31 Oct, 2007, ralgith wrote in the 1st comment:
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Ok, I have 3 ports for my MUD (Normal Playing Port, Building Port, and a Code Test Port).
Right now they all have the EXACT same code.
Also their imc subdirs are exactly alike, except the contents of the imc.config files.
Each imc.config file is setup correctly, with different passwords, names, etc etc.
The MUDs are based on Circle 3.1
The Code port connects to IMC just fine, and I can do all the things that I should be able to do. Read the help files, issue imc commands, etc.
However, on the other 2 ports, via syslog and the imc server logs, I see they both connect fine, but I can't issue any imc commands inside the MUD.
I'm sure this is something obvious, but I'm asking anyways. Usually its the simple things that trip us up.
And seriously, after 3 hours of attempting to figure this out… I'm done lol. I'll set it aside for another day, and in the meantime maybe you guys will have an idea.
31 Oct, 2007, ralgith wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Yup, it was simple. ROFL. No sooner do I go to working on something else, and voila, I see the problem. I forgot to create the /lib/plrimc on the other 2 ports when I updated the code from the coding port to them. OOPS. Oh well, now if someone else has this problem they'll have a solution. :redface:
31 Oct, 2007, Guest wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Cool deal, glad you worked that out.