17 Oct, 2014, Randy Stadham wrote in the 1st comment:
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I am a teacher and would like to get the Moo enCore software running on a
server for my students in grade 5 to use. I am having trouble getting it
working after I installed it on my server. Would someone mind helping me please. I have tried v4.0.1 and v5 of the web software ant it wont work. I can telnet into the MOO just fine and move about and do all things but the web interface does not work as expected. I have tried to download the files from sourceforge and set up everything
on my server just as they have said. The web page opens in encore v4 but the icons won't show up and the Xpress software won't open the chat window . I would really like to get v5
working as the update from v4 to v5 looks very nice and easier for my students. I hope
someone can give me some guidance on this.
link: http://www.encore-consortium.org/

Thank you,

Randy Stadham