*  Original Diku Mud copyright (C) 1990, 1991 by Sebastian Hammer,        *
 *  Michael Seifert, Hans Henrik St{rfeldt, Tom Madsen, and Katja Nyboe.   *
 *                                                                         *
 *  Merc Diku Mud improvments copyright (C) 1992, 1993 by Michael          *
 *  Chastain, Michael Quan, and Mitchell Tse.                              *
 *                                                                         *
 *  In order to use any part of this Merc Diku Mud, you must comply with   *
 *  both the original Diku license in 'license.doc' as well the Merc       *
 *  license in 'license.txt'.  In particular, you may not remove either of *
 *  these copyright notices.                                               *
 *                                                                         *
 *  Much time and thought has gone into this software and you are          *
 *  benefitting.  We hope that you share your changes too.  What goes      *
 *  around, comes around.                                                  *

#if defined(macintosh)
#include <types.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <time.h>
#include "merc.h"

bool check_social args( ( CHAR_DATA * ch, char *command, char *argument ) );
bool MP_Commands args( ( CHAR_DATA * ch ) );

 * Command logging types.
#define LOG_NORMAL	0
#define LOG_ALWAYS	1
#define LOG_NEVER	2

 * God Levels
#define L_GOD		MAX_LEVEL
#define L_SUP		L_GOD - 1
#define L_DEI		L_SUP - 1
#define L_ANG		L_DEI - 1
#define L_HER		L_ANG - 1

 * Log-all switch.
bool fLogAll = FALSE;

 * Command table.
const struct cmd_type cmd_table[] = {
    * Common movement commands.
   {"north", do_north, POS_STANDING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"east", do_east, POS_STANDING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"south", do_south, POS_STANDING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"west", do_west, POS_STANDING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"up", do_up, POS_STANDING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"down", do_down, POS_STANDING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},

    * Common other commands.
    * Placed here so one and two letter abbreviations work.
   {"buy", do_buy, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"cast", do_cast, POS_FIGHTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"exits", do_exits, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"get", do_get, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"inventory", do_inventory, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"kill", do_kill, POS_FIGHTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"look", do_look, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"order", do_order, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"rest", do_rest, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"sleep", do_sleep, POS_SLEEPING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"stand", do_stand, POS_SLEEPING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"tell", do_tell, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"wield", do_wear, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"wizhelp", do_wizhelp, POS_DEAD, L_HER, LOG_NORMAL},

    * Informational commands.
   {"areas", do_areas, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"bug", do_bug, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"commands", do_commands, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"compare", do_compare, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"consider", do_consider, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"credits", do_credits, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"equipment", do_equipment, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"examine", do_examine, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"help", do_help, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"idea", do_idea, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"report", do_report, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"pagelength", do_pagelen, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"score", do_score, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"slist", do_slist, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"socials", do_socials, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"time", do_time, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"typo", do_typo, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"weather", do_weather, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"who", do_who, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"wizlist", do_wizlist, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},

    * Configuration commands.
   {"auto", do_auto, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"autoexit", do_autoexit, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"autoloot", do_autoloot, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"autosac", do_autosac, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"blank", do_blank, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"brief", do_brief, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"channels", do_channels, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"combine", do_combine, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"config", do_config, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"description", do_description, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"password", do_password, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NEVER},
   {"prompt", do_prompt, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"title", do_title, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"wimpy", do_wimpy, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},

    * Communication commands.
   {"answer", do_answer, POS_SLEEPING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"auction", do_auction, POS_SLEEPING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"chat", do_chat, POS_SLEEPING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {".", do_chat, POS_SLEEPING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"emote", do_emote, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {",", do_emote, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"gtell", do_gtell, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {";", do_gtell, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"music", do_music, POS_SLEEPING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"note", do_note, POS_SLEEPING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"pose", do_pose, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"question", do_question, POS_SLEEPING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"reply", do_reply, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"say", do_say, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"'", do_say, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"shout", do_shout, POS_RESTING, 3, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"yell", do_yell, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},

    * Object manipulation commands.
   {"brandish", do_brandish, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"close", do_close, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"drink", do_drink, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"drop", do_drop, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"eat", do_eat, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"fill", do_fill, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"give", do_give, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"hold", do_wear, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"list", do_list, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"lock", do_lock, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"open", do_open, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"pick", do_pick, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"put", do_put, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"quaff", do_quaff, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"recite", do_recite, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"remove", do_remove, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"sell", do_sell, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"take", do_get, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"sacrifice", do_sacrifice, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"unlock", do_unlock, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"value", do_value, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"wear", do_wear, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"zap", do_zap, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},

    * Combat commands.
   {"backstab", do_backstab, POS_STANDING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"bs", do_backstab, POS_STANDING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"disarm", do_disarm, POS_FIGHTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"flee", do_flee, POS_FIGHTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"kick", do_kick, POS_FIGHTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"murde", do_murde, POS_FIGHTING, 5, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"murder", do_murder, POS_FIGHTING, 5, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"rescue", do_rescue, POS_FIGHTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},

