Looking for a Dragonball experience that's about more than
simply watching your virtual power level increase?
Drag(*)nball Z: FE is a Dragon Ball Z MUD run on a completely
custom codebase that uses the BYOND engine. It was built from
the ground-up, and seeks to follow the inspiration started by
Trenton's Dragonball Z: Fighter's Edition (DBZ FE) and Rcet's
Dragonball Z: Reality (DBZ Reality). Gameplay focuses on a
completely interactive combat system, where your character only
attacks when you give the order, and your defenses are
similarly your own responsibility!


o Open PVP: Restricted by max power level (no getting ganked when
you wouldn't have a chance to win!)

o Fully detailed ASCII map: rather than room descriptions, view
a map detailing the terrain, nearby NPCs, and players

o No conventional levels: Power level increases as you fight, with
a substantial bonus for killing blows

o Skill-based combat: Dodge and parry your opponent's attacks while
countering with your own feints and maneuvers

o Long-ranged and energy attacks: strike at your opponent from
several rooms away, or unleash a devastating blast at close range

o Human, Saiyan, Namekian, and Android races currently playable,
each with its own unique attacks and transformations
Heroes of the Lance 3 - Unique Fusion and Skills System (self.MUD)
submitted 1 month ago * by raistie
Heroes of the Lance 3 is a Dragonlance, Forgotten realms based mud.
We have a unique skills/spells/class system without restrictions on what you can learn. Through learning from books, full customisation of skills is possible.
A unique class is then assigned based on your choices. However, this also means it's easier to 'screw up' your character.
There are over 30 races to choose from and no two are alike. Depending on the 'time you are born', you would get a unique character with different inclinations and abilities.

Players can then 'fuse' (mate :P) with each other to mix-and-match genes, thus creating new characters that evolve or inherit genetics from the fusion process.
This provides almost endless personalised character development and playing.
With an AP system, every action you take is perfectly controlled by YOU - gone are the days where you use a skill and not get immediate action.
This also means war is fast-paced…. and exhilarating.

Although we have a steep custom learning curve, if you are up for the challenge and can get past the initial difficulty,
You will definitely find a uniquely rewarding experience that is not offered by many other muds.
Multi-user sci-fi game of galactic exploration and conquest. Under active development so your feedback is desired! You can get more information at https://EmpireDirectory.net - Hope to see you there!

Dragon Knights of Valeria - The Game That Pays You To Play!

About Dragon Knights of Valeria

Dragon Knights of Valeria (http://dknight2.com) is a popular MMORPG game with over 450 players. Players can earn HYPER, GP, HTML5, and Dragon Points (DP) as they play the game which can then be traded for up to 7 different cryptocurrencies (CC) and withdrawn in game. The creator, Anarchist of Crypto Database (http://cryptodatabase.net), is also responsible for curating a CC library that catalogs over 1,300 different coins and supplies information for each one.

Once inside the world of Dragon Knights of Valeria players can explore the map in search of new towns, fight monsters for rewards and DP, and do quests that also award DP for each part completed. Each town offers its own set of equipment, pets, quests, exchanges, gambling, banks, clans, and assorted other options.

Towns also offer a gateway into their very own Kingdom where they can build villages, purchase more land, gather resources such as wood and fish, upgrade their fishing and woodcutting levels to increase the amounts gained, and train their own army once they reach level 10. You can send your soldiers to attack other players kingdoms in the hopes of taking more land, gold, and DP from your opponent.

The current options for withdrawal from the game are HYPER, Einsteinium, MoonCoin, FlappyCoin, Coin2, HTML5Coin, and GoldPieces. The amount that players can withdraw depends on the coin they choose and is mainly based on the coin's worth and game balance. The higher the balance is for a coin the more players can get when they withdraw.

Players have the option to upgrade their accounts to VIP, VIP+, or ULT. VIP can be purchased in game automatically using 20,000 DP. VIP+ currently costs ~$2 with a bonus of 5,000 DP if HYPER is used to purchase it and ULT costs 180 HYPER and gives a 5,000 DP bonus. All upgrade purchases go into the game balance for that coin and all ad income gets transferred to the game balance as well.

VIP upgrade gives players 2 times the DP when killing monsters as well as a special crown and (VIP) tag. More features for VIP will be added to the game in the near future.

VIP+ upgrade removes the in-game ads, gives 3 times the DP when killing monsters, gives a special crown and the (VIP+) tag to their name in rankings, increases their turns limit to 200, gives 500 DP and 5,000 Gold daily, gives 4 turns per minute instead of 2, gives bonuses in their villages, and adds 1 more item slot to their inventory.

