpvmud.org port 7777