    * Miscellaneous commands.
   {"follow", do_follow, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"group", do_group, POS_SLEEPING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"hide", do_hide, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"practice", do_practice, POS_SLEEPING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"qui", do_qui, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"quit", do_quit, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"recall", do_recall, POS_FIGHTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"/", do_recall, POS_FIGHTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"rent", do_rent, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"save", do_save, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"sleep", do_sleep, POS_SLEEPING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"sneak", do_sneak, POS_STANDING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"spells", do_spells, POS_SLEEPING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"split", do_split, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"steal", do_steal, POS_STANDING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"train", do_train, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"visible", do_visible, POS_SLEEPING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"wake", do_wake, POS_SLEEPING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"where", do_where, POS_RESTING, 0, LOG_NORMAL},

    * Immortal commands.
   {"advance", do_advance, POS_DEAD, L_GOD, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"trust", do_trust, POS_DEAD, L_GOD, LOG_ALWAYS},

   {"allow", do_allow, POS_DEAD, L_SUP, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"ban", do_ban, POS_DEAD, L_SUP, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"deny", do_deny, POS_DEAD, L_SUP, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"disconnect", do_disconnect, POS_DEAD, L_SUP, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"freeze", do_freeze, POS_DEAD, L_SUP, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"reboo", do_reboo, POS_DEAD, L_SUP, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"reboot", do_reboot, POS_DEAD, L_SUP, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"shutdow", do_shutdow, POS_DEAD, L_SUP, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"shutdown", do_shutdown, POS_DEAD, L_SUP, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"users", do_users, POS_DEAD, L_SUP, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"wizify", do_wizify, POS_DEAD, L_SUP, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"wizlock", do_wizlock, POS_DEAD, L_SUP, LOG_ALWAYS},

   {"force", do_force, POS_DEAD, L_DEI, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"log", do_log, POS_DEAD, L_DEI, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"mload", do_mload, POS_DEAD, L_DEI, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"mset", do_mset, POS_DEAD, L_DEI, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"noemote", do_noemote, POS_DEAD, L_DEI, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"notell", do_notell, POS_DEAD, L_DEI, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"oload", do_oload, POS_DEAD, L_DEI, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"oset", do_oset, POS_DEAD, L_DEI, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"owhere", do_owhere, POS_DEAD, L_DEI, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"pardon", do_pardon, POS_DEAD, L_DEI, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"peace", do_peace, POS_DEAD, L_DEI, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"purge", do_purge, POS_DEAD, L_DEI, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"restore", do_restore, POS_DEAD, L_DEI, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"rset", do_rset, POS_DEAD, L_DEI, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"silence", do_silence, POS_DEAD, L_DEI, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"sla", do_sla, POS_DEAD, L_DEI, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"slay", do_slay, POS_DEAD, L_DEI, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"snoop", do_snoop, POS_DEAD, L_DEI, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"sset", do_sset, POS_DEAD, L_DEI, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"transfer", do_transfer, POS_DEAD, L_DEI, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"mpstat", do_mpstat, POS_DEAD, L_DEI, LOG_NORMAL},

   {"at", do_at, POS_DEAD, L_ANG, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"bamfin", do_bamfin, POS_DEAD, L_ANG, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"bamfout", do_bamfout, POS_DEAD, L_ANG, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"echo", do_echo, POS_DEAD, L_ANG, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"goto", do_goto, POS_DEAD, L_ANG, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"holylight", do_holylight, POS_DEAD, L_ANG, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"invis", do_invis, POS_DEAD, L_ANG, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"memory", do_memory, POS_DEAD, L_ANG, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"mfind", do_mfind, POS_DEAD, L_ANG, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"mstat", do_mstat, POS_DEAD, L_ANG, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"mwhere", do_mwhere, POS_DEAD, L_ANG, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"ofind", do_ofind, POS_DEAD, L_ANG, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"ostat", do_ostat, POS_DEAD, L_ANG, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"recho", do_recho, POS_DEAD, L_ANG, LOG_ALWAYS},
   {"return", do_return, POS_DEAD, L_ANG, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"rstat", do_rstat, POS_DEAD, L_ANG, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"slookup", do_slookup, POS_DEAD, L_ANG, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"switch", do_switch, POS_DEAD, L_ANG, LOG_ALWAYS},

   {"immtalk", do_immtalk, POS_DEAD, L_ANG, LOG_NORMAL},
   {":", do_immtalk, POS_DEAD, L_ANG, LOG_NORMAL},

    * MOBprogram commands.
   {"mpasound", do_mpasound, POS_DEAD, 41, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"mpjunk", do_mpjunk, POS_DEAD, 41, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"mpecho", do_mpecho, POS_DEAD, 41, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"mpechoat", do_mpechoat, POS_DEAD, 41, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"mpechoaround", do_mpechoaround, POS_DEAD, 41, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"mpkill", do_mpkill, POS_DEAD, 41, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"mpmload", do_mpmload, POS_DEAD, 41, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"mpoload", do_mpoload, POS_DEAD, 41, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"mppurge", do_mppurge, POS_DEAD, 41, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"mpgoto", do_mpgoto, POS_DEAD, 41, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"mpat", do_mpat, POS_DEAD, 41, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"mptransfer", do_mptransfer, POS_DEAD, 41, LOG_NORMAL},
   {"mpforce", do_mpforce, POS_DEAD, 41, LOG_NORMAL},

