Considered one of the best Dragonball based MUD's is BACK! DragonBall Z: Universe
is back online after 6 years, and ready to bring in the players! Many of the things you
missed is in and ready to use! Personal Spaceships, Racial Transformations, Role Playing system WITH REWARDS, Clans ready to defend as well as Raid!

If you have never played DBZ:U before now is your chance! Come join us for the time of your life! : 4310

Looking for a nice diverse player base, as well as hiring a few more staff members! Log in and see what you think!
Dark Realms is a dark and gothic medieval fantasy world full of rich detail and a playing environment that's just about as beautiful as text can get. MUDs are supposed to have no end to their playability, but time and again the players reach a certain point where they have fought every monster, explored every area and obtained even the rarest of items. Having "Nothing to do" is the worst thing that can happen to a MUDder. That's why our goal is different - not to have the biggest player base, the most portable code, the most in-depth roleplay or even the most sociable MUD there is. Our goal is quite simply to have the most stuff and more importantly, to just be fun.

Dark realms gives players as much or as little control over nearly every aspect of their characters as they wish. Customize your playing experience to suit your tastes or let the game decide for you. Creative building and intelligent code allow each player to be as involved in the game as they want. We don't want bored players and there are so many features that the only reason a player can't find something to do is because their monitor isn't turned on.

- Keep track of all your characters with player accounts. Manage profiles and even trade them to other
- Test your combat skills in the battle arena in one of many different game types including (but not limited
to) Chaos, Deathmatch, Last man Standing, Team battles, One on One and Regicide. Fight for fame, fortune,
glory or item prizes. Fight under battle conditions and handicaps. Even fight under custom area layouts.
Like a particular arena setup? Ask an Immortal to save it as a template so it can be used later!
- Love racial variety? There's 65 races, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and inheirant abilities.
Each develops differently depending on the classes you choose. Earn status with other members of your race,
be it heroic fame or infamous noriety, it's up to you. Too much to choose from? Races are organized into
species. Select one of the elven species and pick a race, it's that simple.
- 23 classes to begin as. Each designed with the detail as if it were the only class in the game. Including
the dual and tri for each class, dual and tri-only and prestige classes, there are over 100 in all and an
even more mind-boggling number of combinations. It's a rare thing to see any two characters exactly the
same. Monks, dragons, demons, werewolves, angels, summoners, bards, psionicists…the list goes on.
- The Triclass system allows your character to have three classes. Become three different classes or progress
through the next stage of your class and evolve it to the highest levels of power. This remort system allows
a character to effectively level three times, with the addition of the new class and its abilities. They
gain the highest stats between their classes and gain the use of each of their particular skills at the
highest adept and lowest level.
- Three classes not enough leveling? Become an epic character and tack on an additional 200+ epic levels.
Gain more stats! Obtain stronger items! Learn more powerful skills!
- You've got your classes, gained all your epic levels and that's still not enough? Become a legend and
do it all over again! You'll permanently become a single class, but you get to name it and customize
the skills it gets. Choose from the list of skills you learned from your previous classes and gain
access to entirely new ones. Add skills, drop skills and enjoy many bonuses that all your work has earned.
- Create your own clan, guild or order. Recruit memebers, build a hall, bestow member ranks, change settings.
Run an involved organization or a lone faction, it's up to you.
- Devote yourself to a deity. These powerful beings grow old and die without worshippers. Occasionally they
will be reborn. Their general view of the world may be the same, but the aspects which they encompass
may not. They may ask things of your character..please them and they might bestow blessings. Piss them off
and..Let's just say you were warned. Become a high priest and gain deity spells! Gain their favor and become
their chosen avatar! Oppose them and become one of the forsaken, which might not be a curse depending on
how you look at it.
- Gather materials, forge new items. Reforge old ones and make them stronger. Upgrade them with over
100 special abilities, new effects or even create artifacts.
- Found a kingdom. Create a legacy. Control and manage your city state and expand your borders. Conquer
areas in the game. Recruit troops, research ancient spells and technology. Rule the hamlet or dominate
a country!
- Get more information with dynamic help files. Detailed help specific to the viwer that's current. No
more old help files that haven't been updated in years.
- Event system. Trigger global events where the game reacts to your actions and remembers you. Virtually
hundreds of missions, events and quests.
- Over 1000 spells, skills, abilities, enhancements, glyphs, songs, psionics and summoned monsters to play
with. Learn your skills and level them up with AP. Master each one and give them upgrades to increase
damage, add more effects and abilities.

