15 Mar, 2014, Natilena wrote in the 1st comment:
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It was 20 years ago in March 1994 that TFC first opened its virtual doors to the world. Since the exact date in March all those years ago has been lost to our aging memories were celebrating all month long!

Were not sure how many other MUDs have been around as long and as consistently as we have but 20 years online is an epic achievement! We will be celebrating with a party at 7pm eastern daylight time (4pm pacific daylight time) today, March 15th. Please join us in our celebration or just drop in and say congrats!

The Final Challenge is a PK, (mostly) hack and slash game with many custom features, including 11 races with their own expertise, and custom hometowns for each. Our player run faiths put the theological questions of good and evil in the hands of the Immortal players and their followers. We have multiclassing between 7 of our classes and a very special Bard class which offers a unique levelling system and requires extensive knowledge of our 90% original world. Our active group of RPers create stories and histories that brings another dynamic dimension into game play.


//Natilena, TFC Greater Goddess