DBE is one of the longest running DBZ MUDs online that continues to
expand everyday. This MUD takes a mixture of roleplaying and PK to
create an unique Dragonball experience. Each of the races will give
you a different style of gameplay while RPing and PKing. Even though
DBE is based on Dragonball, that does not mean other themes or
influences wont exist in the MUD. As the name of the MUD says, DBE
is an evolution of the DBZ theme. If youre looking for a different
view on the anime, then you should give DBE a try.

DBE Includes:

* 17 races that make up 4 different race types(Attack, Defense,
Healer and All-Around)
* 100 skills split between all the races
* Skills that upgrade through transformations
* 14,000 rooms
* 7 planets, Majinia, Outer Space, Afterlife/Heaven and Hell
* 80+ quests to set out on
* over 4,000 items can be bought, found or created
* 7 clans
* Weekly events and Double Experience weekends
* 24/7 PK Dragonball Hunt
* Zones and Bosses that require groups with tanks and healers
* PK Wars and RP events held often
* Food and water are actually useful by restoring pl, ki and fatigue
* Bloodlust which is full PK mode that offers multiple buffs
* Houses, custom items and pets can be earned
* Optional Newbie Academy with rewards when completed
* Multiple types of scouters and radars that show different
* Powerlevel gains kept within range of the Frieza Saga
* Level based system with virtually no cap
* Dedicated staff, most have been with DBE for years
* Freedom of Speech if not being malicious
* Newbie friendly environment(ask for Ozma if any help is needed)
* Stable server and no intentions of shutting down, DBE is here to

If any of that sounds appealing, stop by and join in the fun.

Hope to see you there,
Ozma and the Staff of DBE
Chaos is back, with a new administration. Come join us, as we improve
the Chaos code, and bring back a place that people were upset about
when it shut down. Lately we've been one of the fasting climbing MUDs
on this site, and we are constantly updating and refining gameplay.

From the whirling blades of Barbarians to the heroic cleave of mental
warriors like the Reaver, the magical mastery of Warlocks, Bards and
Wizards to the trickery of a Ninja's smokebomb, you will have no
problem finding a class to suit your fancy.

The races also add an extra dimension to gameplay. Shadows can
slip through doors and into rooms unnoticed, and the reclusive
halflings never fail to hide from the eyes of others. The blood of
vampires runs hot in the middle of the night as they leech health
from their victims, and demons cause a great blight to theirs. Angels
rejoice with heavens charge and grow in their heavenly union to
create a bond of strength with their deity.

Chaos is a heavily modified Merc code that was created for a fully
customizable Fantasy world. We offer lots of original areas with mob
interaction and mob-run quests, as well as a few customized, generic
areas and an intricate system of roads, rivers, and oceans. We have
16 races, offer clans with clan rooms and associated bonuses, and a
myriad other custom features.

Chaos has 500 player levels where you play the first 100 levels in
one of 6 main classes. Then at level 100 players must choose between
three different specializations of their class, with each
specialization having a unique skill set with their own weaknesses
and strengths. There is a damage, utility, and tank specialization
for each of the six main classes. After Level 500, there are the
LEGEND levels, with their own unique skills, quests, and equipment.

If you would like to wield a legendary Chaos weapon and acquire
special orbs through quests to increase your weapon's power, slay
potent enemies with spells and skills like Were-dragon, Force Spikes,
Ultimo, Assassinate, Midnight Blast, Dragon Strike, Swirling Blades,
and Whirlwind or travel through the world with an Energy Vortex or a
Ghostly Steed, then Chaos is the place for you. We hope to see you
Our goal is have a massive mud up and running. We hope to make a fun world to visit and make friends in.
our story:
In the futile era of japan, rumors of demons and demon slayers can be heard through out the country. Though a lot of demons are considered evil, there are many good demons who fight off the evil innvasion. One day a demon who half hunman and half dog found a way to move back and forth through time. This demon used the gate way many many times untill the time of his death agenst on of the most evil demon in the land. The gateway was sealed, until…A brave human found his way into the gate room and walked through the gate and found his way into the futile era. From that day on people used the gate to go back and forth, while demons used it to enter the present time period. During this time the demons who have crossed over to the present time have been controlled by a sosicty of guardians known as Soul Reapers. These people have kept the demons from over running the present day like they did in the past. One day while Soul Socioty was batlleing a rather large demon, the ground was blown open and another gate was dicovered. The scientist who spent there time learning all they could about this gate. Though it was belived that this second gate lead into the past as well, but a diffrent location. This gate never accepted any codes that they knew would lead to the past. Then a soul reaper who has been around a long time remembered that, there was a gate manual in a book in the libery of the Soul Socitiy that listed all the gate codes. He went and reterived this book and it had a code for this gate as well. The code was imputed into the gate and it opened. A soul reaper walked through and saw that it lead into some woods. This person walked to the edge of the woods and found flying cars and air ships that these ships lifted off into the atmoshper. Upon asking a few people it was realved that there are gates in space big enough for ships to travle between planets.
Hail and well met, Adventurer!