Find artifacts of great rarity and learn magic of impossible power. Wield weapons that have increased elemental damage, drain mana, life or cleave body parts from your victims. Wear intelligent items that might have a bigger ego than you do.

Be as involved in the game as you want. Just don't get fired from work!
Paradigm Shift is an experimental ColdMUD. It exists primarily as a social hangout for people interested in Cold but there is also an original sci-fi game in the works to showcase the potential of the codebase (although this is very much a work in progress).

The game is open to anyone with an interest in Cold, sci-fi gaming, or roleplaying in general. Progbits are available upon request.
Forgotten Kingdoms is an RPI (Role-Play Intensive) game which is set
in the Forgotten Realms multiverse. The game has over 250 unique
areas and is still growing rapidly, thanks to a large team of
builders who continuously update existing areas as well as
adding new areas and challenges.

New characters can choose from a huge range of races and subraces,
including sun elves, moon elves, tieflings and even centaurs. Once
you have selected your characters race, you must choose a base class
of Warrior, Wizard, Rogue or Priest, each of which offers a
different roleplay experience, and can be further customised by
joining one of almost 50 guilds. The last major decision to be made
by any new character is to decide where they grew up -
possibilities include several famous Forgotten Realms locations,
including Waterdeep, Zhentil Keep, Menzoberranzan and Mithril Hall.

Additional key or unique features of Forgotten Kingdoms include:

1. A large range of feats and meta-magic feats, ranging from
'arterial strike' to 'bloodline of fire' through to 'spell-casting
2. A unique 'spell memorisation' system based on system used in
Dungeons and Dragons. This means no mana!
3. Well over 300 spells to choose from.
4. Many avenues for character development, including joining
organisations such as the Zhentarim or the Harpers, joining
the inner circle or even becoming the high priest of one of 30
faiths…the possibilities are myriad!
5. Close, but not slavish reproduction of Forgotten Realms lore -
as a result of various wide-ranging plots and the actions of our
players, our world has taken a different path to a different

Forgotten Kingdom's greatest strength is its large population of
superb role-players, who ensure that there are always several
ongoing plots to be a part of…

Come join our online community, we promise you an excellent
role-playing experience!
A MUSH set in 20th century wars. Currently we are working our way through history, we started in 1918, and we're now up to 1939, with the Winter War. But we will move on, covering hopefully the entirety of World War Two.

Currently, it is the dying days of 1939, and World War Two has begun. The strategy of appeasement, aimed at letting fascism deal with communism, has failed, with Hitler and Stalin refusing to play the democracy's game and instead choosing to make a non aggression treaty in the form of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Poland has been overrun by Nazi Germany and Communist Russia, and France and the United Kingdom wait, fearful of the inevitable onslaught.

But while Western Europe waits, Russia is on the move. The Pact included a secret clause, in which Hitler agreed to let independent minded Finland and the Baltic States become a part of the Soviet sphere. Accordingly, as 1939 draws to a close, Stalin's forces make their move.

The Soviet Union is an order of magnitude more powerful than tiny Finland, but what happens in the winter of 1939-40 captures the imagination of the world as the Finns, to the surprise of Stalin, prove their willingness and readiness to resist the might of the Red Army and defend their liberty in a modern day version of David and Goliath.

