Merc Release 2.2
Wednesday 24 November 1993


=== Classes

The central organizing table for classes is class_table, which is an array of
type 'struct class_type' (defined in 'merc.h') and is defined in 'const.c'.
Mobs have class 0, and players have classes 0 through MAX_CLASS-1.

The fields of class_table are:

    char *	who_name;

	This three-letter name is used for the 'who' listing.  It's also used
	for the list of classes shown to new characters for selecting a class,
	and for matching the player's input in selecting a class.

    sh_int	attr_prime;

	This attribute is initialized to 16 for new chars of this class.  It
	costs only three practices to train one's prime attribute, versus five
	practices for any other attribute.  In addition, characters may
	increase their prime attribute (only) over 18 by using magic items.

    sh_int	weapon;

	This object (vnum) is given to new characters of this class for their
	first weapon.

    sh_int	guild;

	This room (vnum) is off limits to characters of other classes.

    sh_int	skill_adept;

	This is the maximum level to which a character of this class may train
	a skill or spell.

    sh_int	thac0_00;		/* Thac0 for level  0		*/
    sh_int	thac0_32;		/* Thac0 for level 32		*/

	These are thac0's (To Hit Armor Class 0) for a level 0 character and a
	level 32 character of this class.  Thac0 for any particular level is
	computed by linear interpolation.

    sh_int	hp_min;			/* Min hp gained on leveling	*/
    sh_int	hp_max;			/* Max hp gained on leveling	*/
    bool	fMana;			/* Class gains mana on level	*/

	The fields hp_min and hp_max are the minimum and maximum hit points
	gained on advancing a level (in addition to the constitution bonus).
	If fMana is true, than the class gains mana when leveling.

=== Other class-specific tables

(1) In const.c, skill_table contains the level needed for each class to use a
    particular skill or spell.  If the class cannot use that skill or spell,
    the level needed is set to 37, so that immortals (angels and above) can use
    it.  This table is indexed first by sn (skill/spell number) and then by

(2) In const.c, title_table contains the titles, indexed by class, then by
    level, then by sex.  There are two titles for each class at each level.

(3) In act_comm.c, pose_table contains the pose messages, indexed first by
    level, and then by class.  There are two messages for each class at each
    level, up to a certain maximum (where we got tired of writing messages).

=== Adding a new class

Here's how to add a new class:

(1) Increment 'MAX_CLASS' in 'merc.h'

(2) Add a new entry to 'class_table' in 'const.c'.

(3) Add sn level numbers to 'skill_table' in 'const.c' for the new class.  Set
    the level to 37 for all skills or spells which the class is unable to use.

(4) Add an entire new block of titles to 'title_table' in 'const.c'.

(5) Add new lines to 'pose_table' in act_comm.c.  You need two lines at each
    level for that class.  To keep the 'pose' messages from looking like
    'emote' messages, avoid putting the name of the character (the '$n'
    construct) at the beginning of the line.

=== Immortal Levels

Here are the immortal levels:

36	Hero	This is the highest level ordinary players can reach by
		accumulating experience points.  Heros and heroines can
		participate in 'immtalk' and read notes addressed to
		'immortal'.  They no longer receive experience points.

37	Angel	Immortals at this level can observe most aspects of the game,
		but have very few active commands.  One command they do have
		is 'switch' so that they can help run quests.

38	Deity	Immortals at this level have all the commands needed to affect
		game elements within the game, such as 'mload', 'mset',
		'oload', and 'oset'.

39	Supreme	Immortals at this level have site and connection level
		commands, such as 'reboot' and 'shutdown'.  In fact, this level
		has access to all immortal commands except 'advance'.

40	God	Immortals at this level have 'advance'.