31 Oct, 2014, koqlb wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hey everyone, May or may not know or remember me. Oh well.
I owned Homicidal Tendencies for a while (was crappy ganked DizzyMUD code, but it helped me learn), helped run AnimeMUD for a bit, and then ran my own project, Subversive Visions (a stock Rom), and then v2.0 (A modified stock ROM that I began incorporating ideas from other games into). It wasn't a HUGE Mud, but we were starting to grow, and we had
about 150 players, and were still growing. No less than 20 people on at once.
What happened? Well, life happened. But now that I'm back to coding as a hobby, I want to re-new Subversive Visions.
I need builders right now mainly, and may in the future need coders, but right now I'm the only one.
The MUD has OLC so it's pretty easy to build. I want experienced builders if possible, as it's a pain to "train" someone to build. But if you've got SOME experience, some is better than none! :) So Come on Down and Spin that WHEEL!
Right now, all the areas are STOCK, and I want them NOT to be. I want to make Subversive Visions cool, and fun, and energetic, and goofy. We're all here to have a good time. What I'm going for with Subversive Visions is a bunch of different things. PK's a dog eat dog world, clans will have wars, etc. Validation is necessary to pk, use channels, write notes, etc. I've already started putting in a LOT of things, both via snippets, and my own code (some of which I've submitted here on MUDbytes.net). Anywho, send me a message or just telnet to subversive.themudhost.net port 5680! ROCK ON!
We had a lot of fun back in 2005-2007, so let's have a ball again and make a MUD for players to have fun in and make a difference to the MUD community!
10 Nov, 2014, koqlb wrote in the 2nd comment:
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UPDATE: Address for connection is ready for "main port" use. So instead of port 5680 (the test port), the MUD is running on
subversive.themudhost.net port 7500