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Greetings, internet friends!

The realm of Ancient Anguish (anguish.org:2222) is awash with rumours of the undead - the ordinary wandering creatures adventurers are familiar are increasingly turning into ghoulish shambling versions of themselves. Even the little forest hares are falling victim to this mysterious curse!

This week, come help rid the world of the unnatural beasts and compete to be the 2014 top slayer of undeads. Then unwind between the carnage with some traditional trick-or-treating on Halloween and aim for another coveted goal: the top collector of tasty treats. :)

Created in 1992, this medieval fantasy LPMUD has a dedicated and friendly playerbase, active development community, careful game balance, and cohesive world theme. Play an Artificer and build a bronze scorpion to defend you in battle… Or tame a wolf pup as a Ranger and raise it into a fiercely loyal companion… Or learn the secrets of the Shapeshifter Enclave and master its many forms. With nine classes, eight guilds, five playable races, and over 20 years of world-building, there is always something new to explore. Free to play without limitations!