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Hi everyone, my names Grief and I am the owner of a MUD named Final Fantasy After Crisis.
This MUD is based off the famous game called Final Fantasy VII (7). Some modifications have
been made to give it more of an MMO-RPG feel. To list a few, PROFESSIONS such as miner,
enchanter, weapon smith, armor smith, merchant, leather worker, carpenter and i'm looking
into adding engineer and herbalist. The MATERIA system is exactly like the game, with only a
few modifications. Class materia can't be dropped or given away, once you master it, you learn
the abilities on that materia. All other materia is used as it was in FF7 and uses AP to level it up
and that such. Chocobo breeding has been modified to have more colors for breeding chances and
chocobo usage. Also, something I am going for and will be successful with, is the economy. Players
will run this, NPC shops will basically be place holding gear and items, while questing, drop rate gear
from dungeons and player made gear (professions) will stand high above that bought in most every

With that little bit of information given, if you would like to build for a ROM (heavily modified) codebase,
with the Final Fantasy 7 combination, please get in touch with me at grief@finalfantasyaftercrisis.com.
I don't mind teaching you to build if you are willing to learn, but building experience is preferred.

This game will be around 300 years POST meteor. This allows for slight changes to area layout. Perhaps
the town or village has grown or depleted in population. This is just one way of slight changes without
slapping a village/town name from FFVII on an area and saying it's the actual area from the game. We want
to keep the layout/structure of areas, while building onto that.

We do have an extremely large walkable world map, in which it links the areas just as the mapping
style from the actual game. At this moment, we are currently hiring builders and would love to see
more areas arise to get the ball rolling. We are doing fine with the programming aspect of the game
and really just need a staff to get more areas underway.

If you are interested and would like to give the MUD a look, e-mail me and my newly added staff member
Elessar at elessar@finalfantasyaftercrisis.com to receive the invitation to the game. We are not player
ready at this time, unless you are truly wanting to test the new features as they come through. We only
have roughly 3 areas finished at this time.

Positions available:
Writer - creating helpfiles, helping with story addition and other tasks.
Designer - creating images for several aspects of our webpage.
Builder - creating areas, mobiles, objects, quests and more.

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