03 Nov, 2016, Odoth wrote in the 1st comment:
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The immortal staff at Aarchon MUD are active and working hard! We have recently released 2 big updates!

1. Ascension
After reaching the highest possible level a mortal can gain (i.e. level 100),
character can ascend. Ascending has the following consequences:

- Rebirth as a level 1 remort 0 character.
- ETL increases by 500 + 100 * ascent level.

+ Specialization as a subclass, which grants bonus skills.
+ Mastery point maximum increases by 1 each remort, capped at 100.

There is no limit to how often a character may ascent, but after 5 ascents no
additional benefits are gained (due to the cap on mastery points).
Ascended characters are considered 6 levels higher for pkill range purposes,
regardless of their number of ascents.

Character can only have one subclass. This is chosen at the time of ascent,
and can only be changed for the first 3 remorts or by re-ascending.
Subclasses grant bonus skills. These function exactly like race skills.

2. Bard Class
Bard's are masters of entertainment, capable of physical, musical and magical
talents that are designed to amuse and move their fellow adventurers. Using
their voice and instruments they are able to influence their group, as well as
their opponents, into doing what the Bard wants. They depend on infusing their
songs with mana to create these affects. In addition to their musical skills,
Bards are masters of disguise and charm, allowing them to dodge and tumble
around attacks, and also allowing them to captivate and charm opponents.

And of course, besides these 2 big changes we are also regularly making small fixes and updates to improve the gameplay.

Come check us out!
Use your favorite mud client to connect to aarchonmud.com port 4000
or see our website to connect via web client:
12 Nov, 2016, Odoth wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Wow, how embarrassing, I posted the wrong port number and didn't realize until now! Correct port is 7000, not 4000. It won't let me edit the original post…