02 Nov, 2013, Acheron wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hello! I am the head coder and builder of "The Island Acheron", a new MUD project that I have undertaken this year. I've been working in MUD development for some time, and I'm hard at work retrofitting a previous codebase I had worked on to fit this new project– and codewise, it's almost ready to go!!! But there still needs to be a fair amount of building done.

I don't want to publicly talk about too much, yet, because the game isn't ready to be opened or tested, but I can share some game features:

– A highly modified, original engine based on RoM
– High focus on (mandatory) roleplay, but…
– A refined, balanced combat system
– Classless character mechanics
– Level-less gameplay
– Free-form skill acquisition
– A unique, flexible crafting system…
– Everything from housing to clothing craftable
– Experimental setting*.

* The setting and premise of this game have for the most part not been tried before in the MUD world. Once again, I'm not going to go too much into this publicly, because I want to avoid tipping my hat before I know exactly how I'd like to advertise… But I'm happy to discuss more in private.

I'm looking for talented builders who preferably (but not necessarily) have experience building with RoM-based games in the past, or any building at all. I expect a high standard of building, but I'm a fairly friendly fellow when I am acting as Head Builder; anyone who has no building experience is encouraged to speak with me.

I encourage, as well, anyone who wants to know more about this project to speak with me. My contact information is as follows:

AIM: AcheronIsland
Private Messages: MUDBytes messenger
Website: exists, but not ready for public release.