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STAR WARS: SHATTERED EQUINOX – It is a dark time. The Galactic Republic has been toppled. Emperor Palp—- You know what? You've heard this schpiel too many times. Yes, we're a Star Wars MUD. But we're unlike every other one out there. We're not going to sit here and promise you the world. You will not be able to control your starfighter's fuel consumption rate, nor will you have the option of a choosing a Wookiee interbred with a Human for a character. We're simply not about that. We, at Shattered Equinox, are about roleplay. And good roleplay, at that. We've been building a core of veteran roleplayers since 2001. It's been a while and we're confident to say that we've successfully weeded out all the trash-roleplay, leaving only the good behind. So, why do we want you? Well, because it's time to fill up the roster again and bring in new faces.


- Fast, but memorable leveling. Avataring generally takes only a few hours, letting you immerse yourself in the roleplay with little initial time investment. At the same time, the leveling process on our MUD is memorable, letting you feel a genuine sense of accomplishment in your time spent.

- A dedicated, in-house C++ developer. We have a full time programmer on staff that releases changes every few days, meaning our codebase is not only highly customized, but always changing. When the roleplay is slow, you can always look forward to having new code to play with.

- A strong roleplaying community. Our MUD has a huge base of highly talented roleplayers and rich creative minds. A good deal of our players are former (and current) MUSHers, so the quality of emoting is typically several degrees higher than what you find on most MUDs. If you're looking for a MUD that caters to your creative side, than our game is for you as our primary focus is and always will be roleplaying.

- A healthy playerbase. We usually have anywhere between 20-30 players on throughout the day, sometimes more, sometimes less. Unlike most MUDs, you can generally find someone to roleplay with (even at 4-5 AM EST, we still have 5-10 people on). If you're looking for a stable, but populated game - well, here you go.

- The chance to start fresh. Part of the reason we're looking for new players is that we just pwiped and see it as the best time to get new players situated in the game. Come join the fun and get a really grass roots feel for the formation of another SE timeline.


www.shatteredequinox.com –> for forums, wiki and other cool stuff

mud.shatteredequinox.com:6666 –> connection info

If you have any questions in-game, feel free to contact me using the "beep" command (beep Vyraeth <msg>). I hope to see you there!

Have a great day.