Merc Release 2.2
Wednesday 24 November 1993


=== Platforms

--- MERC 2.2

We have "lost" platforms due to the addition of MOBPrograms.  I had no
time to check the various platforms with the files 'mob_prog.c' and
'mob_command.c'.  They should not give compile time errors just warnings.

These platforms have been directly ported

	Dec     5000    Ultrix
	Intel	486	Linux

--- Merc 2.0

We have ported Merc directly to these platforms:

	Apollo	???	Domain/OS
	Dec	5000	Ultrix
	Dec	5900	Ultrix
	Intel	386	MsDos
	Sequent	386	Dynix
	Sun	Sun-3	SunOS 4.1.2
	Sun	Sun-4	SunOS 4.1.2

Users have contributed ports to the following platforms, and we have folded
their changes into the base code.  See 'contrib.txt' for acknowledgments.

	Apple	68030	Macintosh
	Dec	uVax	Ultrix
	HP	9000	Hp/UX
	Intel	386	386 BSD
	Intel	486	Linux
	IBM	RS/6000	Aix
	Mips	R4000	Risc/OS 5.XX
	NeXT	68030	Mach

We are simply unable to test Merc on every platform.  Typically a user tries
a new platform, gets a file full of warnings, and mails us the warnings.
We fix the base code; on the next release we ask that users mail us the
new warnings (usually we never hear from the user again).

=== Requirements

The hardware requirements are essentially: two megabytes of memory; five
megabytes of disk space; any 32-bit processor; 50 kilobits per second network
bandwidth.  Processor speed is not important.

The software requirements are essentially: a C compiler (Ansi C preferred,
but Merc can be made to work with a K&R compiler via 'mktrad'); a Unix or
Unix-like operating system; BSD-compatible TCP/IP networking.

For machines which don't have Ansi C compilers, we supply the 'mktrad' script
to convert Merc source into traditional C.  See 'trad.txt' for details.

Merc uses 32-bit integers and is casual about the distinction between 'int' and
'long'.  (It is possible to clean up the code to run with 16-bit integers, but
the demand is nonexistent, and we don't have any 16-bit C compilers with which
to test.)  If you are running on a personal computer, make sure your C compiler
is giving you 32-bit integers and not running in 16-bit mode.

Area files, player files, the note file, and the bugs/ideas/typo files are all
in Ascii format, so that they may be freely moved from one machine type to

=== MsDos Single-User Version

Merc runs in single-user mode (console only) on MsDos and Macintosh computers.
The MsDos version is built with DJ Delorie's 'djgpp' port of the Gnu C Compiler
and requires a 386 with 2 megabytes of memory (djgpp has demand-paged virtual
memory).  You can ftp 'djgpp' from

The commands to build and run Merc on MsDos are:

	gcc -O -Wall -c *.c
	gcc -O -o merc *.o
	go32 merc

=== Macintosh Single-User Version

The Macintosh changes were contributed by Oleg Etiffin.  It is built with
Think-C 5.0.4 and requires 4 megabytes of system memory.  You have to define
the symbol 'macintosh' (if not already defined).

=== Performance

All this measured on a Sun 4 with SunOS 4.1.2.

Boot time:    4.3 CPU seconds.
Memory:       2.1 megabytes SZ size.
CPU usage:    20  CPU seconds per hour + 1-2 CPU seconds per player.
Disk space:   2.6 megabytes plus 8K per player file.
IP packets:   about 10 per second with 20 people logged in.