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End of Time is a long-in-development and recently opened MUD that uses the ROM Codebase but has been deeply modified. The majority of our areas are based on areas from the Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger / Chrono Cross games, with a handful of Seiken Densetsu 3 (the non-US released sequel to Secret of Mana) and original areas.

As always, we are in need of more staff, specifically builders (with plenty of room for advancement). Things have been picking up quite nice lately and we are within spitting distance of having the overworld complete (and raising our level cap to 80 as a result) before focusing our attention on the Underworld.

I won't try to sell you on the MUD specifically, it speaks for itself and I have included links at the bottom for more info on the MUD along with our player promotion. What I will try to sell you on, however, are the tools and atmosphere our builders have available, along with what we are looking for in builders.

Why our MUD is a good building experience:

*As the subject says, we are very builder friendly. The codebase is deeply modified, and a significant chunk of that modification has been focused on the OLC system and programs (mob/obj/room, with possibly area and player progs coming soon). There is a full OLC guide available both in game and on the website that details every nook and cranny of our OLC system, along with an up-to-date EoT specific version of the Programs document that normally accompanies the program system. I am known on the game for very specifically responding to builder requests for additional features or tools, and there are very few requests that haven't been added. If you need something to complete your task better, I'm willing to do the work to make it happen.

*Kind of an extension on the previous item, but our OLC and programs have been expanded immensely. There is virtually no bloat in the OLC system either, if it's there, it has a purpose and does something. Focus has been taken on either making the unfinished ROM things do something, or removing the stuff entirely. There are also not-uncommon additions of things like autodig, sector set, and other convenience targetted commands. With our program system, I sincerely believe that within the ROM branch of MUDs that use this prog system, we have likely among the most flexible and powerful of any out there. We have persistent variable tracking that allows you to have programs set values on players for later recall, which can allow for limitless scripting possibilities from complex, permanent quest tracking through areas, to something as simple as dialogue tracking. The variable system is capable of performing, storing, and recalling complex math, the variables themselves usable in other program commands. There are other tricks to our progs that allow you to basically script entirely new commands, redirect the use of existing commands. If you enjoy scripting and are even vaguely familiar with the ROM mobprog system, you'll flip on what we have done with our's.

*We are very accommodating with schedules. We don't work on deadlines, all we ask is that some progress is made on an area within reasonable limits and that if you need to disappear for an extended time, let us know. We plan regions out far enough in advance where we can reach from down the line a bit for builders who take more time with their areas, while also having plenty worked out that are needed quicker for those who work quicker than your average. We also do our best to have plenty of options and flexibility on what we need. It's important for a builder to be excited and motivated to do an area, and again, we plan far enough ahead where it normally not very difficult to find something that fits what a builder would like to work on. For those who prefer assignments, we work well with "this is what we need" as well, so regardless of your style, we should have you covered.

*You are recognized as a volunteer and valued as a contributor to the team. We don't bark orders, we don't work on deadlines, we don't expect you to act like you are a paid employee. We appreciate everyone who contributes, we maintain a list of credits for areas, and we are quick to advance rank on builders who are productive.

*Overall, we are a pretty laid back staff, so we have a good rapport with one another, there is no drama among our imm team (and really very, very little drama in general even among the players), so I honestly believe that the game is fun to work on, too.

*Security: You can rest assured your hard work won't disappear overnight. End of Time has had no significant down time in the last 8 years and has had reasonably steady development since. We are NOT going anywhere and are NOT one of those fly by night MUDs. You also have no worry that the bulk of work will be placed at your feet or that you would be building for a game with no one else accomplishing anything. In addition to the code work, I personally have over 50 areas myself complete, accessible, and in-game, and between our two other most active staff members, over 20 areas.

What we are looking for:

*Again, we work with schedules, so even if you only have a few hours a week to contribute, we can find an area we don't need anytime soon so you can work at your own pace, so there is no "minimum hour" requirement or any of the other silly nonsense some others games do.

*A good grasp of spelling and grammar is necessary. We value and appreciate any and all help, and again we recognize you are volunteering your time and energy to the game, but we do care about the quality of the work and of the areas. We aren't unreasonable about it, we aren't expecting college English professor level writing, but knowing the difference between their, they're, and there is a good start. We also highly discourage the use of repeating and overly repetitive descriptions.

*People who come without a lot of unnecessary drama and who can work well with others and within a team. If you wish to just stick to yourself and not interact with others, that's fine, but we are also looking to find builders who are willing to work their way up to more prominent roles within the staff team. Of course, this isn't forced on anyone, if you wanna turn all channels off and pump out descriptions… by all means.

*Our main focus currently are people who are interested in writing room descriptions, but we certainly won't turn down people have a much stronger interest in learning the scripting system and focus the majority of their time on scripting. Our goal is to eventually have a small team (2-3 immortals) whose primary if not sole focus is on scripting.

*Experience with the OLC commands is preferred, but not necessary. If you have never built and are interested in learning, our OLC guide is very comprehensive and is designed in a way that works as a step by step tutorial. We don't have anyone on hand with the time to do personalized teaching sessions, but we are happy to provide the guide and answer any questions you may have in your learning process.

That about sums it up. Laid back, friendly staff seeking other laid back, friendly people to help shape the game. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.

An extended promotion for players can be read here:

You can connect to End of Time through host eotmud.com and port 4000.

More infomation on the game can be found at: