# IMC2 Freedom CL-2.1 config file.
# This file can now support the use of tildes in your strings.
# This information can be edited online using the 'imcconfig' command.
LocalName      Your mud's ONE WORD name here
Autoconnect    0
MinPlayerLevel 8
MinImmLevel    37
AdminLevel     39
Implevel       40
InfoName       Your mud's FULL name here
InfoHost       Your mud's DNS address here
InfoPort       0
InfoEmail      Mud's IMC administrator email
InfoWWW        Mud's webpage
InfoBase       Merc 2.2
InfoDetails    Short description of some sort

# Your server connection information goes here.
# This information should be available from the network you plan to join.
ServerAddr  DNS address of the router you will connect to
ServerPort  0
ClientPwd   Client password for the router you connect to
ServerPwd   Server password for the router you connect to
#SHA256 auth: 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled
SHA256         1