02 Oct, 2013, VisiskaiSlaptai wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hello. New team and new project is looking for a coder.
We want to learn and grow up together.
For this reason, we do not ask to be perfect, we ask to be eager to work in a team, reaching for the best results.
We ask to be mindful, respectful and have a tiny bite of free time.
Also, you should love past, fantasy and history, then you will enjoy this place.
We will offer you a possibility to join new project, to become father or mother of this baby, together with six other people.
We will offer you a shelter, food, drinks, toys and etc. ;D
We promise to be most attentive and friendly.

Because it is new project, we still would like to keep it in a secrecy, until the project will grow up enough to see the world.
But if you are interested, just mail (PM) me and we will speak more.

P.S. It would be MUSH, not MUD, but we just thought, maybe MUSH loving people can be found in here too, because we do not find MUSH forums.
02 Oct, 2013, Idealiad wrote in the 2nd comment:
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I almost hesitate to say it, because your OP would probably be eviscerated there, but the main mush forums are to be found here: http://wora.netlosers.com/index.php

edit: What do you know, you don't even have to post there. Someone has done it for you: http://wora.netlosers.com/index.php/topi...
02 Oct, 2013, Kelvin wrote in the 3rd comment:
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I'll reply with some hopefully helpful constructive criticism, as I am a MUX/MUSH guy who has had success running larger games. This is mostly in stream of consciousness, because I don't want to waste too much time constructing something more coherent.

Let's say I'm looking to take on a project. Here's what is going through my head: My time is valuable. My skillset is in demand. A lot of other games want my involvement, because it's hard to find someone willing to help with their game without pay. Hmmm. You don't really offer any details. You probably don't have any ideas that someone hasn't had before, yet you're keeping this secret? You're not as clever as you think, and it'll be trivial to rip you off if you are once you're open. You mention six other people – what do they bring to the table? Do I even care enough to go through the hassle of asking you to elaborate on your concepts? This sneaky stuff is a non-starter for me.

What's in it for your coder? Why should I *want* to help you, when I have so many other games I could help (or start my own and be the head man)? You can't just say "I need a coder, come help". You have to sell me on why I *want* to help. If you don't bring something great to the table, I don't really need you. I have a boss that directs my 8-5 development activities, I don't need to be a "coder" during my free time. Why haven't your other six people stepped up and learned softcode? I don't want to be the only "coder". Also, don't call me a "coder". Nobody wants to be your coder monkey, they want to help shape and build a game, and to have some ownership.

I hope that helps. No insults or flaming intended. My best advice to you: If your six people don't have enough softcode chops to make your game happen as is, spend some time either experimenting and learning enough to get a prototype working, or go join and help an existing game. Learn on the job, and go start a game when you're ready to be the "coder" yourself. It really is the most reliable way you can assure that the execution of your design is 100% to your liking.
02 Oct, 2013, plamzi wrote in the 4th comment:
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My new secret area was going to feature coder monkeys, but you had to go and steal them!