    * End of list.
   {"", 0, POS_DEAD, 0, LOG_NORMAL}

 * The social table.
 * Add new socials here.
 * Alphabetical order is not required.
const struct social_type social_table[] = {
    "Accuse whom?",
    "$n is in an accusing mood.",
    "You look accusingly at $M.",
    "$n looks accusingly at $N.",
    "$n looks accusingly at you.",
    "You accuse yourself.",
    "$n seems to have a bad conscience."},

    "Clap, clap, clap.",
    "$n gives a round of applause.",
    "You clap at $S actions.",
    "$n claps at $N's actions.",
    "$n gives you a round of applause.  You MUST'VE done something good!",
    "You applaud at yourself.  Boy, are we conceited!",
    "$n applauds at $mself.  Boy, are we conceited!"},

    "Woof!  Woof!",
    "$n barks like a dog.",
    "You bark at $M.",
    "$n barks at $N.",
    "$n barks at you.",
    "You bark at yourself.  Woof!  Woof!",
    "$n barks at $mself.  Woof!  Woof!"},

    "You down a cold, frosty beer.",
    "$n downs a cold, frosty beer.",
    "You draw a cold, frosty beer for $N.",
    "$n draws a cold, frosty beer for $N.",
    "$n draws a cold, frosty beer for you.",
    "You draw yourself a beer.",
    "$n draws $mself a beer."},

    "You beg the gods for mercy.",
    "The gods fall down laughing at $n's request for mercy.",
    "You desperately try to squeeze a few coins from $M.",
    "$n begs $N for a gold piece!",
    "$n begs you for money.",
    "Begging yourself for money doesn't help.",
    "$n begs himself for money."},

    "Your cheeks are burning.",
    "$n blushes.",
    "You get all flustered up seeing $M.",
    "$n blushes as $e sees $N here.",
    "$n blushes as $e sees you here.  Such an effect on people!",
    "You blush at your own folly.",
    "$n blushes as $e notices $s boo-boo."},

    "$n bounces around.",
    "You bounce onto $S lap.",
    "$n bounces onto $N's lap.",
    "$n bounces onto your lap.",
    "You bounce your head like a basketball.",
    "$n plays basketball with $s head."},

    "You bow deeply.",
    "$n bows deeply.",
    "You bow before $M.",
    "$n bows before $N.",
    "$n bows before you.",
    "You kiss your toes.",
    "$n folds up like a jack knife and kisses $s own toes."},

    "You burp loudly.",
    "$n burps loudly.",
    "You burp loudly to $M in response.",
    "$n burps loudly in response to $N's remark.",
    "$n burps loudly in response to your remark.",
    "You burp at yourself.",
    "$n burps at $mself.  What a sick sight."},

    "You throw back your head and cackle with insane glee!",
    "$n throws back $s head and cackles with insane glee!",
    "You cackle gleefully at $N",
    "$n cackles gleefully at $N.",
    "$n cackles gleefully at you.  Better keep your distance from $m.",
    "You cackle at yourself.  Now, THAT'S strange!",
    "$n is really crazy now!  $e cackles at $mself."},

    "You chuckle politely.",
    "$n chuckles politely.",
    "You chuckle at $S joke.",
    "$n chuckles at $N's joke.",
    "$n chuckles at your joke.",
    "You chuckle at your own joke, since no one else would.",
    "$n chuckles at $s own joke, since none of you would."},

    "You clap your hands together.",
    "$n shows $s approval by clapping $s hands together.",
    "You clap at $S performance.",
    "$n claps at $N's performance.",
    "$n claps at your performance.",
    "You clap at your own performance.",
    "$n claps at $s own performance."},

    "You comb your hair - perfect.",
    "$n combs $s hair, how dashing!",
    "You patiently untangle $N's hair - what a mess!",
    "$n tries patiently to untangle $N's hair.",
    "$n pulls your hair in an attempt to comb it.",
    "You pull your hair, but it will not be combed.",
    "$n tries to comb $s tangled hair."},

    "Do you feel uncomfortable?",
    "You comfort $M.",
    "$n comforts $N.",
    "$n comforts you.",
    "You make a vain attempt to comfort yourself.",
    "$n has no one to comfort $m but $mself."},

    "You cringe in terror.",
    "$n cringes in terror!",
    "You cringe away from $M.",
    "$n cringes away from $N in mortal terror.",
    "$n cringes away from you.",
    "I beg your pardon?",

    "Waaaaah ...",
    "$n bursts into tears.",
    "You cry on $S shoulder.",
    "$n cries on $N's shoulder.",
    "$n cries on your shoulder.",
    "You cry to yourself.",
    "$n sobs quietly to $mself."},

    "Whom do you feel like cuddling today?",
    "You cuddle $M.",
    "$n cuddles $N.",
    "$n cuddles you.",
    "You must feel very cuddly indeed ... :)",
    "$n cuddles up to $s shadow.  What a sorry sight."},

    "You swear loudly for a long time.",
    "$n swears: @*&^%@*&!",
    "You swear at $M.",
    "$n swears at $N.",
    "$n swears at you!  Where are $s manners?",
    "You swear at your own mistakes.",
    "$n starts swearing at $mself.  Why don't you help?"},