Forget your mundane troubles of this world and follow my words to a distant land, a land where the world itself gleams with magic and the bravery of men can forge an empire as easily as cowardice can bring it down.
Rest your hands upon the globe, and there - do you see it? Shalizan, the land of a fierce people who rose up to fight the darkness back, a people who survived and persevered at the most dire of hours. The Lantar and his Legions, a thousand strong, keep the peace as all now labor to forge new realms - Realms of Valor.

Arantha: The Realms of Valor is a role-play required MUD that is inspired by the AD&D 2nd edition rules set and features the R.O.V MUD codebase, a heavily customized derivative of Circlemud 3.19 & Dikumud.

Game Features Include:

x Original campaign with medieval fantasy influences.
x Unique world of thousands of rooms, each with a one-of-a-kind description and lore.
x A variety of playable races, each with their own distinctive background and history.
x Traditional round-based combat with queued actions and spell casting.
x Spell memorization slot system for arcane and divine casters.
x A unique system of class abilities, weaponry and skills.
x Tactical room movement and interaction system.
x Dynamic naming database - you choose what to call those you meet.
x Randomly rolled treasure tables provide ever-changing monster loot.
x An array of roleplay-facilitating commands for the discriminating RPer.
x A comprehensive website that is fully integrated with the game.

What is Arantha like? Well, we're like a super chill party where you can spend most evenings and weekends gaming with people who are interesting, friendly, and pretending to be elves. Whether your inclination is towards good, neutral or evil, human, elf or otherwise, youll find a niche among our varied playerbase.

So why don't you come and join us?

arantha.net port 4000
Looking for something different, something challenging?
Now in its 13th year, LegendMUD is a classless mud offering
unique professions and endless possibilities.

Imagine an Earth where time is fractured, and performing
menial tasks can get you sent backwards or forwards through
time, from ancient days all the way through the Industrial
period, in the blink of an eye. Not only that, but all of
the great myths and legends from history are real: from
mystical sidhe dwelling in the forests of ancient Ireland,
to ravenous sea monsters patrolling the unexplored waters
of the medieval Atlantic, to fiendish hellhounds prowling
the fog-choked moors of 19th century England. And depending
on where and when you grew up, you can use all the skills
known to the people of the time!

Are you one of the ancients? You can master herbalism and
use the dozens of herbs at your disposal to concoct potions,
flavored brews and healing poultices…or master a magic
system boasting over 150 spells in specialties such as divination, conjuration, and illusion.

Or perhaps you derive from more modern times? Become a doctor
and apply medications, anesthesia and field surgery to your patients…or become a crack shot and rely on your trusty
firearms (including pistols, rifles, bows, and more) to deal
some serious hurting. Then make your escape in one of many
modern vehicles like planes, cars or even a hot air balloon.
You can mix and match abilities available to you from any
one of six starting hometowns, including our newest addition:
Gold Rush San Francisco.

All of Legend's areas are original and carefully researched,
from Ancient Egypt and Celtic Ireland to Viking Scandinavia
and the Crusades to Victorian London and LegendMUD's latest
area addition: Dartmoor, based on the writings of Sir Arthur
Conan Doyle. We even have high-level group areas, where
parties of players can join forces to tackle armies of
epic beasts none could stand alone against.

