This mud is a Dystopia codebase with an extensive
amount of things to do. I brought up this mud to
replace it's Rival Mud "LoC". On CR the development
of your character is based on more than just PK. So
make sure you have read the helpfiles so that your
character may become more powerful. The staff is
very knowledgeable and friendly, as well as the
players. We welcome anyone and everyone to come join
us and have some fun. Also, we are currently hiring builders.
(email your interests to
We hope to see you soon!
This mud started as an EoD back in 2003, then ported to Dystopia 1.2 on February 2007.

Mud is bilingual spanish/english, language chosen on account creation.

Players can max their character very fast and be ready for pk, but can
also continue improving, in such a way that casual vs hardcore
characters fights are not unfair.

No ganging is allowed, unless all parties involved have declared
themselves as gangers.

All classes have been carefully balanced: each class is balanced to
every other class.

Although not newbie-friendly, lots of help files are available for
knowledgeable godwars/dystopia players to learn the many new features
and powers. Just be sure to read 'help newbie'.

We want your head! Come and try to get ours!
Visit my website to find out what my mud is about also got live godwars chat so you can talk to coder, builders, and players about godwars material thank you for your time: HIRO
Ever wondered what a godwars would be like
without the intervention of immortals?
Well if thats what you want to see come
check us out.

There is only one rule in Valhanna
and that is NO Multiplaying!

The Immortal staff will have little
to no interaction with the mortals.
Basically we are just there to expand
the world and continue to add to the code.

The rules are set by the players and it
is up to the players to decide how to
enforce them…thats if they want to.
Age of Heroes 2.0 Fire, Iron and Blood
aka The Land of Awesome!
15 Years in the making…
The Bastard child of Godwars and Rom.


* Mud Based on Dragonlance
* 100% custom areas
* Sphere Power System (below)
* Sphere reset to change your spheres
* Many races
* 200 levels
* Remorting up to 5 times, (10 Ascension levels)
* Stats autoadvance
* Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper currency
* One of a Kind.
* Player Run Towns
* Player Commanded Armies
* Wilderness
* Tons of Player Builds: Race, Sphere, Class, Professions, Guilds etc…
* Mix of GW, ROM, ROT
* Timed Casting for Spells
* Materials System
* NEW Powers menu instead of regular list
* NEW Classes being added (To a classless base)

[TIER1] Angel, Demon, Ninja, Paladin, AntiPaladin, Mage.
[TIER2] Tanar'ri, Thief, Elemental, Skyblade, Shapeshifter.
[TIER3] Lich, BladeMaster, Zombie, Kahn,
[TIER4] Assassin, Wraith, DeathKnight, Dragon.
[TIER5] Werewolf or Vampire

Wokanist: elemshift, gasbreath, naturesfury
Combat1: leech, bladejump, ironclaw, kakusu, fightdance
Combat2: bomuzite, superberserk, shouldercharge
Combat3: entomb, spikes, unnerve, dtrick
Combat4: desanc, shatter, enrage
Aeromancer: disperse, enfold, evaporate, updraft, aero hoana, chagi, aeblade, tornado
Enchantment: weaponenhance, armorenhance, caust, immolate,
freezeweapon, poisonblade
Enhancement: nightsight, graft, darktendrils
Healing: heal, regenerate, regrow
Hydromancer: hydro, cbreath, frosthands, soothe, wash fluidity, aqua, viunemto, storm
Geomancer: solidify, rockslide, earthshatter, earthswallow eagra, inos, yaoe, easpi, eshina, sha
Transmuter: zuloform, change, dragonform, mask, camouflage, bonemod
Illusionist: clones, formillusion, grab, shadowplane, shadowsight
Diviner: scry, readaura, gleam, reveal
Abjurer: dimensiondodge, holyaura, shield
Necromancer: creepingdoom, powerword, darksummon, fleshportal
Pyromancer: flameblade, firebreath, magma, enflame, fagra, bae, taiegra, ennotate, lava, torra
Animal: sclaws, claws, fangs, rend, talons, burrow
Animal2: quills, roar, flameclaws, skin
Chaos: chaossurge, chaosgate, chaosmagic, chaosshield, chaos
Shadow: vensai, butomi, sami, sautchen, daemi, saubutomi
Holy: shoju, mian, goazento, hishu, beoutu, yu
Moon: moonbeam, moongate

Destroy: Command to harvest an object for its material types
Materials: Shows a list of the raw materials you possess.
Forge: Create a piece of armor out of two materials,
Syntax: forge boots leather iron
Smith: Create a weapon from 2 materials
Smelt: Turn ore into pure metals
Mix: Mix metals to make Alloys:
Alloys: command to list alloys.
Toughness: The smithed items object toughness is based from
the strengths of the two materials its made from.
Damage Reduction: Weapon attacks go to bodyparts and if that body
part has armor on it, the damage is reduced based on
the toughness of the piece of armor.
Weight: The weight of the two materials forged added is the weight
of the forged item. the weight needed for a forge is usually
5 for a metal, 2 for a non-metal and 1 for gems.

* check out the shops for items to destroy in order to gain
the raw materials.

+Which Materials do you wish to inspect? +
+(1): Ore types +
+(2): Metal Types +
+(3): Ornamental Gems +
+(4): Ornamental Gems 2 +
+(5): Ornamental Gems 3 +
+(6): Semi-Precious Gems +
+(7): Precious and Rare Gems +
+(8): Stone Types +
+(9): All Other Types +
+(10): Alloys +
+(11): Woods +

Blade Material: steel, adamantite, mithril
Hilt Material: Iron, Gold, Bronze, Ebony Platinum, Silver
Ivory, Marble, Limestone, Quartz
Wpn Type :see prof
Syntax: smith <wpntype> <hilt> <blade>

material: copper, gold, iron, steel, adamantite, mithril
wood, wool, cloth, platinum, organic, leather, silver
tin, brass, bronze
Gem: ruby, topaz, amethyst, jade, topaz, onyx, pearl
sapphire, opal, emerald, diamond
Other: marble, quartz, ebony, ivory
item: bracer, greaves, collar, plate, ring, helmet, shield
boots, sleeves, gauntlets, cloak, belt, mask
earring, knee, elbow
Syntax: forge <item> <mat1> <mat2>
The Only Mindcloud 3.0 Mud!

COTN 4.0 is now the Rogue Legion.
* 31 Classes
* 24 Races
* Ascension Races
* Customized Sacrificing
* Weapon Proficiencies
* Basic and Rare autoloading EQ
* Rank
* Tiers
* Toughness
* Sigils
* Religions
* Runes
* Customized practice function
* Stances Redone
* Weather that can hurt you!!!
* Symbiote System
* Build resistances to each wpn type from combat
* Weapon Proficiencies
* Much More…