    "You curtsey to your audience.",
    "$n curtseys gracefully.",
    "You curtsey to $M.",
    "$n curtseys gracefully to $N.",
    "$n curtseys gracefully for you.",
    "You curtsey to your audience (yourself).",
    "$n curtseys to $mself, since no one is paying attention to $m."},

    "Feels silly, doesn't it?",
    "$n tries to break dance, but nearly breaks $s neck!",
    "You sweep $M into a romantic waltz.",
    "$n sweeps $N into a romantic waltz.",
    "$n sweeps you into a romantic waltz.",
    "You skip and dance around by yourself.",
    "$n dances a pas-de-une."},

    * This one's for Baka, Penn, and Onethumb!
    "You drool on yourself.",
    "$n drools on $mself.",
    "You drool all over $N.",
    "$n drools all over $N.",
    "$n drools all over you.",
    "You drool on yourself.",
    "$n drools on $mself."},

    "Where are your manners?",
    "$n lets off a real rip-roarer ... a greenish cloud envelops $n!",
    "You fart at $M.  Boy, you are sick.",
    "$n farts in $N's direction.  Better flee before $e turns to you!",
    "$n farts in your direction.  You gasp for air.",
    "You fart at yourself.  You deserve it.",
    "$n farts at $mself.  Better $m than you."},

    "You flip head over heels.",
    "$n flips head over heels.",
    "You flip $M over your shoulder.",
    "$n flips $N over $s shoulder.",
    "$n flips you over $s shoulder.  Hmmmm.",
    "You tumble all over the room.",
    "$n does some nice tumbling and gymnastics."},

    "Who needs to be fondled?",
    "You fondly fondle $M.",
    "$n fondly fondles $N.",
    "$n fondly fondles you.",
    "You fondly fondle yourself, feels funny doesn't it ?",
    "$n fondly fondles $mself - this is going too far !!"},

    "Kiss whom?",
    "You give $N a long and passionate kiss.",
    "$n kisses $N passionately.",
    "$n gives you a long and passionate kiss.",
    "You gather yourself in your arms and try to kiss yourself.",
    "$n makes an attempt at kissing $mself."},

    "What's bothering you ?",
    "$n frowns.",
    "You frown at what $E did.",
    "$n frowns at what $E did.",
    "$n frowns at what you did.",
    "You frown at yourself.  Poor baby.",
    "$n frowns at $mself.  Poor baby."},

    "You grit your teeth and fume with rage.",
    "$n grits $s teeth and fumes with rage.",
    "You stare at $M, fuming.",
    "$n stares at $N, fuming with rage.",
    "$n stares at you, fuming with rage!",
    "That's right - hate yourself!",
    "$n clenches $s fists and stomps his feet, fuming with anger."},

    "You gasp in astonishment.",
    "$n gasps in astonishment.",
    "You gasp as you realize what $e did.",
    "$n gasps as $e realizes what $N did.",
    "$n gasps as $e realizes what you did.",
    "You look at yourself and gasp!",
    "$n takes one look at $mself and gasps in astonisment!"},

    "You giggle.",
    "$n giggles.",
    "You giggle in $S's presence.",
    "$n giggles at $N's actions.",
    "$n giggles at you.  Hope it's not contagious!",
    "You giggle at yourself.  You must be nervous or something.",
    "$n giggles at $mself.  $e must be nervous or something."},

    "You glare at nothing in particular.",
    "$n glares around $m.",
    "You glare icily at $M.",
    "$n glares at $N.",
    "$n glares icily at you, you feel cold to your bones.",
    "You glare icily at your feet, they are suddenly very cold.",
    "$n glares at $s feet, what is bothering $m?"},

    "You grin evilly.",
    "$n grins evilly.",
    "You grin evilly at $M.",
    "$n grins evilly at $N.",
    "$n grins evilly at you.  Hmmm.  Better keep your distance.",
    "You grin at yourself.  You must be getting very bad thoughts.",
    "$n grins at $mself.  You must wonder what's in $s mind."},

    "You groan loudly.",
    "$n groans loudly.",
    "You groan at the sight of $M.",
    "$n groans at the sight of $N.",
    "$n groans at the sight of you.",
    "You groan as you realize what you have done.",
    "$n groans as $e realizes what $e has done."},

    "Whom do you wish to grope?",
    "Well, what sort of noise do you expect here?",
    "$n gropes $N.",
    "$n gropes you.",
    "You grope yourself - YUCK.",
    "$n gropes $mself - YUCK."},

    "You grovel in the dirt.",
    "$n grovels in the dirt.",
    "You grovel before $M.",
    "$n grovels in the dirt before $N.",
    "$n grovels in the dirt before you.",
    "That seems a little silly to me.",

    "Grrrrrrrrrr ...",
    "$n growls.",
    "Grrrrrrrrrr ... take that, $N!",
    "$n growls at $N.  Better leave the room before the fighting starts.",
    "$n growls at you.  Hey, two can play it that way!",
    "You growl at yourself.  Boy, do you feel bitter!",
    "$n growls at $mself.  This could get interesting..."},

    "You grumble.",
    "$n grumbles.",
    "You grumble to $M.",
    "$n grumbles to $N.",
    "$n grumbles to you.",
    "You grumble under your breath.",
    "$n grumbles under $s breath."},