"If you were to name the greatest nation in the world, would it be the richest; would it be the one whose possessions are the most wide-flung; would it be the most populous or that which boasted of the most destructive guns and the most powerful army? Perhaps it would be that nation which paid its debts, which, courageous as the Greeks at Thermopylae, fights a barbarian horde, which faces annihilation rather than compromise its liberty - whose men today die on the battlefield and whose women and babies starve and freeze behind the lines. If this is the nation you would seek, there stands Finland."

The story of the Winter War meets MUSHdom!
2007 - New year - New Owner! Come join Vikteren, the Staff and Players of Dreams of Demise as we settle into our new home at port 2424!Dreams of Demise is a heavily modified Godwars Deluxe codebase. With the ease of use and playability of the many Dystopia codebases out there, combined with the complex classes and fightstyles popular with the more diehard, old school Godwars players. We have original code that you will not find on any other Godwars mud. We are a newbie friendly mud, that encourages feed back - both good and bad - from our players. If you are a die hard Godwars player and enjoying making a character through hard work, then this is the place for you, but even if you are new to mudding, give us a try! Friendly staff and generally helpful longtime players create a great place to start off your new mudding addiction! Come check us out! Staff online and available virtually 24-7, we are ready, willing and able to help get you settled in and enjoying your adventure in your new mud home.
Zalanthas: a harsh low-technology desert where settlements and shelter are few and far between, and once you're within the walls, you may not actually be any safer.

In the city-state of Allanak, governed by the ruthless sorcerer king Tektolnes, the common rabble struggle to eke out a living under the strangling boot of the city's nobility. Criminals are put to death for the masses' amusement, and elementalists with arcane, unpredictable powers are allowed to walk the streets, so long as they wear the gem, a mysterious device of the Highlord Tektolnes' divising. To the north, in the magick-free city-state of Tuluk, the all-knowing Sun King Muk Utep rules with despotism cloaked as benevolence. His Templars are the city's arbiters, and while the city is no less brutal than Allanak, those who stray on the wrong side of the law usually vanish without a trace.

Across the desert of the Known World, bands of nomadic humans and xenophobic elves dot the rest of the map. The Great Merchant Houses of Salarr, Kadius, Nenyuk and Kurac traverse the world for trade, maintaining cutthroat monopolies and a lethal grip on their markets.

Yet in spite of the numerous threats that will await your character at every twist and turn, you will find a niche for yourself in the world of Zalanthas.

Over two decades old Armageddon MUD is as addictive for its harsh desert theme as it is for its beautifully written environment, and intense, required roleplay. Real-time interaction with multiple players around the world will draw you into this world and offer you a gaming experience you will never forget.

The oldest roleplay MUD around, Armageddon features code showcasing an original magick system, the think command, an extensive crafting system, pc tattoos, NPC intelligence, languages, plotlines driven by the players, an ongoing history, and much more. Roleplay is required, and players are strongly advised to look over the website or chat with our player helpers to get a feel for the game before submitting a character. One players's comment: "I view this not so much as a game, but as a work of art."
A subtly gothic theme with evocative descriptions and a skill-based, classless system. Crafted with realism for a strictly in character audience. Friendly OOC community & Free since '96.
The Burning Eye is back! Formerly the Rebirth of Arda, we have
returned under new management.

We have tried to make our mud as new and balanced as possible
without losing the best parts of a Rom code base. The Burning Eye
has many improvements and additions to make a good challenge for even
the most experienced mudder.

While any previous experience is an asset, newbies are welcome. We
have tried to cover everything with our comprehensive help files so
feel free to come enjoy an interpretation Tolkien's Middle Earth.

The Burning Eye features a selection of intelligent mobs who
will act 'intelligently' when fighting, casting or hunting and
avoiding the players. They will also use equipment that is lying
around, even if its your weapon and they disarmed you.
Also they all have classes and are equal to the players in almost
every way.

We feature 100 mortal levels, 12 Races, 14 Classes, 6 Clans and over
350 Skills and Spells. No Level Restrictions on Eq - rather your
options are determined by Size, Race, Align & Class.

