Based on the Discworld Series by Terry Pratchett.

Using Rom2.4b6 - ShadowStorm (Thanks Davion)
Aragond: the Chronicles is the first chapter in an epic story about a world being discovered, developed, and protected against outside threat. Play any of 9 class and 10 race combinations, with the ability to multiclass later on, giving immense options in your character's potential array of abilities. Random loot drops combined with pre-defined objects give players many options for their equipment.

Join us now while in Alpha Testing, and help us iron out the systems, all the while learning the ins and outs of the game!

Some of our features:

- Multi classing (true d&d style)
- Ships (player owned and operated)
- Extended immortal functions (for running in game quests
and such)
- A huge materials list which everything in the world is created from;
players can collect materials from smelting/cutting objects and from
skills like mining, prospecting, and more!
- Crafting of course!
- A unique 'tracking' system, where all creatures leave footprints.
- Dynamic weather; each area has it's own climate, and weather can
affect your character in many ways (Rain can put out your torch, you can
slip and fall in combat, snow/rain washes away tracks/blood, etc…), and
the weather shows up in the room! (If it's been raining you see pools of rain,
if snowing it will show blankets of snow, etc..)
- A QEditor (Quest Edit) custom created for OLC.
- Multitudes of expansions to the stock OLC, including new
sectors, obj types, npc races, act flags, and much much more.
- Weapon specialization for fighters.
- Elemental specialization for wizards, giving them an edge
when dealing with their element of affinity.
- Wizards learn spells from scrolls, and can scribe them to
teach other wizards.
- Traps, trap detection, secret doors, hidden/buried objects, and more!
- Complete removal of stock areas. We offer nothing but completely original areas.
- Tiered skill system; gain guild ranks to learn better skills.
- And much, much more.

We have a stable base and some devoted staff, but are looking to expand with more builders and a webmaster. If you're interested in staffing here, or just playing, drop by or just email me at
BucketMUD is a single-threaded hack-and-slash MUD engine, based on the EmberMUD server. It is currently in a state of heavy, unstable development.

Development is coordinated through GitHub, with a public read-only git repository for developers to pull the current code from and an issues database for tracking bugs, feature requests, and other tasks. Forums are available for in-depth discussion about ongoing development.

This is the live development server where everyone is welcome to test the engine, or to just hang out and chat.
The Lands of Aethar is an old SMAUG MUD which ran for over 15 years. Now it has been shut down, but the world remains online, frozen in time as an HTML snapshot. This is the only SMAUG MUD in the world, and one of very few MUDs at all, whose entire universe can be navigated through the mainstream HTML internet.
Duskwood is a fantasy theme MUD.
We had started with stock areas, but while for now, we keep the updated stock areas,
we have add a lot of areas with new server feutures.
We support the idea, that areas must feel alive and have a reason to be created.
So each areas bring something new to the game :)

12 classes, with unique gameplay its one
19 player races
class and level base skill system
quest system
imbue system
craft system
cabals system (like clans)
range battle system
spell combine and stats check system
remort classes (reborn chars with special adds)
and many more…

New players, that have never play a mud, maybe found this mud difficult.
But I promise that if you give some time, you will have a good and always updated hobby :)
After all the implementors are old players, that making this mud for fun, but with love ;P
Asgardian Nightmare has a long and successful history. Peaking at a
playerbase of as many as 30 players on at a time, this mud was a very
good mud.

But the mud was closed down for a while.After a long period of downtime
the mud is reopen again for players under a new look and with new Owners
and Immortals, and with a new site. Allow me to describe a little bit
this mud :

One of the most outstanding parts of our mud
is random item generation. It works like the items in Diablo 2, where an
item is assigned prefixes and suffixes that give it extra stat bonuses or

With a huge number of prefixes and suffixes, as well as condition tags,
there are literally millions of possibilities for random items.
Builders are constantly working on new areas, so the mud is constantly
evolving. We offer three tiers of classes, with 21 third tier classes to
choose from, and the option to let your race evolve into one of many new
races as you gain experience.
As you look out you can see the edge of visible space. You are standing on the bridge of HIMS Annihilator, the second ship in the Imperial First Fleet. Through the Durasteel windows you can see the other four ships of the fleet; HIMS Consternation, HIMS Ragnarok, HIMS Kratos and the flagship, Super Star Destroyer HIMS Osiris. Several TIE fighters zoom around the encased bridge. As you look down you see the crew, navigator, pilot, copilot and others tending to their consoles. A small smile crosses your face as you see the Captain order the TIE Bombers out of the bays and in orbit of the planet. You know that doom will come to Coral City on the water world of Mon Calamari. This will show the Republic who is still In power!


