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By Quest Immortal, I'm hoping to be able to assemble a small team of immortals whose primary duties include any or all of the following:

-Helping script/coordinate/plan Roleplay / Story Quest Events.
*These will basically be scheduled events that involve the players doing a combination of roleplaying with participating in large group events, such as maze crawling, item finding, large scale battles, etc. whose purpose are to keep players active and engaged, and to progress either Immortal ran or player driven storylines.
*Duties could include the actual scripting of events using our greatly enhanced mprog/oprog/rprog system, helping build zones to hold some of these events, helping fill out dialogue for the events, switching into mob NPCs and controlling them during events, and helping brainstorm the progression of the stories.

-Help drive/progress Immortal ran storylines
*These will be running events/stories that will often times span over the course of several months. A brief peek at our opening story will include several bodies turning up in a few places, with the first event trying to gather clues as to ascertain the culprit. Further story (progressed through either mini-events, roleplay from the players, or notes posted by the Quest Imm team) will reveal the initial culprit as innocent, particularly after one of the missing/dead are seen up and about… but not exactly alive. This will culminate in a stunning reveal of things long hidden and things to come.
*Duties could include posting of roleplay notes, switching into mobs and helping drive story forward, planning/coordinate times for players to be logged in to reveal new clues to get roleplay going.

-Create and/or refresh area based quest content
*It our hope to have the game just absolutely littered with area based quests. Already most sentient mobs in our towns can be talked to, but we would like a lot of those to point toward hidden secrets, or tasks that can be completed for money, skills, equipment, or even experience points. There will never be a limit to the amount of quests I'd like to see in the game, and I would love to have some motivated individuals who would like to work scripting/adding these. Additionally, making tweaks, changing some solutions or rewards would eventually be a task we'd be looking at too, so even people who have completed the quests some time prior would find either new content, new solutions, or new rewards when they revisit them on new characters.
*Duties could include the actual scripting of the quests using mprogs, brainstorming new quests or updates to old ones, or providing dialogue to fill out the quests.

It is important to note that we will be unlikely to "hire" someone right out for the position (it isn't out of the question, this will be evaulated on a case by case basis), as we would vastly prefer someone both get to know the MUD a little that they will be working on, get to know some of the players (these positions will likely require a pretty complete picture of the game world itself, and will likely be one of the most player associated/interactive positions), and for them to cut their teeth on at least 1 or 2 areas, which will give us time to evaulate their demeanor, building style, and whether they have the capability for the tasks at hand. Training can be provided for someone interested in the position but lacking the knowledge of OLC or Mprogs and who is a motivated, independent learner. Please note that if we are to train someone to build to be able to fill the position, a couple more areas would likely be expected to be completed first to ensure the individual has the grasp of the system that would be required.

The MUD is End of Time, a Final Fantasy and Chrono series based MUD built ontop of the ROM codebase.

While we are themed on the worlds of Final Fantasy and Chrono, knowledge of those games are in no way necessary to enjoy, understand, play, or contribute to the game. We have crafted a cohesive, original world out of the parts and pieces of the games, and while many of the events from the games serve as a our background/history, the timeline of the game (which has been laid out in exhaustive detail) is original to our world and setting. If you can grasp the background of an all original game, then there should be no problem getting to know our's as well. In fact, I would argue we have an advantage as there are innumerable sites dedicated to these games, so further reading on even the most vague historical event rooted in one of the games from our theme is merely a click away.

The game has been being worked on for a good solid 10 years, with occasional/spotty development prior to that. While we are ROM, we are highly modified, with a large part of our development aimed at improving and adding to the OLC and the programs system. I would wager we boast one of the most powerful program engines in any of our related codebase branches, but particularly when considering the ROM codebase. If you need the OLC to do something that's within my capability of adding that isn't already there? I'm happy to work on it for you. Additionally, our world is quite large and I have over 57 areas to my credit in the game, so this isn't a game that will disappear overnight or one where you are the only one putting time into it.

Our playerbase is running a bit thin at the moment, but I'm trying to drive that up, and if the past couple of years are any indication, running these events spike our logins dramatically.

End of Time
port 4000

You can find more info on the game at our website, www.eotmud.com (which is admittedly a bit underwhelming at the moment), but we have links to our listings on other sites on the front page, as well.
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We're still looking for more help if anyone is interested!
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I'm also around most of the day time, and always willing to lend a hand.