Limited Pkill and Limited corpse Looting is allowed. Mounts,
Gravity, Languages, Background Skills, Autoquest, Study, Traps, Mob
and Object Programs, Truly Unique items, Room Affects and much more.

We have individuals who are actively working to retool current areas
that are out of theme and replace them with more appropriate
selections. Our immortal staff is active and new features are under
constant implementation. The immortal staff is happy to listen to
the ideas and opinions of the players on a wide range of matters.

Come and try The Burning Eye, we know you will like it!
Twenty-one years after the Rebel Alliance destroyed the second Death Star. The New Republic is facing internal conflict while trying to maintain peace. A new, powerful enemy, known as the Yuuzhan Vong, emerges from the outer galaxy, beginning what will be known as the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. The Jedi, along with the New Republic, struggle to resist this new alien race while it steadily pushes forward, annihilating or occupying different parts of the galaxy.

Builders and Coders are welcome!
Zaxteria is an open-ended MUD with an emphasis on Player-Versus-Player combat. Zaxteria offers a choice of four races (with more being added as the game progresses) divided into two warring factions. Each race has a unique starting location with a compelling storyline behind it. Other features include a reputation system which allows the player to forge alliances with NPC factions, and open-end classes which do not restrict a character to any paticular skills. It is possible to create powerful hybrid classes, such as an adept summoner who is also skilled with a blade; however there are systems in place that prevent God-like characters from forming.

Journey through exotic locations such as lush jungles, grassy plains, snowy mountains and much, much more. This is your world. Create history, forge alliances, make friends and destroy enemies.

Zaxteria is running off of the Skylib1.8 MUDlib under the codebase LPC. We are still in beta and are desperately seeking coders and builders, so please do not hesitate to apply by either connecting to the MUD and typing 'apply', or by contacting admin at - This e-mail has been down but it is once again working.

Thank you,
Void of Reality is a PK mud that runs on a code base called EmlenMud which is derived from Diku, Merc, and NiMud.
All original world with over 19,000 rooms
Unique skill and spell system
Many different races to choose from with a very unique character creation system.
Very interactive combat system.
Equipment is not level based.
An alignment split who list! You never know who may be online hunting to kill you.

Only coming to play will you know if you will like the feel and look of the place. Come give it a try!
Crimson MUD II is a place you can lose yourself in for
days, months and years. We are a long established MUD, offering
over 80 zones to explore. It provides 40 mortal levels, and a
special Avatar level for those who strive to be the best. A new
level is in the works for those who aspire to be the best in PK.

You may find a bonanza of treasures for your own pleasure,
friends in unlikely places, maybe even enemies. There are thousands
of quests for all to earn many prizes. The Questmaster may turn you
into a powerful beast if you show great devotion, even reward you
with some of the most powerful equipment in the realm. If you feel
you need a group of friends with a common goal, join one of the
clans. They will help, guide, and even "promote" you. There are many
benefits to being in a clan. Your clannies will guide you, help you
when in need, and have a little fun. You can share your great
treasures with you clannies or hoard them for yourself.

A wide variety of equipment and spells are available to all
levels of player. Our player base spans North America, Australia,
Asia and Europe, offering players a wide range of cultures to
interact with.
New Worlds Ateraan is a full featured Intensive Roleplaying Game. Offering several unique and powerful guilds, races, politics, religion, justice, economy, and a storyline that is dominately player controlled with a history and background based on a novel for more robust roleplay direction.

The Guilds range from your standard Fighter and Mage to the strange Retter and unique Merchant which is widely accepted as an enhanced roleplaying Guild with exciting features like guard hiring caravans, ship building and repair, clan building, house builing, auction houses, theater control, and separations of weapons and armour.

Religion is a topic of large debate and conflict, but definitely not the only one. With racial cities and two distinct nations of varying loyalty and politics, Ateraan abounds in opportunities for the new immigrant and the long time established player. Social standing can be as important as strength of arms and starting in New Worlds is simple and direct with staff members, guides and experience players to assist you.

