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Come join us at Ancient Anguish! This medieval/fantasy game has a unique story with over 24 years worth of content to explore, to include a huge landscape of cohesive, original world. You'll find plenty of areas to explore, lore to soak in, and fantastic equipment to employ in your hunt for foes to kill and puzzles to solve. Join us now and start your adventure today! Will you join the bloodthirsty, barbaric Scythe Clan? The meditative, benevolent warrior Monks of Antana? The mad Courts of Chaos? The frozen Snowfolk of the distant north? Or perhaps the wild Black Bears. You decide.

Telnet: anguish.org 2222

Web: http://ancient.anguish.org (includes Java applet to connect)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AncientAnguish/