Touches like optional player descriptions, equipment stringing,
and anadvanced moods system for realistic speech make LegendMUD
a great roleplaying environment. When it's fortune and glory
you seek, there are hundreds of quests ranging from minor
tasks to epic adventures. You can even earn experience by

Additionally, our TWO playerkill systems have many rewarding
features for the competitive gamer. Become PKE enabled, and
battle it out with all other PKE players, anywhere, anytime.
Or, for a less chaotic experience, join the PKOK system and
pkill only with the players you know and trust. Our
sophisticated combat system is easy to pick up, but
difficult to master, so gamers will find lots of depth the
more time they spend practicing to become the ultimate warrior.

Many great personalities have lived and died in the world
of Legend over its 12 years, some so famous (or infamous)
that they have been immortalized as Legends of the Past
replica mobs that still wander thelands to this day.
Interact with and battle against them for a little piece
of history, or build your own fortunes and become one
yourself someday after you've passed on!

For those who have already mastered the game to level 50,
we've got a brand new set of post-50 goals to achieve. Earn
special experience in each era of history, and apply it
towards earning brand new, high-powered skills such as
Standing Regen, Deathtrap Avoidance and Vicious Backstab.

There are no rent fees, but there are themed free-forming
clans, a complex weapons proficiencies system for variable
speed combat, player-owned housing, Immortal-run events
within the game such as recall tag, trivia, flag hunts,
and rp tinyplots. All this plus stable code, built-in
aliases, the Legendary Times newsletter, the Legend
Discussion Forum, and a mature, friendly playerbase.
The Burning Post II is an level-less, class-less online roleplaying
game set during a time period similar to the late middle ages.

The game revolves around mages and the Inquisitors of the Holy Order
of King Dav that hunt them, as well as race relations between the
Church's 'favorite' people, the Lithmorrans, and the Vavardi with whom
they were recently at war.

A sequel to the original Burning Post MUD, the game takes place on the
island of New Yarsith, shortly after a brutal, decade-long war between
the Lithmorrans and Vavardi. The island was heavily impacted by the
war, and was even held by the rebel Vavardi for several years. As a
result, race relations between the two groups are at an all-time low.

An RP-enforced MUD (we do have public channels), experience in the
Burning Post II is earned through role-play, as is all character

We're currently coming to the end of our beta-testing period, and
we'd love new players to join our loyal player-base! Applications
aren't required for most concepts, so you can design your character
and jump right into the game.

For more information on the theme, our website contains a link to
our game's wiki, which contains many of our game's more important
help files.
Dragonlance: Age of Mortals is the premier Dragonlance d20 roleplaying MUSH on the Internet today. We have been around since July 2004 and offer a wide variety of opportunities for characters to explore the world. Our unique system of arc changes has allowed our players to visit Sanction and Kalaman already. Soon (as of August 2006), they will be visiting other cities on Krynn. We average over thirty players online at a time with a evening peak of between fourty and fifty. There's never a lack of things to do.
Adventure, politics and bloody war await you in this life of swords, sorcery, deception, and honor.

Established in 1994, Carrion Fields has evolved immensely over the years. With over 200 areas (all written for CF), 18 races, 16 classes, 11 cabals, and a solid playerbase we continually improve. Roleplaying is enforced and playerkilling makes life a challenge when you battle for some of the rare items in the land. Carrion Fields is completely free to play, and has a deep help system and a large Immortal staff for assisting new players in learning the ropes.
The Reach is a New World of Darkness game. Set in Aleswich the county seat of Dunlins Reach in Maine, our theme has overtones of ancient horrors and seaside communities. This should be reminiscent of many locations in other Mythos. We allow Mortal, Sighted, Thaumaturge, Psychics, Vampire: The Requiem, Geist: The Sin-Eaters, Mage: The Awakening, Changeling: The Lost, Possessed (from World of Darkness: Inferno), Werewolf: The Forsaken, Changing Breeds and a smattering of other minor templated characters. Come check out our wiki at our website, login and start a character today!
Out of the mists, a Crimson Gate stands before you. You
have heard of such gates but have never seen one. Do you
dare enter it, and let the fates decide where you shall
end up, or do you pass this chance by to become wealthy
and powerful beyond your wildest dreams? The choice is
before you.

Once a great wizard, Thalor the Lich Lord now attempts
to rule over all. The forces of Palladia, Aretymis,
Jade and Nimloth keep him at bay. Now Palladia, Jade and
Aretymis are dead. Killed by his evil plots. New gods
have stepped up to challenge him. Others have been employed
in the fight to keep Thalor at his station, and to keep him
from ruling the world.