The streaking stars seem to move far too slow as your Loronar class cruiser, LSC Ereshkigal, speeds through hyperspace toward the capital of Mon Calamari. Reports of the Republic's Second Fleet being destroyed brought your fleet from its recon of the Asteroid Belt. To your left, outside of the durasteel window of your bridge was the LSC Babd Catha, MC-90 Inanna and to your right was the RD8's NR-08-01, NR-08-02 and an escort of Red, Black and Yellow squadron fighters. You only hope your fleet can arrive in time. As the streaks become stars once more you see the planet Mon Calamari, the foreground of the horizon in space.


You motion to your troops to move silently to the south. The Imperials have taken the landing pad and cut off your escape. You have several Republic troopers and a hand full of special forces. Scanning to the south you see that there are three elite Imperial guards watching the landing pad while a few platoons of Imperial troopers position to begin patrolling the streets. Gritting your teeth you yell a battle cry as you and your troops charge the landing pad! You focus fire on the elite guards, deciding to eliminate the toughest element first. Your troops attack the nearest guard, and the battle ensues! As you run in you see the night stars above, shining, and the explosions of a renewed assault against the advancing Imperial fleet. Your resolve renewed, you press on harder, adrenaline pumping!


You flash a toothy smile as you watch the Republic fleet engage the Imperials, attempting to repel the attack. Grand Vizier Vash had contacted you previously and paid you handsomely to block the Republic's escape route once they arrived. The Republic's fighters immediately swarm the TIE bombers headed toward orbit of Mon Calamari. Your flagship, the AEG-77 Vigo Gunship 'XTS Black Nebula', sat between the Republic fleet, which jumped into the system dangerously close to the planet, and their only option of an escape route. Your Blockade Runner Corvettes, the XTS Night heron II and the XTS Carrion Crow IV, were to either side of the fleet, perfectly positioned. You turned to you communications console and nodded at the holographic image.

Chief of State Darkfall, have the credits been deposited into the Black Sun account? you demand of the hologram.

They have, Guri can confirm it, Prince Xizor. The Twi'lek leader of the Republic seemed uneasy.

Good, then the planet will be yours again. you close the communication.

You motion for your First Officer, Skyler, to order the fleet forward with the Republic fleet. You smile as your starfighters meld with the Imperials fighters, and you take joy in knowing that the Emperor will not try to take vengeance on you. Instead he will try to outbid the Republic. The giant Loronar class ship adjacent to you casts a foreground to the horizon of stars beyond the battle.


The Galactic War rages, and all can make a profit and a name for themselves. Some fight for power, others freedom and still others for status. Whatever the reason, there is a place for you. Only the farthest reaches of the Galaxy are untouched by the war. Yet there are still those that find their way in the Galaxy without being involved in the war. Wether they are drowning themselves in a cantina on Tatooine, trying their luck at the casinos of Hesperidium or simply going about their daily business on Coruscant some people have lives, businesses and affairs outside of the War. No matter your outlook or stance you will have a home. No matter where you stand, you can always see the Galactic Horizon!

-=x=-=x=-<*>-=x=-=x=-<*>-=x=-=x=-<*>-=x=-=x=–=x=-=x=-<*>-=x=-= x=-<*>-=x=-=x=-<*>-=x=-=x=-

SW:Galactic Horizon has made leaps and bounds since its inception three and a half months ago! We have a dedicated player base and staff already. We have advanced form a small, personal, in-home based server with minimal bandwidth and access limitations to a fully hosted MUD with few limits to access. We now have a test server so that code implementations will not crash the MUD. We have a full website, and plans for a Vent Server, open to Staff and players alike. The player base and staff are so dedicated that I, the owner, didn't pay a cent for the hosting. It is funded by donations from players and staff alike. We have several talented builders who are constantly adding custom areas and planets, as well as two dedicated coders and two casual coders, who all contribute to the advancement of the MUD. We have a dedicated offline prototype ship builder, also.

