14 Sep, 2013, alteraeon wrote in the 1st comment:
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Things have really been picking up codewise on Alter Aeon. The release date for the new Druid class has been set for the end of November, and the changes are already piling up!

General Server Updates:

- Add group flagged areas
- Clan war improvements
- The great library is now up to nearly 200 books.
- Various job improvements and increased rewards
- Spam filter and blind mode improvements
- Add new level 29 warrior skill, 'flanking attack'.
- Add skill/spell/practice list by level.
- Add warrior skill level dependencies to most of the warrior skills. Some are increased damage with skill level, others are reduced chance of failure.
- Add a 'check' command to check for important things on your character. It currently supports checks for warriors, necromancers, and alchemist brew masters.

Area and Content Updates:

- The level 28 Svirfneblin stronghold near Dragon Tooth has been updated by the builder Myrel. It is now bigger and includes a couple brand new quests.
- Level 34: The Island of Nani Makana, created by Kagome
- Level 37: Inside the Malahaki Falulua, by Kagome and Shadowfax
- Level 31: Vandar Regional Prison, by Gandor
- Level 32: The City of Koralia's Heart, by Kelnale and Gandor
- Level 31: White Sands Abbey, by Shadowfax and Udyr
- Level 37: The Ash Desert and Dead Reefs, by Draak
- Level 32: Village of Inari, by Bloodlust

If you haven't played Alter Aeon before, take a few minutes to come check us out - we have a userload in the 50's and new players are always welcome!

Alter Aeon MUD
14 Sep, 2013, Idealiad wrote in the 2nd comment:
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You really have a lot of builder activity. What's your secret?
15 Sep, 2013, alteraeon wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Train them, give them good tools, give them minions, and let them go. We've organized the building system as a hierarchy, with the handful of worldbuilders able to recruit minions to help them.