Crimson Gate features a tiered class system.
Cabal/clans have been replaced by a religious/faction
system. 500 spells/skills are available, along with an
artifacting system with famous artifacts such as the Deck
of Many Things, The Rod of Seven Parts and other, original
artifacts, with powers only found at Crimson Gate. Items that
gain levels like players. Role playing is encouraged but not

Stop on by!
My very first mud. An Ack! codebase that's a lot of fun to play.
Aarchon MUD was started in 1996 by a large group of players who
had left another MUD to create their own. Aarchon is based on a
ROM 2.4 Codebase and has been heavily customized since, running
now with ARC 1.0 code as well.

There are currently over 50 races to choose from, 19 of which
are available upon creation. We have 15 classes with another
in development. Most of the areas are original, with a few
stock zones left in tact intentionally so that new players
have some familiar zones available.

Aarchon currently has 7 remorts with a total of 10 planned, and
subclassing to occur thereafter. New skills, spells, and
game mechanics are regularly being developed and introduced
to the game. We welcome players of all experience levels and
have something for everyone whether you like magic, adventure,
warfare, or just a place to hang out and chat.

PKill comes in 3 different flavors (non-pk, pk, and hardcore).
Roleplay is optional, with some clans that are heavy-roleplay.
Mini-quests have been implemented that can be completed solo, and
immortal ran quests that require a group effort are ran on a regular

Stop by, say hello, and join in on the fun.
Dark Brothers of the Light is a cult favorite series of books by author Janrae Frank. Now it is also a MUD, being launched by the author herself. It is a recreation of her world, Daverana, without a single stock area (except for the mud school, which we'll replace in time). Thus, there's a lot of work to do, and we need to enlist some help.
Builders of all levels of experience are asked to apply. The main requiredment is the ability to work with in a collaborative environment. Familiarity with CoffeeMud is a plus, but not a requirement. Most scripting can be done using ROM-style mobprogs and building is done via an easy to use interface. You can even, if so inclined, create an area file to be imported, though some adjustment may be needed. NO JAVA REQUIRED!
Builders will be given a free copy of the first book in the series, Blood Rites, in order to familiarize them with the world. We do ask that you be at least 18. We don't wish to be a place for people to have cybersex, but the books - and thus the MUD - do have adult content.
What we aren't looking for are previously created areas that would need to be reworked to fit, unless you are willing to do the work needed yourself.
We also will have a need for other staff, so feel free to apply even if you have no desire to build.
The best way to apply is to go straight to the Staff Application section of our forum. We'll review your application and give you access to Blood Rites. We've streamlined our interview process a bit more, so we should be able to get you started with minimal wait.

Savash - http://darkbrothersofthelight.com/
Flexible Survival is a game of transformation, adventure, and wanton
acts of lust.

The Prometheus virus was unleashed, in part due to the acts of its
major researching company, Zephyr Inc. The virus, more nanite than
any biological portion, tore the planet apart. Communication went
down hours after release, and the populace was reduced, in large, to
gibbering, insane, mutants of all shapes and perversions.

You are a Zephyr Inc agent, piecing together what's left. Your mind
has been spared dissolution or subversion, but your body remains like
stiff clays to the untiring fingers of the promethean virus,
constantly adapting to shape new forms.

An adult erotic MUD like game.

Dynamic body changes while fighting, gain and lose powers on the fly!
Master the powers you want and keep them even if you change(You can master more as you gain levels)
Improve your mastered powers for more awesome!
Supplement your mutant powers with gear and equipment!
Equipment can be improved in level and enhanced for greater performance the way YOU want it.
Group up with friends with clans/groups/guilds that gain levels and buff their members.
Adventure with friends. The wastes are safer with backup!
Breed. Players can become pregnant and give birth. Children have mutant powers and can be summoned to aid in battle!
Legends of the Darkstone has been up and running for over ten years now. It is a large world, with over 8000 completely unique, custom built rooms with areas ranging from vast deserts, to steamy jungles and dank crypts. We have a number of interesting and original classes and races as well as numerous features exclusive to the Legends of the Darkstone. We do promote Roleplaying and there are a host of player written stories on our website that all add to the rich history of our world. Our playerbase if friendly and welcoming and always ready to offer a helping hand to anyone new to the game. Come and give us a try! We hope you will decide to stay.
City Of Silence has been around a long time and in that time COS has been built upon in many ways. Through the combined effort of many builders and coders we have created a large world full of new areas and adventures. We are a very newbie-friendly mud with clans, guilds, councils, and active admins that make being here an enjoyable experience. Playerkilling is an everyday part of life, and rivalry among clans is legendary. To this day there are still mazes that no players on the mud have been able to solve. Beyond those mazes are powerful items that scarce characters possess and none can aquire through any other means than murder. New areas are always being added to this ever changing mud and new players are welcome to come and share this exciting world with us.
    Blood of Dragons is set in the low-magic, medieval-inspired fantasy world of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire (also the basis for the HBO show Game of Thrones). Knowledge of the books is not required for players with some MU*ing experience, though it is definitely helpful.