As you can probably tell, we have many avid Roleplayers. We have a reward system for roleplayers, and we often offer things for RP points at random, or on the spot incentives. We have an RP Admin in game that keeps thing interesting, and has a head swimming with ideas!

We are always looking for more players, and can accommodate most playing styles! We are currently revamping a lot of the game. See our website for information on our projects on the work board. The website is a great tool for informing the community, getting feedback, addressing issues and having some fun out of the MUD! We all come together as a community and make our MUDding experience all the more fun!

Hope to see you at the Galactic Horizon!

Owner, Star Wars: Galactic Horizon
Depths of Chaos, or DoC for short, was created in part, as an
alternative offered to the serious roleplayer who enjoys the
mechanics of hack and slash but seeks also, the freedom and
creative storytelling that MUSH's provide. While based heavily
in the mechanics of D&D, Depths of Chaos is an all original world,
with no stock areas, and some intricately planned unique features.

We offer you Ascentia, a world created by a small, but dedicated
staff who imagined a MUD that delved into new levels of realism
while maintaining an engaging fantasy to lose yourself in. Set
upon a small chain of islands, you arrive in game within the
closed borders of the Human Kingdom. The decades of territorial
skirmishes between the ruling kingdoms has finally ended, and a
tentative peace now exists. The lines have been drawn, the
alliances forged, enemies declared, while reasonable governance's
between the races has strived to take hold and linger. In this
new age of relative cooperation between at least some of the races,
comes the rise of the Trinitarian Congregation, a triad of power,
the leadership of three accepted and promoted religions within the
Human's borders.

A player can choose to create an adventurer from a variety of
races, while developing said character through a classless,
levelless system, delving deeply into the rich environment of
Ascentia. Become a Dwarven miner bent on hording the riches you
tirelessly pull from the mountains. Slip into the shadows as a
Drow, serving his Matron's House with a brutal loyalty. Perhaps a
more peaceful existence as a tavern owner is more to your liking,
tempting the residents with ale and local fare to line your pockets
with coins. Or, if political clout is more your thing, choose a
path of power and luxury by laying claim to a nobility title and
thusly able to shape the laws, own the lands and have legal access
to the highly restricted use of magic. Is the wild and adventurous
life of a criminal more to your tastes? The City of Delmarii Bastion
is crying out for some brazen opportunist armed with entrepreneurial

We are current open for beta testing and are accepting applications
for In Character positions. If this is something that interests you,
please feel free to contact us at the information listed above.
There is a storm on all horizons of Oerth. Iuz's army of demons
has all but crushed the Shield Lands and clashes with the
might forces of Good in the Kingdom of Furyondy. Turrosh Mok
plots the demise of the entire Wild Coast and most notably the
City of Greyhawk. All the while, Queen Yolande sits quiet,
unwilling to commit elven lives to human wars. Paranoia
strickens every government as the Scarlet Brotherhood seems
capable of infiltrating even the most closed kingdoms. Immortals
with their motives sit high above, watching their followers
and enemies closely. Heroes of every alignment fight for their
cause, while others fight for survival. This is the World of
Greyhawk, this is Arrant Destiny.

* Arrant Destiny has existed and grown constantly for over 13 years.
* It uses a heavily Modified Envy 2.0 Codebase.
* Has a highly evolved and balanced combat system.
* 16 unique classes.
* 14 playable races, and over 80 through the polymorph spell.
* Hundreds of spells and skills.
* Unique spell system where you have to memorize spells before you can cast them.
* Thousands of treasures to seek.
* Over 80 areas, nearing 10,000 rooms.
* Active builders and Immortals.
* Accurately based on the D&D World of Greyhawk Campaign.
* Great emphasis on Roleplay.
Welcome mortal… or something like that. Honestly, I don't remember what I said before, so here goes again.

