23 Nov, 2009, marquandDance wrote in the 81st comment:
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Used to play MUD's ages ago and now hoping to put together my own to sharpen my coding skills.
Currently coding in python.

Thats it :)

ps. forgot to mention. I'm planning to maybe build something for the more casual mudder.
24 Nov, 2009, jurdendurden wrote in the 82nd comment:
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Hi. I have been lurking these forums for some time now. My name is Andrew, I'm 26, and I used to be an AVID mudder. I still play a couple of muds but like many of you have turned toward trying to create some shining example of what I think a mud could be. I am currently working with a Quickmud base, and have coded for a rom 2.4 based mud in the past. I have also built extensively on diku based muds. I started ~1996 when Gemstone III was available in AOL, then I moved on to muds in mid 1999. I started coding long ago using QBasic on a 80286, making my own versions of crappy RPGs, and eventually moved on to VB 5/6, VB.net, C/C++, and C#. Here I am, introducing myself on what seems to be the most prominent forum currently available for mud programmers and designers alike.
24 Nov, 2009, Idealiad wrote in the 83rd comment:
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Welcome guys! :smile:
24 Nov, 2009, Dean wrote in the 84th comment:
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Welcome to both of you. :cyclops:
24 Nov, 2009, marquandDance wrote in the 85th comment:
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Thanks :O)
01 Dec, 2009, Twisol wrote in the 86th comment:
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Hullos! I've been lurking around here for the past couple days, and I like the general quality here, so I decided to join in. My name is Jonathan, and I'm 17 years old. I started playing MUDs (really one MUD, Achaea) when I was 14 or so, and I really enjoyed the more community-based gameplay. These days I've unofficially retired from Achaea, but I'm working on a couple MUD-related projects in my spare time. The project I'm currently spending most of my time on is a 'widget framework' utilizing MUSHclient's miniwindow capabilities, aimed at making miniwindowed plugins easier to develop and use. I'm also dabbling in a custom MUD codebase written in Java, but I've hit a wall and the widget framework is a bit more alluring. :biggrin:

I tend to frequent Nick Gammon's forum, too (specifically the MUSHclient section), but this is the only other MUD forum I've joined. So… yeah.
01 Dec, 2009, Mudder wrote in the 87th comment:
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Welcome to mudbytes Twisol!
01 Dec, 2009, jurdendurden wrote in the 88th comment:
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Welcome fellow pre-lurker and post-member! :) What is the name of the Java base you've been toying with?
01 Dec, 2009, Twisol wrote in the 89th comment:
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I'm working on it from scratch, so it's not actually out there (or officially named). I've been toying with the name ElementMUD, though. (Is it taken yet?)
06 Dec, 2009, Korimyr the Rat wrote in the 90th comment:
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My name is Cecil.

I'm a small business owner in the hobby gaming industry and I'm looking at MUDs from a commercial angle, both as a source of revenue and as a means of drawing attention to our RPG products. I've been following with intense interest some of the conversations about the ethics of different revenue models, especially the difference between relatively fair "pay for perks" and "pay to compete" systems. Since my advertising strategy only works if the MUD is free to play, I'd be looking at a donation model, but I'm very concerned with providing a fair gameplay experience for all. I've seen some interesting thoughts here.

I've been a MUDder off-and-on for about ten years now, mostly on the old Awake Shadowrun (which I used to build for) and the new Awakened Worlds. Like to think I'm a fairly good builder, but I can't code my way out of a paper bag. Thankfully, that's where my partner comes in.

As I'm looking at more and different MUDs, I find myself being drawn back into the hobby.

Look forward to talking with all of you.
06 Dec, 2009, jurdendurden wrote in the 91st comment:
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You know, I've had an idea for donated items since I've played some private WoW servers. What if they had some interesting flags on them.

a) a left_area flag. This would allow you to restrict donation items to certain areas (like arenas), so that your normal world would/could not be affected.

b) a no_pk flag. This could be done many ways, but what pops into my mind currently is a flag that simply does not allow you to pk while wielding the SWORD OF DOOM, an avg 99 sword with 99 damroll and 1000hp. Of course there would be many takes on this.

c) do not sell donor items that give PK/Combat advantages. Sell stuff like an amulet that gives +10% gold per mob killed, or a relic that gives +20% exp per mob killed, or other creative things to NOT throw off PK/game balance.
11 Jan, 2010, kazeus wrote in the 92nd comment:
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Hey there everyone. Long-time listener, first-time caller.