    "$n grunts like a pig.",
    "$n grunts to $N.  What a pig!",
    "$n grunts to you.  What a pig!",
    "$n grunts to nobody in particular.  What a pig!"},

    "Kiss whose hand?",
    "You kiss $S hand.",
    "$n kisses $N's hand.  How continental!",
    "$n kisses your hand.  How continental!",
    "You kiss your own hand.",
    "$n kisses $s own hand."},

    "You hop around like a little kid.",

    "Hug whom?",
    "You hug $M.",
    "$n hugs $N.",
    "$n hugs you.",
    "You hug yourself.",
    "$n hugs $mself in a vain attempt to get friendship."},

    "Isn't there someone you want to kiss?",
    "You kiss $M.",
    "$n kisses $N.",
    "$n kisses you.",
    "All the lonely people :(",

    "You laugh.",
    "$n laughs.",
    "You laugh at $N mercilessly.",
    "$n laughs at $N mercilessly.",
    "$n laughs at you mercilessly.  Hmmmmph.",
    "You laugh at yourself.  I would, too.",
    "$n laughs at $mself.  Let's all join in!!!"},

    "You lick your lips and smile.",
    "$n licks $s lips and smiles.",
    "You lick $M.",
    "$n licks $N.",
    "$n licks you.",
    "You lick yourself.",
    "$n licks $mself - YUCK."},

    "You love the whole world.",
    "$n loves everybody in the world.",
    "You tell your true feelings to $N.",
    "$n whispers softly to $N.",
    "$n whispers to you sweet words of love.",
    "Well, we already know you love yourself (lucky someone does!)",
    "$n loves $mself, can you believe it ?"},

    "Massage what?  Thin air?",
    "You gently massage $N's shoulders.",
    "$n massages $N's shoulders.",
    "$n gently massages your shoulders.  Ahhhhhhhhhh ...",
    "You practice yoga as you try to massage yourself.",
    "$n gives a show on yoga positions, trying to massage $mself."},

    "You start to moan.",
    "$n starts moaning.",
    "You moan for the loss of $m.",
    "$n moans for the loss of $N.",
    "$n moans at the sight of you.  Hmmmm.",
    "You moan at yourself.",
    "$n makes $mself moan."},

    "Nibble on whom?",
    "You nibble on $N's ear.",
    "$n nibbles on $N's ear.",
    "$n nibbles on your ear.",
    "You nibble on your OWN ear.",
    "$n nibbles on $s OWN ear."},

    "You nod your silly head off.",
    "$n nods $s silly head off.",
    "You nod in recognition to $M.",
    "$n nods in recognition to $N.",
    "$n nods in recognition to you.  You DO know $m, right?",
    "You nod at yourself.  Are you getting senile?",
    "$n nods at $mself.  $e must be getting senile."},

    "Nudge whom?",
    "You nudge $M.",
    "$n nudges $N.",
    "$n nudges you.",
    "You nudge yourself, for some strange reason.",
    "$n nudges $mself, to keep $mself awake."},

    "Nuzzle whom?",
    "You nuzzle $S neck softly.",
    "$n softly nuzzles $N's neck.",
    "$n softly nuzzles your neck.",
    "I'm sorry, friend, but that's impossible.",

    "Pat whom?",
    "You pat $N on $S ass.",
    "$n pats $N on $S ass.",
    "$n pats you on your ass.",
    "You pat yourself on your ass, very sensual.",
    "$n pats $mself on the ass."},

    "Point at whom?",
    "You point at $M accusingly.",
    "$n points at $N accusingly.",
    "$n points at you accusingly.",
    "You point proudly at yourself.",
    "$n points proudly at $mself."},

    "Poke whom?",
    "You poke $M in the ribs.",
    "$n pokes $N in the ribs.",
    "$n pokes you in the ribs.",
    "You poke yourself in the ribs, feeling very silly.",
    "$n pokes $mself in the ribs, looking very sheepish."},

    "You ponder the question.",
    "$n sits down and thinks deeply.",

    "Ah, don't take it so hard.",
    "$n pouts.",

    "You feel righteous, and maybe a little foolish.",
    "$n begs and grovels to the powers that be.",
    "You crawl in the dust before $M.",
    "$n falls down and grovels in the dirt before $N.",
    "$n kisses the dirt at your feet.",
    "Talk about narcissism ...",
    "$n mumbles a prayer to $mself."},

    "You puke ... chunks everywhere!",
    "$n pukes.",
    "You puke on $M.",
    "$n pukes on $N.",
    "$n spews vomit and pukes all over your clothing!",
    "You puke on yourself.",
    "$n pukes on $s clothes."},

    "Punch whom?",
    "You punch $M playfully.",
    "$n punches $N playfully.",
    "$n punches you playfully.  OUCH!",
    "You punch yourself.  You deserve it.",
    "$n punches $mself.  Why don't you join in?"},

    "$n purrs contentedly.",
    "You purr contentedly in $M lap.",
    "$n purrs contentedly in $N's lap.",
    "$n purrs contentedly in your lap.",
    "You purr at yourself.",
    "$n purrs at $mself.  Must be a cat thing."},