Murder and intrique can find you in dark alleys or on a highway, or you can seek gold and fame with groups ranging in size from solo to twenty or more adventurers raiding a stronghold, or you can relax on an open beach while fishing, digging for clams, finding crabs, or swimming in shark infested waters.

The diversity of roleplay and adventure in New Worlds is astounding as you will find yourself aligned with a faith or clan, race or guild, or on a romantic get away to an inn or resturaunt with intelligent servers, or perhaps smoking gnome pipes while watching a theatrical performance in a fully operational and player run grand theater. And the serious roleplay only matches the hundreds of weapons, armours, creaturs, artifacts, and items of power.

A newest feature is the massive shipyards that boast several unique styles of ships from the tiny two man dinghy to the sleek and fast cutter, to the huge fifteen crew and multiple room yacht, to the fortress of the sea war galleon that boasts over nine distinct and seperate weapons.

Our ships and seas offer exciting quests, deep sea fishing, cargo caravan runs from various ports, pirate hoves and enemy ships, the ability to board and sink opposing ships, go on whaling runs, and battle other players at sea, even to the point of massive armada combat.

All we ask of our roleplay focused playerbase is that you remain in character while in the game. While there are out of character areas, the game thrives and demands strict roleplaying, giving New Worlds the magic of a well written, yet unscripted story.

What most have said about New Worlds, "Play it for a week, and show your style of roleplay, and we guarantee you will find a home here." We have a player base that is 50/50 ratio of men and women, and a wide age range, so all will find their nitch.

Check it out, you won't be disappointed. We encourage you to visit the website to see the features of this game.
Storms of Time is an old school hack and slash mud which focuses on multi-playing, solving the quests that have been programmed into each area, and killing lots of monsters. There's hardly ever an admin on and there's no noticeable development either, making SoT ideal for people who want to do some spare time mudding without being babysat by some bored admins.
For many years Caine the farmer, first son of Adam was loyal to his
family and to God. But then Abel was born. Second son of Adam, Abel
the peaceful, Abel the loved, who's sacrifices were smiled upon by
the Lord. Caine saw the blessing of the Lord in Abel and was filled
with envy. Caine, in a fit of rage, did commit the first murder,
slaying his own brother Abel in hopes the Lord would favor him insted.

The Lord was outraged and cursed Caine saying, 'Caine, son of Adam,
you are cursed to ever walk the night. You will ever repeat your
crime throughout time until your heart knows shame and pity.'

Thus was the first Kindred created. We hail and acknowledge Caine
so that we might remember the beast within all of Caine's Children.

Haven is based on the popular World of Darkness RPGs by White
Wolf Publishing. You can play a character from one of three of the
major games; Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocolypse
and Mage: The Ascension. Enjoy RPing a Camarilla Kindred, or a
bloodthirsty Garou. Either way your sure to have fun. We have tons
of original code and near unlimited remorts to fill endless hours
of Mudding time. Both RPers and Hack-N-Slashers will love haven!
Features: 14 Disciplines, 70 Vampire powers and 18 clans/guilds/tribes,
5 sects, player owned rooms, gifts, rituals, rites, the Umbra and
much much more!

Come Childe and enter the Haven.. But be warned. You may never leave.
Epitaph is a text based MUD/MMO based in the grim darkness of the zombie apocalypse. We've been under development since December of 2009 - we've been working very hard on it, and we're now ready for our version 1.0 release. We are completely free to play - no sign up fees, no micro transactions. You won't be asked for a penny, now or in the future. We have an 18 age rating though, so if you're younger than that you'll have to wait a while before you can try us out. We're aiming to be a highly accessible game, so those of you with screen readers will hopefully find us welcoming.

You play the role of a survivor thrust into an unfriendly world full of factional interests and diminishing supplies. We have exciting ranged and melee combat, fully featured crafting, clans and achievements for players and clans, deep and involving stealth, and hundreds of unique quests. We have keyword based discussions that let you probe NPCs for their deepest, darkest secrets. We have randomly generated missions. We have hundreds of commands, many of which you can purchase as you advance through the game. We have knacks that let you fine-tune your play style, and around 90 skills that you can master as you gain in power and confidence.

