17 Dec, 2016, Odoth wrote in the 1st comment:
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For those who have implemented web clients for muds, have you implemented a scripting system and if so, how?

We have a custom web client for Aarchon MUD (http://web.aarchonmud.com:7000/, https://bitbucket.org/Odoth/aarchon-web-...) which so far has only basic support for aliases and triggers. Basic support means no scripting logic, just can send commands and include regex groups if desired.

I have considered adding some support for scripting using javascript, but haven't seen any good way to do this in a clean way. Basically javascript doesn't have any real support for sandboxing, so user scripts will run in the same global space as the rest of the application. This is not exactly dangerous since the user can only hurt themselves by messing up the browser side application state, but I really prefer a cleaner sandboxed implementation if possible.

I'm very familiar with Lua 5.1 since we use this in our mud, so I'm looking at using this Javascript Lua VM:

Anybody tried something similar and have some wisdom to share? First experiments look promising…