Basically, Dark Lair is a modified Godwars mud, with the focus on more facets of player interaction, rather than just the standard fatality counter. While PK is allowed, there should be reasons for it.

Classes currently available are Garou, Vampire, Ghoul, Mages, and mortals. To be classed, kill at least 5 mobs, look through the helpfiles on classing and the various bits useful to your chosen class, and then check for an immortal to set your class, or use the selfclass command to set yourself as a Vampire or Garou.

Garou are done. Level 1-5 gifts completed for all breeds, auspices, and tribes. Do think about which of each you want before you get classed. As per in actual WoD, gifts are limited by your rank, so it will take you a few days before you'll actually be able to use them…

Vampires and Ghouls are done. Ghouls use the proper limits, which means that except for RP and as a sort of training level, you're probably going to hate their power levels. Vampire disciplines generally have powers from levels 1-5, except for some that go up to 10, and a few which either don't have any powers or only a few… These are noted during classing, which is one of the reasons for the classing system.

Mages aren't as… unbalanced as most Godwars players are used to. It's an odd blend of custom and standard, which will take most players several weeks to months before they can actually chant anything except rune spells. Additionally, with Mages, you are expected to know enough about them to know which tradition or what you're asking to join. If you don't even know that, you will NOT be classed as a Mage.
Kingdom Heroes is a game rich with fun features for all kinds of
mudders. For the explorer, we have elaborate and unique areas
built not only for the hack-and-slash player but also for those
who love to discover hidden rooms and secrets and take part in
complex, interactive, and challenging area quests. Kingdom Heroes
also offers party quests where grouping is a requirement; players
work together to solve puzzles, slay monsters, and successfully
pass stages in the quest. On Kingdom Heroes, players are rewarded
for grouping–for each group member there is an experience bonus
for killing monsters.

For the competitive player there are the top 50 leader boards which
keep track of player stats under many categories. We offer global
quest competitions where players all around the mud race against the
clock to be the fastest to kill designated baddies. Magical runes
can be used to enhance player equipment. We also offer limited
artifacts which players must 'rent' to keep their hands on them.

For the questor we offer different word games, some of which require
the player to hunt down letter pieces to string together words or
phrases. There is a standard autoquest system and a glorified quest
system where players are sent off to kill multiple targets. In these
quests, the rewards are much bigger. Rewards can be used to purchase
class specific quest gear which when purchased in a full set gives
extra bonuses to the wearer.

For the merchant there are player run shops. Players have the option
to sell their wares in either gold or quest point currencies.

Players have free reign and creation of clans. Player killing is
divided into three branches. Non-player killing clans, restricted
player-killing clans, and full on player-killing clans whose members
can dispatch other players and loot equipment. Those in PK clans
are able to take and attempt to maintain ownership of areas through
our clan conquest system.

Every Saturday night at 8PM EST we have a quadrupled experience event.
So, come! Enter a world of entertainment, competition, and
Our goal is have a massive mud up and running. We hope to make a fun world to visit and make friends in.
our story:
In the futile era of japan, rumors of demons and demon slayers can be heard through out the country. Though a lot of demons are considered evil, there are many good demons who fight off the evil innvasion. One day a demon who half hunman and half dog found a way to move back and forth through time. This demon used the gate way many many times untill the time of his death agenst on of the most evil demon in the land. The gateway was sealed, until…A brave human found his way into the gate room and walked through the gate and found his way into the futile era. From that day on people used the gate to go back and forth, while demons used it to enter the present time period. During this time the demons who have crossed over to the present time have been controlled by a sosicty of guardians known as Soul Reapers. These people have kept the demons from over running the present day like they did in the past. One day while Soul Socioty was batlleing a rather large demon, the ground was blown open and another gate was dicovered. The scientist who spent there time learning all they could about this gate. Though it was belived that this second gate lead into the past as well, but a diffrent location. This gate never accepted any codes that they knew would lead to the past. Then a soul reaper who has been around a long time remembered that, there was a gate manual in a book in the libery of the Soul Socitiy that listed all the gate codes. He went and reterived this book and it had a code for this gate as well. The code was imputed into the gate and it opened. A soul reaper walked through and saw that it lead into some woods. This person walked to the edge of the woods and found flying cars and air ships that these ships lifted off into the atmoshper. Upon asking a few people it was realved that there are gates in space big enough for ships to travle between planets.
The Burning Post II is an level-less, class-less online roleplaying
game set during a time period similar to the late middle ages.

