19 Dec, 2013, Scandum wrote in the 1st comment:
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For anyone interested I offer the opportunity to advertise with TinTin++, an advanced open source multi-platform MUD client I've been the developer of since 2004.

The advertisements are text banners shown on client startup and look like this:

Maiden Desmodus - http://maidendesmodus.com

Maiden Desmodus is an immersive world of high adventure where your actions, or
inaction, will determine the fate of The Isle. Choose to be born unto one of
two opposing factions, join one of the six powerful guilds, and carve your
place in history through your cunning, your strategy, and your skill with magic
or a blade. At every turn are players who may ally themselves to you, or work
to destroy you. Shall you form your own cabal and command your peers, control
the politics of your city, or lead an army against those who oppose you?
Maiden Desmodus features a completely original world and a custom game engine.

To connect to Maiden Desmodus enter: #session md maidendesmodus.com 4000"

In summary, if you'd like to advertise I need the name of the mud, the website url if you want it included, the address, port, and an eight-line description/advertisement wrapped at 80 columns.

The cost for advertising is $100, preferably paid through Paypal. The banner will be included for 12 months. One banner is randomly selected and displayed per client startup.

TinTin++ is one of the most popular MUD clients and receives between 1000 and 1300 downloads a month. In comparison, Mudlet receives between 1300 and 1600 downloads a month.

If you're interested you can email me at ivdhoven@gmail.com, preferably before the 29th of December.