21 Nov, 2011, arholly wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hello everyone:
I've decided to give hope to anyone who wants to do something with MUSHClient but has really little experience with coding. My C coding knowledge is limited and my knowledge of lua was non-existent. So for me, looking at building something for MUSHclient was extremely intimidating. I thought it would be worse for me because we aren't a standard Diku fantasy mud, we are a World of Darkness themed mud, so almost all of the variables declared would have to be replaced.

That being said, I decided to go for it, but not from scratch. I looked at KaVir's generic_gui client and decided to use that as my base. It took me a little bit to start getting my variables set and to get things right. So, I had to first look at getting some of the really basic information in there. I went with getting blood, willpower, XP, race and clan name in there. Now, for us, race and clan name are used the same regardless of actual race. So if you are a werewolf, your clan is actually your tribe. No stats were coded in yet.

In this next one, I didn't do a whole lot but put in the base for the stats. Our stats are defined a bit differently, so it took me a few minutes to get it figured out, but it worked great. Again, just playing with it (and recompiling over and over), got it to where I could put the stats in.

Finally, in this final image (for now), I have all the stats in and started actually playing with the lua code, which for what I was doing, wasn't too hard. I wanted to start playing with IF statements so I could have it show Rage Pool instead of Blood Pool for both the bars and the score area. It was way easier than I thought it would be.

For my next few things, I need to get a few things showing right and look into adding more information. For one, the cent's field is not displaying right. If you have single penny's, it is only showing $1.1, not $1.01 and I'm not sure if I should fix that on the server side or the client side. Also, I'm contemplating removing the race from the display and having it display something like 12th generation Toreador or Ahroun Metis Bonegnawer in it's place. I may also rearrange the score so at the very top, it displays three columns of stats like a character sheet. I don't like the long single column. I also need to add Gnosis and humanity in there as well. After that, I need to figure out how to translate the health levels and get those in there. Those are huge to have displayed.
I do need to do something with the affects icon's too. I need something to replace the generic ones and start getting specific ones in there.

So far, for what I've done, it's been pretty easy to get started and I think my biggest problem has been the fact I was using non-standard fantasy stats and the like. If I was using standard fantasy, it would have been much easier.