    The game takes place around 140 years prior to the start of the first book, A Game of Thrones, allowing players to explore a less defined period in the history of Westeros while still experiencing how past events in the books may have played out. The roleplay is focused on the political and social interactions at the courts in King's Landing and Sunspear, with players taking up characters from various noble households. Players have a choice between CGing a character themselves or taking up previously played, fully pre-generated role. Choose the latter option and you can often be ready to roleplay within minutes.

    Blood of Dragons is focused on offering good-quality roleplay in a rich, immersive setting with a strong sense of history and continuity and we strive to be approachable and helpful. If you find yourself interested in the game, the following links may provide some good starting points:

    There is also a log archive, a chronicle of important IC events, the family trees for the various houses and much more to be found on the website, and of course the Admin (Nymeria & Balerion) are also happy to help out with any questions.
Realms of Hell is a heavily enhanced Mordor based MUD based in the fantasy land of Derlith. A chaotic land torn by war and evil, Derlith has plenty to offer adventurers who seek to take their place in battle.

Realms of Hell has evolved a great deal since its start in 1998, and it still has many great changes ahead of it. A complete overhaul of the stock Mordor combat system was completed a few years ago, and several player classes are currently being overhauled and enhanced to provide players a more enjoyable experience. Other enhancements
include a questing system, player crafting (still in the works), clan system, player guilds, restricted pkilling, MSDP, ATCP, and some MXP.

The world of Derlith is massive, consisting of over 15,000 rooms. There is a complete overland map of all the lands in Derlith, including an underground cave system, which makes travel a more enjoyable experience for adventurers. There are many areas currently in the works, and the MUD will continue to grow as time allows.

The player base is small, between 25 and 40 players, but it filled with very dedicated players, many of which have been involved for over ten years. While many situations have tried to kill the mud over the years, the players have loyally stuck by the MUD, chomping at the bit to get back into adventuring and eagerly rejoining after
downtimes. Players are genuinely friendly and very helpful to new players. During peak playing hours, there are generally 5-10 or so players who are excited to get the mud back to the larger player base seen in the past.

Realms of Hell offers one of the widest varieties of races and classes for adventurers to choose from. With 20 races ranging from elves and humans to half giants and orcs, players can fully engage in a roleplaying encouraged environment. ROH also offers 16 base classes, each with a unique style of play, which offers players
various rewarding experiences while battling in Derlith. There are also several unique clerical classes, and when you factor in the various multi classes, you have over 25 different classes to choose from.
A brief summary of the game

The small island of New Yarsith at the mouth of the Bren river serves as a focal point for the new empire in the years following King Dav's assassination. Initially, the mud is housed entirelly within the walls of New Yarsith's keep. As the playerbase grows and guilds expand, they will have the opportunity to move out of the cramped quarters provided for them by the government and into the city proper of New Yarsith.

BETA TEST NOTE: During the testing period, King Dav still lives, and war between the kingdoms is still in progress.

The game is set around the presence of 'embassies', local representative bodies for the great noble houses, guilds, and wild tribes. At New Yarsith they will fight for the right to shape the future of the consolodated Kingdom of Lithmore in their own image.

Perhaps you will rise through the ranks from a lowly steward of your cause to a someone embrollied in the politics and bureauracy that drive it. Maybe someday you shall be the ambassador for your people. Or strike out on our own as a free agent, or stake your own claim to Urth as an autocrat. Perhaps someday you shall be counted among one of Lithmore's sovereign powers?