The game revolves around mages and the Inquisitors of the Holy Order
of King Dav that hunt them, as well as race relations between the
Church's 'favorite' people, the Lithmorrans, and the Vavardi with whom
they were recently at war.

A sequel to the original Burning Post MUD, the game takes place on the
island of New Yarsith, shortly after a brutal, decade-long war between
the Lithmorrans and Vavardi. The island was heavily impacted by the
war, and was even held by the rebel Vavardi for several years. As a
result, race relations between the two groups are at an all-time low.

An RP-enforced MUD (we do have public channels), experience in the
Burning Post II is earned through role-play, as is all character

We're currently coming to the end of our beta-testing period, and
we'd love new players to join our loyal player-base! Applications
aren't required for most concepts, so you can design your character
and jump right into the game.

For more information on the theme, our website contains a link to
our game's wiki, which contains many of our game's more important
help files.
Aarchon MUD was started in 1996 by a large group of players who
had left another MUD to create their own. Aarchon is based on a
ROM 2.4 Codebase and has been heavily customized since, running
now with ARC 1.0 code as well.

There are currently over 50 races to choose from, 19 of which
are available upon creation. We have 15 classes with another
in development. Most of the areas are original, with a few
stock zones left in tact intentionally so that new players
have some familiar zones available.

Aarchon currently has 7 remorts with a total of 10 planned, and
subclassing to occur thereafter. New skills, spells, and
game mechanics are regularly being developed and introduced
to the game. We welcome players of all experience levels and
have something for everyone whether you like magic, adventure,
warfare, or just a place to hang out and chat.

PKill comes in 3 different flavors (non-pk, pk, and hardcore).
Roleplay is optional, with some clans that are heavy-roleplay.
Mini-quests have been implemented that can be completed solo, and
immortal ran quests that require a group effort are ran on a regular

Stop by, say hello, and join in on the fun.
Since the beginning of time there has existed a base struggle between the forces of good and the forces of evil. Until now.

Long ago, the land was dominated by two major immortal forces, one, the champion of good (whose name has been lost in the ages), and the Devil, champion of evil. Within their immortal hordes were angels, demons and all other forms of magical beings. Eternally they warred, never winning, never losing. Little did they realize that their true power lied in their mortal followers. Neither of the two paid any attention to the mortal plane..allowing it to fall to chaos. This only increased the power of the Devil, for as the land became more chaotic in nature, the true evil of man's heart became known. By the time the champion of good had noticed this, it was too late. His power had dwindled too much and there was little left he could do. Evil had won out and the Devil ruled the realms, both immortal and mortal.

What followed can only be termed as hell. The Devil turned the world into a torturous experience for mankind, forcing the masses to work and slave their lives away. Whisperings of rebellion were heard throughout the mortal realm. Gradually these whisperings grew into a roar. The people of the realm were not looking to fight for good, but to fight against evil. It was rumored that the Devil had lost his immortality during the great battle with his nemesis. It was the truth of this rumor that a group of powerful wizards were staking their lives on. These wizards had been born and raised in magical seclusion. No one
knows their exact origins, only that they existed. This group of wizards, known simply as the Seven, fought their way into the Devil's immense castle and there engaged a magnificent battle. They gathered their collective energy and cast a suicide spell on the Devil, sending him and five of their members into oblivion.

This magical cataclysm tore the world asunder, shattering any concept of time or space. Everything was shifted and torn from their rightful places. The world left from this is a nexus, combining places and people from times and worlds beyond. Into this realm stepped the only one of the ancient Seven to survive the grand battle with the Devil, Lady Alecca. She vowed to try and restore what order they could in this new realm. She assumed the role of the gods and forged into this world left by the Devil's Silence.
  • 30 races
  • 3 tiers
  • 14 classes (with more to come)
  • +/- 10 PK range

The lands have changed. What was once the legend of history has been proven false. Lies are overturning, and the past is returning. Elder gods have begun to arise from slumber, and some have begun to break the charade once played. With the departure of Corin-Mur, the lands rest at ease. For the moment, at least. Will the dragon return? Or will a new terror surface to take his place? With the dawning of this new age, will YOU help decide the outcome of the coming struggles?

