30 Nov, 2013, Grieffels wrote in the 1st comment:
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Grieffels said:
Hello again everyone. This is basically a bump and a hope toward landing a helper for the MUD.
I am in need of ONE builder for now and ONE programmer. The programmer needs to know the
ROM source pretty well, also Final Fantasy 7, but that isn't completely needed. The builder will
need to know Final Fantasy 7 fairly well and have a decent amount of building experience under
their belt. ROM OLC. If anyone is interested in taking a look at the game so far and deciding from there
please message me and I will give you the address and schedule a time for me to show you around.

I have a decent amount of work in place. Lots of cosmetic additions like changing the color of the game
to suite you (the player). Stock AC removed and Physical/Magical added. Resistances added, stats reworked, materia system with true ap per level (settable within a file), a profession system and much more.

Email: xxgriefxx@gmail.com
AIM: HavocLoD
or you can PM me

If an admin could remove my last post from the left side of the main page, please do so. Looking for a C programmer