I'm in my late twenties, and I've been playing around with a ROM-based hack'n'slash pastiche off and on since, oh, the turn of the century. Never very seriously - I spent a year or so working on it fairly steadily during college, but ever since I've just pulled it out once a year or so, added a couple things, and put it back on the shelf.

Between learning C by Dikurivative example, and flailing around with Matlab during grad school, I have mastered the art of execrable copypasta code. One of these days, it might be nice to learn to do things properly, and that's sort of why I'm here. That, and it would be nice to find a way to satisfy the urge to tinker with a mud in a way that contributes to (or at least engages with) the world, rather than just wanking away in my own little oubliette.
11 Jan, 2010, Davion wrote in the 93rd comment:
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Well, welcome to MudBytes Kazeus! May your tinkering be fruitful ;)
25 Jan, 2010, lockewarrior wrote in the 94th comment:
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hey all - I'm lockewarrior (locke is fine, it is my last name)

I'm a hobby coder now as my life professionally has taken me on a very different path. I like doing web development – with php, xml, and javascript (that validates!) – and strongly endorse the MySQL community project. software wise, I generally spend my time experimenting with Lua (which I've used in commercial projects) or Ruby (which I've just recently discovered!) C/C++ make the world go 'round, and open-source projects make it spin even faster.

I have some formal training with windows, and have certainly spent a fair share of time using them, but I'm a linux-friendly guy, and a big fan of debian/ubuntu. the most extensive work I've done programming has been with embedded devices, first with a security firm engineering corporate alarm/video-feed systems, and second in aviation, (mostly) building audio-decks and video-controllers for news helicopter radios and video cameras.

I've played MUDs for a long time, but never built(written in code) one of my own. I like role-playing rich environments, puzzles, and LPC ;]

I don't like to capitalize a lot of things or to punctuate a sentence that is immediately followed by a smiley. I'm consistent in my format, though, so don't harp on me too much.

really appreciate the people who keep a site like this running.. being able to d/l and sample all these projects is a treat, really..


25 Jan, 2010, Chris Bailey wrote in the 95th comment:
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Welcome to Mudbytes, Lockewarrior. I would not recommend going by Locke, there is a very well known member of the Mudding community that uses that alias, and it is bound to draw negative attention. =)
25 Jan, 2010, lockewarrior wrote in the 96th comment:
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oh, jolly good!

that's okay, I mostly go by locke anyway, and even 'lockewarrior' is good.. =P
29 Jan, 2010, DemonAlucard wrote in the 97th comment:
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Hi, I'm brian from michigan.. just carving out a hobby hoping to come across some folks interested in SWR 2.0 and maybe helping me with a few code fixs… but thats not why I'm posting here anyways. I'm new of course and need lots of guidance! I know SWR 2.0 isn't exactly popular but I hate to see SWR 2.0 die out without some kind of fight I know there was some others up for a while but they seem to be down now so I am endeavoring to try an revive an old project of mine. Planets: Rise to Power
29 Jan, 2010, Rzarecta wrote in the 98th comment:
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Whatsup, Im Rzarecta .. aka Opio aka Defari aka Tareek aka Aadril … I been mudding 11 years now … I started on a mud called Pomud then after that Moongate which became Materia Magica. I built one area there and then went to Joranmud then to Jeroboam's Legacy … then I went to Nullity.. a 1001 level mud which was historic… all the great players there became coders/IMPS to ROT .. Realms of Thoth – the first ever rot mud that started off everything … then great rot muds came afterwards …Eternal Insomnia, World of Phoenix, Devil's Sihouette, Darkworld, Aadarian Realms, Waterdeep, Western Realms …

All I did was build build build … I'm known for building … built the Archon Chessboard and the 36 Chambers of Death … got great props from the ROT community.

I have a mud that just opened up today … trying to push that… I'm a ROM/ROT mud lover. - So yeah … good stuff.. whatsup everyone.
05 Apr, 2010, ProjectMoon wrote in the 99th comment:
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Hello, everyone. I have been lurking at this site for some time. I was originally directed here by flumpy after I contacted him about his telnet library. I have been working on what I know of to be the slowest-developing MUD project in existence for the past 6 years. I started it around 2004, and have only finally begun to make major headway into providing world scripting capability that areas are built on, data persistence, etc. This is probably because I have a tendency to rewrite the code as I see fit a lot. Months of coding can save weeks of design!
06 Apr, 2010, Cratylus wrote in the 100th comment:
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Nice to meet you, ProjectMoon