    "You've got to ruffle SOMEONE.",
    "You ruffle $N's hair playfully.",
    "$n ruffles $N's hair playfully.",
    "$n ruffles your hair playfully.",
    "You ruffle your hair.",
    "$n ruffles $s hair."},

    "$n screams loudly!",
    "ARRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!  Yes, it MUST have been $S fault!!!",
    "$n screams loudly at $N.  Better leave before $n blames you, too!!!",
    "$n screams at you!  That's not nice!  *sniff*",
    "You scream at yourself.  Yes, that's ONE way of relieving tension!",
    "$n screams loudly at $mself!  Is there a full moon up?"},

    "You shake your head.",
    "$n shakes $s head.",
    "You shake $S hand.",
    "$n shakes $N's hand.",
    "$n shakes your hand.",
    "You are shaken by yourself.",
    "$n shakes and quivers like a bowl full of jelly."},

    "$n shivers uncomfortably.",
    "You shiver at the thought of fighting $M.",
    "$n shivers at the thought of fighting $N.",
    "$n shivers at the suicidal thought of fighting you.",
    "You shiver to yourself?",
    "$n scares $mself to shivers."},

    "You shrug.",
    "$n shrugs helplessly.",
    "You shrug in response to $s question.",
    "$n shrugs in response to $N's question.",
    "$n shrugs in respopnse to your question.",
    "You shrug to yourself.",
    "$n shrugs to $mself.  What a strange person."},

    "You sigh.",
    "$n sighs loudly.",
    "You sigh as you think of $M.",
    "$n sighs at the sight of $N.",
    "$n sighs as $e thinks of you.  Touching, huh?",
    "You sigh at yourself.  You MUST be lonely.",
    "$n sighs at $mself.  What a sorry sight."},

    "You raise your clear voice towards the sky.",
    "$n has begun to sing.",
    "You sing a ballad to $m.",
    "$n sings a ballad to $N.",
    "$n sings a ballad to you!  How sweet!",
    "You sing a little ditty to yourself.",
    "$n sings a little ditty to $mself."},

    "You smile happily.",
    "$n smiles happily.",
    "You smile at $M.",
    "$n beams a smile at $N.",
    "$n smiles at you.",
    "You smile at yourself.",
    "$n smiles at $mself."},

    "You smirk.",
    "$n smirks.",
    "You smirk at $S saying.",
    "$n smirks at $N's saying.",
    "$n smirks at your saying.",
    "You smirk at yourself.  Okay ...",
    "$n smirks at $s own 'wisdom'."},

    "PRONTO ! You snap your fingers.",
    "$n snaps $s fingers.",
    "You snap back at $M.",
    "$n snaps back at $N.",
    "$n snaps back at you!",
    "You snap yourself to attention.",
    "$n snaps $mself to attention."},

    "You grizzle your teeth and look mean.",
    "$n snarls angrily.",
    "You snarl at $M.",
    "$n snarls at $N.",
    "$n snarls at you, for some reason.",
    "You snarl at yourself.",
    "$n snarls at $mself."},

    "$n sneezes.",

    "You snicker softly.",
    "$n snickers softly.",
    "You snicker with $M about your shared secret.",
    "$n snickers with $N about their shared secret.",
    "$n snickers with you about your shared secret.",
    "You snicker at your own evil thoughts.",
    "$n snickers at $s own evil thoughts."},

    "You sniff sadly. *SNIFF*",
    "$n sniffs sadly.",
    "You sniff sadly at the way $E is treating you.",
    "$n sniffs sadly at the way $N is treating $m.",
    "$n sniffs sadly at the way you are treating $m.",
    "You sniff sadly at your lost opportunities.",
    "$n sniffs sadly at $mself.  Something MUST be bothering $m."},

    "$n snores loudly.",

    "Whom do you want to throw a snowball at?",
    "You throw a snowball in $N's face.",
    "$n throws a snowball at $N.",
    "$n throws a snowball at you.",
    "You throw a snowball at yourself.",
    "$n throws a snowball at $mself."},

    "you snuggle $M.",
    "$n snuggles up to $N.",
    "$n snuggles up to you.",
    "You snuggle up, getting ready to sleep.",
    "$n snuggles up, getting ready to sleep."},

    "Spank whom?",
    "You spank $M playfully.",
    "$n spanks $N playfully.",
    "$n spanks you playfully.  OUCH!",
    "You spank yourself.  Kinky!",
    "$n spanks $mself.  Kinky!"},

    "Where, what, how, whom?",
    "You squeeze $M fondly.",
    "$n squeezes $N fondly.",
    "$n squeezes you fondly.",
    "You squeeze yourself - try to relax a little!",
    "$n squeezes $mself."},

    "You stare at the sky.",
    "$n stares at the sky.",
    "You stare dreamily at $N, completely lost in $S eyes..",
    "$n stares dreamily at $N.",
    "$n stares dreamily at you, completely lost in your eyes.",
    "You stare dreamily at yourself - enough narcissism for now.",
    "$n stares dreamily at $mself - NARCISSIST!"},

    "Strut your stuff.",
    "$n struts proudly.",
    "You strut to get $S attention.",
    "$n struts, hoping to get $N's attention.",
    "$n struts, hoping to get your attention.",
    "You strut to yourself, lost in your own world.",
    "$n struts to $mself, lost in $s own world."},