  • 14 classes, option to multiclass

  • 18 races

  • Clans

  • Dwarven Forged Equipment

  • Player-Owned Houses

  • Automated Quests and Static Quests

Come make your new home here with our newbie friendly staff and players.
DragonBall Z World is back! Resurrected from the ashes of it's former glorious wake! Really though, this is truely one of the "greats" when it comes to DBZ muds. It is the same dbzw you remeber, and looking to improve even further. Some of the old players have heard and are starting to return. We want new players as well. Brilliant clan system with clan PK/raids on rival HQs, clan equipmant, guards, etc, private spaceships, leveless system, pure pk zones as well as partial, and protected, gravity system, Role play is not enforced but encouraged. Epic quests with epic gear rewards. This mud has it all. Come explore all the home planets, and quest zones this mud has to offer. Tread softly on Ghetti or the PK asteroid!
The year is 19 BBY and The Empire is still a young government. Being
led by it's Emperor, The Empire tries to control every government in
the galaxy. Other forces are conspiring against the Emperor and
want overthrow the government to make it what it once was, a

Organizations such as Kuat Drive Yards and Sienar Fleet Systems
work on supplying the galaxy with the best equipment around. Criminal
orgnaizations are lurching around every corner, looking to take
advantage of anyone who looks helpless enough, and the Bounty Hunters
Guild is working hard at collecting money for themselves with every
bounty that comes along to them.

The timeline for this mud is a player driven timeline. Everything
that has happened up until 19 BBY will be accurate in the game.
Everything after 19 BBY will be player driven.
Many, many end game areas with boss mobs that are truly challenging. A unique advancement system that lets you continue to improve the power of your character even after you've reached max level. Additionally, you can kill legendary mobs for enhancement points, or hunt essences to further improve your gear. The artifact hunt is second to none and the areas are unique and diverse! The character classes have unique skills which can critically wound a monster to kill it instantly, or heal the player, or stun – all depending on the class. And finally, clan based PvP is here for anyone needing to get their PvP fix. Come check it out!

Legends Forgotten takes place in an age where Darkness encompasses the land as long forgotten Heroes and Legends rise once again to destroy this Darkness in the Age of Legends

1. Essence System: Enhance your Equipment Permanently!
2. Unique Item System: Artifacts, Relics, Mythical Items
3. Skill-Spell System: 500+ Skills-Spells all unique!!!
4. 34 Races all unique in their origin and abilities
5. Classes such as: blademaster, aiel, aes sedai, dreadlord…
6. Detailed Character Creation: eyecolor, haircolor, body…
7. Intelligent Mobs: skills, special attacks, quest-mobs
8. Clan System: player recruiting, ranks, promotions, banks
9. Multi-Cast System: more functionality to casting
10. Newbie Friendly, Battlefield, Detailed Creation
11. Taveren System: add to damage, healing, & more
12. Area-Quests coded into areas for all players!
13. Channeling, Chanting, Conjuring, Casting!!!
14. Event System adds variety and uniqueness to the world.
Crusify: The Chosen is a medieval fantasy MUD. The game runs
on a highly modified ROM/Anatolia codebase. Roleplay is strictly
enforced and is supported by a unique emote system. PK is restricted.

The world of Crusify is large, with some 11,500 rooms spread over
many areas. Each area caters to specific levels and tailored to
provide special challenges for these levels. There are built-in quests
in the game, but the staff also runs quests and events on a regular

Crusify Mud is made up of animal races and species. Players level
from 1-100, then have the option to remort (become reincarnated) into
a different species. New species become available as the amount of
times you remort increases and there are also benefits available to
specific species. There is a full staff with help files galore; very
newbie friendly!

In Crusify, you can play any role that you want and become
anyone you want to be. The story is dynamic and you can just
jump right into the heart of it. In Cities of Crusify, nothing is
exactly as it seems.