13 Feb, 2014, duanuys wrote in the 1st comment:
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I have moderate knowledge in C++ I began a few weeks ago, and while I can say I am not a master with this stuff, I am learning as I go. I can write up a simple program in very little time, but where is all the fun if all you can do is just make a simple mathmatical program using C++. I have always been a MUD player since I was young, and even though I took long breaks inbetween my MUD 'phases' every single time I am always wanting to program these kinds of games. It is one thing playing something like this game, but making one feels like more of an achievement then playing for years on one, because in the end doesn't matter if you have 1000 players playing your MUD or it is just you, you can still say "that is my creation"

With all that dramatic BS out of the way I have downloaded the sources code of diku++ from this website to kind of see how a game is structured using C++. The good news is, when i scan through the source code it makes sense to me, somewhat I would have to go into depth in studying the nature of the different variables and where they lead too, but nonetheless I can make out what it is doing with the familiar code structure.

Simple question.. How do I start with my own MUD? It is a very vague question I know, but even as long as I have been playing, and been exposed to programming there is always one thing that lacks in my knowledge and that is.. where do I begin? Do you start by making a menu? a welcome screen?

I already started making my own MUD type of game, but to be honest even though it contains ifs and else statements, a few good loops and menu options, I even created a program that the user has to enter a predetermined username and password… but even with all those gadgets, the game still feels linear.. even though there isn't any kinds of monsters or the ability to chat, those come much much later. I am talking about the core foundation of a mud. HOw does that start? And is there a place on the internet, here included, where people like me are asking the same question and is willing to get together, virtually, and starting creating a game together.

I know its a lot of questions and I appreciate the time the people took to read this. Any responses would be greatly appreciated!