    "You sulk.",
    "$n sulks in the corner.",

    "Thank you too.",
    "You thank $N heartily.",
    "$n thanks $N heartily.",
    "$n thanks you heartily.",
    "You thank yourself since nobody else wants to !",
    "$n thanks $mself since you won't."},

    "Whom do you want to tickle?",
    "You tickle $N.",
    "$n tickles $N.",
    "$n tickles you - hee hee hee.",
    "You tickle yourself, how funny!",
    "$n tickles $mself."},

    "You patiently twiddle your thumbs.",
    "$n patiently twiddles $s thumbs.",
    "You twiddle $S ears.",
    "$n twiddles $N's ears.",
    "$n twiddles your ears.",
    "You twiddle your ears like Dumbo.",
    "$n twiddles $s own ears like Dumbo."},

    "You wave.",
    "$n waves happily.",
    "You wave goodbye to $N.",
    "$n waves goodbye to $N.",
    "$n waves goodbye to you.  Have a good journey.",
    "Are you going on adventures as well?",
    "$n waves goodbye to $mself."},

    "You whistle appreciatively.",
    "$n whistles appreciatively.",
    "You whistle at the sight of $M.",
    "$n whistles at the sight of $N.",
    "$n whistles at the sight of you.",
    "You whistle a little tune to yourself.",
    "$n whistles a little tune to $mself."},

    "Your wiggle your bottom.",
    "$n wiggles $s bottom.",
    "You wiggle your bottom toward $M.",
    "$n wiggles $s bottom toward $N.",
    "$n wiggles his bottom toward you.",
    "You wiggle about like a fish.",
    "$n wiggles about like a fish."},

    "You wince.  Ouch!",
    "$n winces.  Ouch!",
    "You wince at $M.",
    "$n winces at $N.",
    "$n winces at you.",
    "You wince at yourself.  Ouch!",
    "$n winces at $mself.  Ouch!"},

    "You wink suggestively.",
    "$n winks suggestively.",
    "You wink suggestively at $N.",
    "$n winks at $N.",
    "$n winks suggestively at you.",
    "You wink at yourself ?? - what are you up to ?",
    "$n winks at $mself - something strange is going on..."},

    "You must be tired.",
    "$n yawns.",


 * The main entry point for executing commands.
 * Can be recursively called from 'at', 'order', 'force'.
void interpret( CHAR_DATA * ch, char *argument )
   char command[MAX_INPUT_LENGTH];
   char logline[MAX_INPUT_LENGTH];
   int cmd;
   int trust;
   bool found;

    * Strip leading spaces.
   while( isspace( *argument ) )
   if( argument[0] == '\0' )

    * No hiding.
   REMOVE_BIT( ch->affected_by, AFF_HIDE );

    * Implement freeze command.
   if( !IS_NPC( ch ) && IS_SET( ch->act, PLR_FREEZE ) )
      send_to_char( "You're totally frozen!\r\n", ch );

    * Grab the command word.
    * Special parsing so ' can be a command,
    *   also no spaces needed after punctuation.
   strcpy( logline, argument );
   if( !isalpha( argument[0] ) && !isdigit( argument[0] ) )
      command[0] = argument[0];
      command[1] = '\0';
      while( isspace( *argument ) )
      argument = one_argument( argument, command );

    * Look for command in command table.
   found = FALSE;
   trust = get_trust( ch );
   for( cmd = 0; cmd_table[cmd].name[0] != '\0'; cmd++ )
      if( command[0] == cmd_table[cmd].name[0]
          && !str_prefix( command, cmd_table[cmd].name ) && ( cmd_table[cmd].level <= trust || MP_Commands( ch ) ) )
         found = TRUE;

    * Log and snoop.
   if( cmd_table[cmd].log == LOG_NEVER )
      strcpy( logline, "XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX" );

   if( ( !IS_NPC( ch ) && IS_SET( ch->act, PLR_LOG ) ) || fLogAll || cmd_table[cmd].log == LOG_ALWAYS )
      sprintf( log_buf, "Log %s: %s", ch->name, logline );
      log_string( log_buf );

   if( ch->desc != NULL && ch->desc->snoop_by != NULL )
      write_to_buffer( ch->desc->snoop_by, "% ", 2 );
      write_to_buffer( ch->desc->snoop_by, logline, 0 );
      write_to_buffer( ch->desc->snoop_by, "\r\n", 2 );

   if( !found )
       * Look for command in socials table.
      if( !check_social( ch, command, argument )
#ifdef IMC
          && !imc_command_hook( ch, command, argument )
         send_to_char( "Huh?\r\n", ch );

    * Character not in position for command?
   if( ch->position < cmd_table[cmd].position )
      switch ( ch->position )
         case POS_DEAD:
            send_to_char( "Lie still; you are DEAD.\r\n", ch );

         case POS_MORTAL:
         case POS_INCAP:
            send_to_char( "You are hurt far too bad for that.\r\n", ch );

         case POS_STUNNED:
            send_to_char( "You are too stunned to do that.\r\n", ch );

         case POS_SLEEPING:
            send_to_char( "In your dreams, or what?\r\n", ch );

         case POS_RESTING:
            send_to_char( "Nah... You feel too relaxed...\r\n", ch );

         case POS_FIGHTING:
            send_to_char( "No way!  You are still fighting!\r\n", ch );


