31 Jan, 2016, TheatreMUSH wrote in the 1st comment:
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Theatre of Shadows MUSH is an in-development Vampire the Masquerade MUSH (using PennMUSH and mostly original code) set in the modern nights, focusing on the Camarilla, Anarch Movement and Independent/Autarkis Kindred in an original city in Northern California. We are looking to use a derivative, original system based on the newest Mind's Eye Theatre edition with aspects of the old Mind's Eye Theatre and V20 folded in, and are planning a plot- and story-driven game, with a focus on the dark mysteries of the world of Vampire the Masquerade, as Kindred and their ghouls move through the night, making deals, backstabbing and dealing with the monsters that they are – and the monsters around them.

With a focused game that plans to handle overarching plot and story, I think we can give the WoD MUSH community something unique and fun to play. I am currently looking for staff to assist with the final push of setup, more pairs of eyes to review my policies and files, and people who might be interested in a focused WoD game. If you feel like this is something you're interested in, but have never staffed, hit me up anyway; I'm more than willing to mentor and work with newer staffers who have good ideas and an enthusiasm for the genre.

Feel free to check out an overall blurb for the MUSH at https://goo.gl/hT0fhh. Right now, the game is probably around 70 complete; I just need help, even if it's people to be more pairs of eyes on my development.

You can also email me directly at theatremush@gmail.com.