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Hello All,

Sanctuary of the Forsaken is looking for imm staff. Based on ROM 2.4 MUD, it was created a few years ago by the creator, Phate. The theme is general medieval fantasy. We are currently looking for builders and testers. It has an active imm staff that is extremely friendly and happy to help with any questions you may have! It is heavily modified by our two amazingly talented coders, Cael and the owner himself, Phate.

Some of the things that have been added, but definitely not limited to:
-Menu based creation

-Clan rankings with specific permissions based on ranks. Improved clan chat and added a clan roster command- Custom Arena Code.

-An Automated Auction House

-PC Corpses save through boots/crash etc.

-Extended Exits (NE, NW, SE, SW)

-Item Classes for armor slots (Cloth/Leather/Mail/Plate)

-Player owned house code

Also not to mention that Sanctuary of the Forsaken has included a fully functional and customizable QuickMUD Advanced Code (room/object programs, Improved Channels, etc…)

Currently at this time (03/18/2014) we are actively looking for builders to create areas from scratch and testers to test the new areas that have been created! Also don't worry about us being nazis when it comes to building. As always all the volunteers who play Sanctuary of the Forsaken are people who love the world of MUDs. We do it because we enjoy it, we don't want anyone to feel obligated, we wont put silly deadlines on you, and in the end we are here to create an amazing world where players would want to connect and enjoy.

Some of the newest features that have been added as of recently is:

-dynamic descriptions of rooms

-brand new MUD newbie school that teaches the basics whether you are a beginner to muds in general or just to our mud!

-A brand new and highly versatile Questing System has been implemented using mobprog scripting! Not only has this feature been added recently, but it has been continuously worked on and made better.

As always we still have bugs to figure out, but the more people who want to build, test, and pound the system the faster we will be able to find them and squash them. I hope this post has peaked an interest in those who want to join our active team.

Feel free to drop by on our website and connect to our domain! We hope to see everyone, who is interested, there!

Duan Uys
Head Builder

Sanctuary of the Forsaken:
MUD: forsaken.mudhosting.net 111

E-mail: duan_uys@yahoo.com

connect with a client:
forsakenmud.com 1111