    * Dispatch the command.
   ( *cmd_table[cmd].do_fun ) ( ch, argument );

   tail_chain(  );

bool check_social( CHAR_DATA * ch, char *command, char *argument )
   char arg[MAX_INPUT_LENGTH];
   CHAR_DATA *victim;
   int cmd;
   bool found;

   found = FALSE;
   for( cmd = 0; social_table[cmd].name[0] != '\0'; cmd++ )
      if( command[0] == social_table[cmd].name[0] && !str_prefix( command, social_table[cmd].name ) )
         found = TRUE;

   if( !found )
      return FALSE;

   if( !IS_NPC( ch ) && IS_SET( ch->act, PLR_NO_EMOTE ) )
      send_to_char( "You are anti-social!\r\n", ch );
      return TRUE;

   switch ( ch->position )
      case POS_DEAD:
         send_to_char( "Lie still; you are DEAD.\r\n", ch );
         return TRUE;

      case POS_INCAP:
      case POS_MORTAL:
         send_to_char( "You are hurt far too bad for that.\r\n", ch );
         return TRUE;

      case POS_STUNNED:
         send_to_char( "You are too stunned to do that.\r\n", ch );
         return TRUE;

      case POS_SLEEPING:
          * I just know this is the path to a 12" 'if' statement.  :(
          * But two players asked for it already!  -- Furey
         if( !str_cmp( social_table[cmd].name, "snore" ) )
         send_to_char( "In your dreams, or what?\r\n", ch );
         return TRUE;


   one_argument( argument, arg );
   victim = NULL;
   if( arg[0] == '\0' )
      act( social_table[cmd].others_no_arg, ch, NULL, victim, TO_ROOM );
      act( social_table[cmd].char_no_arg, ch, NULL, victim, TO_CHAR );
   else if( ( victim = get_char_room( ch, arg ) ) == NULL )
      send_to_char( "They aren't here.\r\n", ch );
   else if( victim == ch )
      act( social_table[cmd].others_auto, ch, NULL, victim, TO_ROOM );
      act( social_table[cmd].char_auto, ch, NULL, victim, TO_CHAR );
      act( social_table[cmd].others_found, ch, NULL, victim, TO_NOTVICT );
      act( social_table[cmd].char_found, ch, NULL, victim, TO_CHAR );
      act( social_table[cmd].vict_found, ch, NULL, victim, TO_VICT );

      if( !IS_NPC( ch ) && IS_NPC( victim ) && !IS_AFFECTED( victim, AFF_CHARM ) && IS_AWAKE( victim ) )
         switch ( number_bits( 4 ) )
            case 0:
               multi_hit( victim, ch, TYPE_UNDEFINED );

            case 1:
            case 2:
            case 3:
            case 4:
            case 5:
            case 6:
            case 7:
            case 8:
               act( social_table[cmd].others_found, victim, NULL, ch, TO_NOTVICT );
               act( social_table[cmd].char_found, victim, NULL, ch, TO_CHAR );
               act( social_table[cmd].vict_found, victim, NULL, ch, TO_VICT );

            case 9:
            case 10:
            case 11:
            case 12:
               act( "$n slaps $N.", victim, NULL, ch, TO_NOTVICT );
               act( "You slap $N.", victim, NULL, ch, TO_CHAR );
               act( "$n slaps you.", victim, NULL, ch, TO_VICT );

   return TRUE;

 * Return true if an argument is completely numeric.
bool is_number( char *arg )
   if( *arg == '\0' )
      return FALSE;

   if( *arg == '+' || *arg == '-' )

   for( ; *arg != '\0'; arg++ )
      if( !isdigit( *arg ) )
         return FALSE;

   return TRUE;

 * Given a string like, return 14 and 'foo'
int number_argument( char *argument, char *arg )
   char *pdot;
   int number;

   for( pdot = argument; *pdot != '\0'; pdot++ )
      if( *pdot == '.' )
         *pdot = '\0';
         number = atoi( argument );
         *pdot = '.';
         strcpy( arg, pdot + 1 );
         return number;

   strcpy( arg, argument );
   return 1;

 * Pick off one argument from a string and return the rest.
 * Understands quotes.
char *one_argument( char *argument, char *arg_first )
   char cEnd;

   while( isspace( *argument ) )

   cEnd = ' ';
   if( *argument == '\'' || *argument == '"' )
      cEnd = *argument++;

   while( *argument != '\0' )
      if( *argument == cEnd )
      *arg_first = LOWER( *argument );
   *arg_first = '\0';

   while( isspace( *argument ) )

   return argument;

   if( !IS_NPC( ch ) )
      return FALSE;

   if( ch->desc == NULL )
      return FALSE;

   return TRUE;


bool MP_Commands( CHAR_DATA * ch )  /* Can MOBProged mobs
                                     * use mpcommands? TRUE if yes.
                                     * - Kahn */
   if( IS_SWITCHED( ch ) )
      return FALSE;

   if( IS_NPC( ch ) && ch->pIndexData->progtypes && !IS_AFFECTED( ch, AFF_CHARM ) )
      return TRUE;

   return FALSE;