ULT upgrade removes the in-game ads, gives 4 times the DP when killing monsters, gives a special crown and the (ULT) tag to their name in rankings, increases their turns limit to 300, gives 1,000 DP and 10,000 Gold daily, gives 6 turns per minute instead of 2, gives bonuses in their villages, and adds 2 more item slots to their inventory.

The quests in game tell a short story and is broken up into many parts. Each part of the story requires players to travel across the map in search of the next part, and each one that they find will reward them with some Dragon Points and/or other items such as gold or pets (coming soon). There are currently 3 quests with one ready and waiting to be added.

The maximum level that can be gained is currently 251. This could take players a long time to gain this tremendous achievement which adds to the duration of the game. As the player progresses in the game the experience required per level will get higher and higher. Monster stats will also adjust with each level gained by players.

Dragon Knights of Valeria has a chat rain bot that randomly awards a user HTML5, HYPER, and GP every 10 minutes if they have posted in chat within the last 50 posts. Players can also pay the Dark Wizard to cast a Meteor Spell which will split what you donated and send it to 3 random people in chat.

Dragon Knights of Valeria is a supporter of PICISI. PICISI will be the leading CC crowd funding website that allows campaign starters to choose their host CC. All CC funds donated towards each campaign will then be exchanged for the chosen host CC. PICISI's motto is 'Promotion, Promotion, Promotion'. No other crowd funding website helps their campaign starters promote their campaign and this will be a huge plus when looking for donors.

Supported Currencies
FlappyCoin - FLAP
MoonCoin - MOON
Einsteinium - EMC2
Coin2 - C2
GoldPieces - GP

Game Features
In the world of the Dragon Knights of Valeria you can explore the map fighting over 150 different monsters, build your own Kingdom, fight other players for gold, take over other players land, outfit your character with the best weapons the game offers, complete quests for each city, create and join Clans, and much more!

MoonCoin MOON - Crypto Database
FlappyCoin FLAP - Crypto Database, menlatin
Einsteinium EMC2 - Armis
HTML5 - Kernik, Marlenac, whywetrance
Coin2 C2 - KingArbinV
GoldPieces GP - HYPERfuture

Game Staff
Anarchist - Developer, Customer Support

We value your opinion and would like to hear what you have to say regarding this game. If you have suggestions for the game please email them to me at admin@cryptodatabase.net or post on our original thread found here,

If you would like to donate to the game to help keep it running please use the addresses below. 100% of all coins donated or earned by DK 2.0 are put back into the game in one form or another.

MoonCoin - 2ReXBt2xQcTmFYiFnGZXnwDg5vnSjuq5uK
FlappyCoin - FH6UFzEWg3HruD87YKuxFA8cr8YtEJXptq
Einsteinium - EgEbUFJRGDtSbaffrvrsSiVpmqgV1eDYJM
HYPER - H7tc7rnXxpogrvsUtvLmR1NfMcvMBKfLUS
Coin2 - CQ6UZtMCu61ipyoMVduKXGGXChoLUQBmBH
HTML5Coin - H8KVscC3eAYtNCCxa6uXM82p6LkQyFXbzA
GoldPieces - GToaAjqtP9zPPkXdQeP5uCPHfNXZK4h8LF
BitCoin - 1NirBnTHqttL3z2FUzrodxxf5t8cC2SvDr (for other currencies) 1Nc3sMEJRxdeg6h2aPbTBgggMgb15uyo2X (Dragon Knights of Valeria's Advertising fund)

*Withdrawals are processed when payments for our faucets go out.

Makingmoneyhoney for providing some monster images for DK.
whywetrance for providing the Dragon Points, Gold, Experience, Shop, and Pets images.
Procedural Realms is a brand new codebase written from the ground up. Inspired by Diku MUDs, rogue-like games, and Diablo-style loot and equipment systems, the game features a randomly generated open world with many monsters to kill and dungeons to explore. Some of the highlights include:

  • Extensive crafting system, almost everything is craftable.

  • Randomly generated equipment.

  • Many skills and classes to choose from.

  • Player built houses and shops.

  • Build and excavate mines, clear farmland, roads, walls, fences.

  • AI agents that can be hired to fight alongside you.

  • Flexible character progression.

  • Resource-driven economy, shops only carry items sold to them.

  • Thorough in-game help system.

  • Quests, fishing, farming, cooking, mining, smithing, and much more.

The game is operational and open for player testing. There's a solid core game in place but we need players to help shape what the future will be. Things like guilds, PvP/PK, and endgame content are not yet complete. Your feedback is important! Please let us know what you think.