While our game is primarily action focused, you don't have to kill to get ahead - you can sneak your way to success, or forge your future in crafting. We have a random events generator that keeps things interesting. We have sound and sight based situational awareness. We have electronics, laptops, mobile phones, and video cameras. We have practise based learning and XP based advancement. We have both local and remote computer hacking. We have a deep, engaging morality system and extensive narrative based gameplay. For those who enjoy the social aspects of MUDs we have community based role playing rewards and police systems.

Man, we've got it all.

Epitaph is a constantly evolving and developing game with a dedicated creator team. We'd love if you stopped by and checked us out.

Browse to and click 'play now'! Those of you who use MUD clients can reach us at, port 6789.

As a small note though - consider your first few runs through the game to be 'disposable'. It turns out the apocalypse is not a forgiving place. We're TOUGH but FAIR, but you need to keep your wits about you and practise good survivor discipline. Also, we're a new 1.0 release - expect bugs and typos. We're fixing these as rapidly as we can!

Hope to see you at the end of the world,


P.S. If you want to know more about us and what we've been up to, you can read our development blog at and
follow us on twitter at and Facebook at
Shadow Lands is a world of adventure and intrigue, of politics and power. The realm has behind it a wealth of history, detailing the banishing of TheShadow, to encounters with the Abyss by present day heroes. The tales that can be spun from the lore of the realm are numbered and all have been shaped by the involvement of mortals within it. It is a place where people can really become Legends.

In the Land of Shadows role play is something that, while not enforced, is encouraged heavily. Quests are run by immortals, and rewards are given to those with the best roleplaying skills, as well as those who are the strongest fighters. The rewards include things such as glory and specially shaped artifacts that are unique to the game. It is these specially crafted roleplays that make the realm unique and add to its background.

Many of the features of the realm are also original, including a lot of the areas. The class selection goes from Rangers to Necromancers, Thieves to Druids, and more. All classes have original skills and spells. Extra races have also been added, each with their own strengthes and weaknesses. Clans are also available to anyone, should they have the gold to buy them. Although originally based on Smaug, the Shadow Lands has grown beyond these roots, containing 99 mortal levels. A special status, level one hundred, is reserved for those who deserve a real recognition, the Heroes of the realm. An automated quest system and a poisons system are among other features.

We are currently undergoing some major code changes, including implementing Spider Monkey's javascript support into our mud for programs and revamping the quest system. The immortal staff take a genuine interest in the ideas of mortals, and it is not uncommon to find that some feature suggested by a player has actually appeared in the game.
Euphoria is an Adult MUSH with an open supernatural theme. Although it is not a strictly BDSM MU*, BDSM is allowed and for this reason, it is an 18+ game. The MU* features an RPG room for playing DnD, V:TM, V:TR, and any other such game that players desire. We are a work in progress, any suggestions that you may have to improve your experience at euphoria, please let an admin know and we will be happy to add it if at all possible. We look foreward to seeing you there! ? :)
Star Wars: Jedi vs Sith is a highly expanded SWR based MUD that has been in development since 2005. Many changes have been made to make gaming as in-depth as possible. We have also recently underwent changes that make the game more RPG-like. We have a custom Account system that allows players to centralize all of their characters and earn points to create new and more powerful races.

The Galaxy mostly revolves around the era during the Star Wars movies. There are many planets to explore as well as starsystems. Players can also do automatic quests that involve retrieving lost items or killing dangerous criminals. Instances are also available for players to do which have their own unique quests and rewards.

Players can choose from many classes, including the new Technician class. Technicians are responsible for ship maintenance as well as constructing new ships. Engineers are also an important class that allows players to create new and more powerful equipment for themselves or others.

If you are a fan of Star Wars, drop by and create a character and join in on the adventures that await. You won't be disappointed!